Behind the scenes of MTV VMAs, you can see the queens practicing choreo. Living with Shangela #VMAzing

Legend Of Zelda Rupee Mirror

Congratulations! You found the Rupee Mirror! These eye-catching mirrors have been individually hand crafted to mimic a perfect representation of a rupee. It’s dangerous to go out of the house, without ensuring you look fresh first!

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Hi fellow 80′s kids and other rad 80′s minded people,

Here is a compilation of vintage Masters of the Universe toy commercials I made a while ago. It doesn’t include all commercials, but quite a lot of them. It’s a little over 20 minutes and has appearances by Oliver Robins (Poltergeist), Stephen Dorff (The Gate), Ricky Schroder (The Champ) and Peter Cullen (voice). Hope you enjoy it and thanks for the follow.

warlockofthespirallabyrinth asked:

Hey, got any haikyuu fic recs? btw, love your art!

I don’t have time to read much ;__; So I don’t have any recs except of those fics that already have lots of kudos on AO3 

I listed some of my favs here