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peridot ties her shoes? periknot

peridot has too many? perilot

peridot wipes her nose? perisnot

peridot runs into the cops? pericaught

peridot gets in a gunfight? perishot

peridot learns? peritaught

peridot isn’t cold? perihot

peridot changes a light bulb? periwatt

peridot goes shopping? peribought

peridot doesn’t want fries? peritot

peridot works out? perisquat

peridot likes to get it on? perithot

peridot can’t remember? periforgot

peridot doesn’t run? peritrot

peridot is made of metal? peribot

peridot gets beat up? perifought

peridot isn’t peridot? perinot

peridot is rich? periyacht

peridot is proved wrong? perithought

peridot get attacked by flies? periswat

peridot plants flowers? peripot

GOT7: your camera roll is filled with pictures of them

here you go sweetie @nidhahusain I hope you like this! 

Seungri is like the only thing on my camera roll and he’s my home screen I aint even ashamed I just really love Seungri 


Mark would be looking for a specific picture of the two of you one day and when he couldn’t find it on his, he thought there was a good chance it’d be on your phone. After asking if it was ok if he played around on your phone, he’d pull up your photo album and lo and behold, his face. His face everywhere. He’d be shocked at first and would scroll to see if he really was basically the only thing on your camera roll. Honestly, his phone is probably the same way, but with pictures of you, so he thinks it’s really cute how your phones seem to mirror each other. Probably starts laughing shyly and blushing and when you ask him why, he’s like, “I love you, too, Y/N,” and would show you that he was looking through your photos. He’d treat it like this really cute moment for like, a week, but then the teasing begins.


Upon first seeing his face plastered all over your camera roll, Jaebum would melt inside. He thinks it’s adorable that you’re just as obsessed with him as he is with you. Probably smiles to himself for five straight minutes, his cheeks the faintest shade of pink, before asking you about it with a teasing smirk that eventually gives way to a brilliant smile. When you try to stutter out an explanation, he’d laugh and pull you into a hug, his big arms holding you tightly against his chest. It’s a really adorable moment, and he brushes his lips against your ear as if to whisper something sweet and says, “You’re a fan, huh?” and girl, you’ve done it. He’s never letting you live this down. If you’re ever mad at him, he’s bringing it up as evidence that you can’t be that mad since you evidently love him so much


JInyoung isn’t fazed by the fact that your camera roll is filled with pictures of him. What he is fazed by are the memes. “Where’d you get these?” he’d ask, an oddly determined look on his face. Even if you don’t tell him or don’t remember, he’s going to google image search that shit and find the original poster, trust me. Is honestly so offended by the memes of his face. Not like, angry offended, but like, salty offended, you got me? Like, he’s making it his personal mission to find the first poster just to know who they were in case they ever showed up at a fansign or something lmaooo why so petty tho. After that, he literally doesn’t mention your camera roll until you’re angry at him and he’s forced to pull out all the receipts to remind you that you actually love him a lot


Jackson would immediately shriek, as usual, when he saw his face all over your camera roll. He’d get right up to your face and make his expression quite serious before asking, “Are you stalking me?” Laughter would creep over his face and it would take a lot of effort for him to keep himself from laughing, but he wouldn’t let the expression drop until he felt that you had been messed with enough. Only then will he allow himself to fall to the floor laughing, tears probably making their ways down his cheeks every once in a while. Honestly, though, he’s flattered, and will tell you that by crawling on top of you when you were lying on your bed, his arms holding you tightly to him, as he whispered “I love you”s into your ear. 


Youngjae is shocked by how many pictures you have of him, sure, but also of how many you don’t have. “Y/N, you need a complete collection,” he’d say as he took various selfies of himself in varying positions and with a new expression every time. He’d lightly tease you about it, but truth be told, he saves every picture of you that he can, so there’s not much room for him to judge. He’d admit that, too, passing you his phone so you can see his own extensive collection of photos. Probably thinks this is one of the cutest things to ever happen in your relationship and all he wants to do for the next 67 hours is cuddle with his cute s/o that loves him back, what’re the chances of that? 


