ainsley x sam

“I lost my heart somewhere in the sky over Dunkirk.”

                         - The End of the Line

(If you haven’t read this beautiful story by @lafayette1777 then I encourage you to do so now.)


It’s just that some people like guns.

Yes they do.

Rain On Me Your Sweetness

TWW one-shot, Sam x Ainsley, just a smidge post-series. While @actuallylukedanes​‘s birthday is technically over now, this fic is a belated gift by request.

Summary: A new administration…a new chance at something more. Pure fluff with sequel potential. “Why did he suddenly feel like he was pulled right back to being that kid in the Mess who couldn’t even carry food up stairs without dropping it, because he thought his coworker was pretty?” 

Cross-posted on AO3; additional notes can be found there.

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