41: Uhh, 

41: We…

Ainslay: So it started like a month ago? 

41: Right.

41: So, we all worked in the Red Army.

Ainsley: ya know, the whole deal. Medics, snipers, yadda yadda.

Ainsley:  Then we… Made a mistake. It wasn’t too huge, but what it led up too… not our best idea to be honest.

Ash: Here comes trouble. 

All: Red Leader! 

Red Leader: 41 I need you to archive some files for me. Now.

Red Leader: If you’re actually capable of doing that? Are you? 

41: Oh, a-actually Sir, I’m just on m-my lunch right no-

Red Leader: Do you really think I care!

Red leader: Just do your damn Job for once! And do it correctly! 

Red Leader: You have 15 minutes. Then meet me in my office. 

To be continued. 

The West Wing:

Work as hard as Josh Lyman
Be as kind as Dolores Landingham
Grow as much as Donna Moss
Be as honest as Leo McGarry
Be as passionate as Toby Ziegler
Have as much fun as Ainsley Haines
Be as selfless as CJ Cregg
Love yourself as much as Sam Seaborn
Be as optimistic as Will Bailey
Be as devoted as Charlie Young
Be as supportive as Abbey Bartlet
Aim as high as Jed Bartlet


Ainsley: Well what the hell was that?! Are you okay 41?

41: Oh yeah, I should go get these done… 

41:See you around! 

Ash: Hey wait! 

Ainsley: We weren’t supposed to know…

Ainsley: So we went out with a map and looked for the address RL seemed so obsessed with. Then we bumped into-

41: Him.

Ainsley: He seemed pretty upset…

Ainsley: But Ash recognized him.

Ainsley: So we split up and searched the neighborhood for the other two. When we couldn’t find them, we re-grouped at the grocers.

41: Straight away, we saw the guy we weren’t looking for. So we panicked-

Ainsley: Which is pretty fucking appropriate, considering it was RL. 

Ainsley: Then someone tripped over Ash…

To be continued 


WOWIE this is my first commission! This was so fun to do and to try out all the shadings! I am so proud of this one and I hope to do more! I hope to have something up from mistoso up sometime this weekend or next weekend and I wanna do a youtube video!


Wedding Love.

This amazing wedding dress was worn by the ever fabulous Ainsley from Sticks and Stones agency. I love everything about it, even the worn and torn converse she wears on her feet due to leaving her wedding shoes back home.

The dress was made by the talented Alex Mearing and it is one of the most amazing this I have ever seen! If i could look as wonderful in my wedding dress as this beauty does then I’ll be one very happy little lady!

The pink hair is just an added bonus.