He’s shy at first because oh my god you’re as obsessed with him as he is with you??? He really is the luckiest guy alive. So he smiles to himself and giggles softly and his cheeks are pink and then he sees them- the memes. And all of a sudden, he’s shrieking with laughter. His shoulders are shaking, his arms are flailing, it’s quite a scene. He’ll definitely compliment you on your taste in memes, saying that they’re all very good looking memes. Oh, and he’ll show off his meme collection of you- screenshots of snaps you’ve sent him, random pictures he’s taken of you, etc. He’s so happy that you two share a mutual love of memes of the other person and don’t be surprised if you come home one day to find meme pictures of the two of you framed in one of those frames with little hearts on the sides to suggest romance.


Yugyeom has a ton of photos of you, too, but not nearly as many as you have of him. It takes him by surprise and he’s not really sure how to react for a second, so he just sort of freezes, his jaw hanging slightly open as his thumb scrolls through the countless photos. And suddenly, he’s blushing. “Ah, Y/N,” he’d say, flustered, “this is too much! Seriously, what do you do with all of these?” When you explain that you have them because you love him and miss him a lot, the blush only gets more intense. He’ll pull you close to him, burying his face in your neck and wrapping his long arms around your waist. Placing a soft kiss on your lips, he’d admit, “I love you, too.” 

This was supposed to be a crackship, but guess what happened. I…. Want to actually ship it…………….

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Just so we all know. Hold That Thought, is on part 21 and I’m not yet done writing it out. SOOOO get ready for a longer story than Baby Come Home… And more plot twists than I’ve ever played with before.

BTS reaction: seeing their s/o past self harm scars.


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rap monster/namjoon

Namjoon would be shocked but do his best to hide it,occasionally dropping hints eventually giving in and asking you about it. When you told him about why and how you felt he would hold you as close as he could to him while respecting your boundaries to certain questions so you wouldn’t be too uncomfortable
“(Y/N)..where did those marks come from..?”

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Everytime Jin would see your scars he wouldn’t say anything, but after he saw them he would spoil you and constantly tell you how beautiful you are and how much he loved you. He would cling to you for as long as he could and be the most affectionate person in the world because he knew you didn’t want to talk about it.
“(Y/N) you are so perfect..have I told you I love you because I do” “(Y/N) I’m so lucky to have such an amazing s/o I love you”

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Yoongi would completely understand everything because he has been there before. He would place tiny kisses upon the old healed marks and open up more about his past so you didn’t feel alone.
“Hey (Y/N) I uh..have a question”. “What is it Yoongi?” “I saw your marks and u want to about it because you know I love you and I’m always here to listen to what you have to say”

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J hope/Hoseok:

Hobi would be absolutely crushed knowing you used to do that to yourself because he completely adores everything about you. He just couldn’t believe you would do that to your perfect body. So one night when you changing he would walk up to you and let you know how much he loves you and how he’s always going to be there for you.
“(Y/N) w-why would you do that to yourself you are absolutely beautiful and amazing…I love you so much please don’t ever hurt yourself again” “Hobi I haven’t for a while where is this coming from all of a sudden?” “But still I’m gone all the time with work, I just want you to know that if you ever get the urges again….I love you and no matter what is going on or when it is that I’m always here for you”. Then he would end up completely smothering you.

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You and Jimin would have talked about it a little bit but not much so he wouldn’t completely understand the entire thing behind the scars. Whenever he would get a glimpse it would completely destroy him and would try not to cry.When he finally gets the confidence to ask you he would become more serious making sure to listen to everything you said .
“Uhm (Y/N) you never told me the complete story behind you scars..we should talk about it now..only if you want to”

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Tae like Hobi would be crushed seeing the past self harm scars.Like Jimin it would bring out a more serious side in him,but he would still be all cuddly. He would ask you lots of questions while respecting your limits. He would completely smother you when you were talking just wanting to hold you when you were talking as a way of letting you know that you won’t ever be alone or driven to self harm again.
“Tae can you get off of me” “no (Y/N) I want you to know that I love you and that you will never be alone again”

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Kook would be confused because he never thought you would do that to yourself because you are such a strong and amazing person in his eyes,he also wouldn’t know what to do because he has never dealt with anything like this. He would be uncomfortable asking but would do it anyways. Jungkook would be the sweetest little thing ever and would hold your hand resisting the urges to pull you into a hug and never let go,
“(Y-YN) why did you hurt yourself”

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Ten Things Tag

i just wnated to do this bc @iq-biased said she tagged everyone so here i am lmao

1) i listening to berzerk - eminem right now (first non kpop song i listen to in weeks lol)

2) i am in the dark of my room with only the light of the computer

3) when i was young i called someone the F word and even though its a horrible word i dont regret it bc he was one of my bullies so fuck him

4) i dont like coffee, alcohol or ice cream

5)when i worked on the cinema i would eat the snacks clients left behind

6) im wearing a futurama shirt right now 

7) and now im listening to super bass by nicki minaj bc she is my guilty pleasure lol

8)i think IU is really talented but really boring

9) i never wanted to marry my idols i just wanted to be their close friend (and fuck them some times lol)

10) i have high tolerance of pain and i actually like getting injuries (i might be a masochist lol)

whoever wants to do this and tag me go ahead

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imagine guzma just walking around the mansion and finding one of the grunts crying by themself in a corner somewhere and his heart just breaks so he goes over and squats next to them and he’s just like “it’s ok buddy, i like to cry by myself sometimes too”

and the grunts trying to wipe their tears away so they dont seem weak in front of the boss like “what really??”

and guzma just smiles like “cryin aint nothin to be ashamed of, everyones got somethin goin on, and cryins the best way to let it out i guess”

and this grunts just looking at guzma with love and admiration and stars in their eyes like ‘im in love with u’

Everything was sort of awesome sometimes, Eggsy decided. Some days, out with his mates, pissed off his arse and yelling at each other over the noise of the local—Everything was really sort of awesome.

“Slow down, cuz, you ain’t ate nothin’ today.” Jamal reached over to try and take Eggsy’s pint, but his arm flapped uselessly as Eggsy leaned back. They might have been a few in already, but the food was taking forever and if Eggsy was going to unwind after a long day, he wasn’t going to wait for the world’s slowest cooked chips.

“You don’t tell me,” Eggsy shouted.

The Black Prince, which had served as their hole in the wall haunt for several years, had recently won several awards. Saturday nights, Eggsy’s night for relaxation, had quickly become packed and busy with party crowds and hipsters.

Ryan returned to their table with a tray of shots. Before, the pub had been filled with larger tables, fit for groups to sit down and spend hours. After a remodeling in the previous months, they were forced to sit on high stools at small round things. Eggsy refused to call them tables.

“You see the bird at the jukebox?” Ryan complained. “She was sayin’ she gonna play a Beyoncé song for a while.”

Eggsy raised an eyebrow, sneaking a shot for his pint to chase. “I like Beyoncé.”  

Ryan groaned disapprovingly. He preferred House music for some stupid fucking reason. “We have to stop her!”

“Is she fit?” Jamal asked, craning his neck to look towards the jukebox.

They started arguing? Maybe? Eggsy quit paying attention because he was little busy singing along to Crazy In Love. And also dancing in his seat; He’d seen enough videos of his drunk dancing thanks to his friend who were horrible people, so he at least knew better than to stand up and join the group of ladies moving to the music.

There wasn’t an actual dance floor though. For all that the popularity spiked, The Black Prince was still a small venue.

Eggsy was vaguely aware of Ryan pulling out his phone and recording him, but more of his attention was pulled to the door. Just past the group of dancing women, three men had entered.

There were two who weren’t interesting, but the third one was something else. People like to accuse Eggsy of having Daddy Issues, whatever that even meant. What did someone have when their bio-dad died, and their mum remarried an abusive cunt who went on to die as well?

Anyway, Eggsy never thought he had particular issues that went deeper than an understandable amount of trauma. That was why it wasn’t any sort of weird that he was staring at a man who had to be at least twenty years older than him with a fairly ridiculous amount of lust.

The crowd parted for him, or maybe he was just walking. Normally Eggsy hated posh people, and they hated him right back. Class differences could be a bitch that way. But after looking over the man, Eggsy rapidly developed a suit kink that would only be satisfied by a hookup.


Ryan and Jamal paused, giving him their full attention.

Eggsy regarded them seriously then pointed at the man, “I’m going to fuck that!”

His voice sounded louder in his ears than normal, and Eggsy realized it was because the song had ended and the music had faded out.

The man in the suit had turned and was looking directly at Eggsy.