ainley! master

  • Delgado Master: *wearing a realistic face mask* A pleasure to meet you my good sir, I am Mr Treissam.
  • Three: Hah haah, what sort of fool do you take me for, 'Treissam' is an anagram of 'meistars' which is Latvian for 'Master', next time give me some sort of challenge.
  • Ainley Master: *wearing a fake moustache over his real moustache* Hi, I'm known as the Masert.
  • Five: A new friend!

tribbles-are-trouble-1701  asked:

I fail to see how the Doctor doesn't apperciate your efforts to rule the universe, clearly you're the most fearsome being in the universe and by far my favourite villain (to hell with Davros!) I, for one, greatly appreciate your evil genius and impeccable sense of fashion. Have a lovely day, Master! [For real though, your blog is so good ❤❤]

Thank you. True greatness is rarely appreciated by any but the wisest visionaries, which is a category that clearly does not include the Doctor. We can only hope that one day he’ll finally recognise the depth of my genius.

Oh, er, by the way, you wouldn’t happen to know how to… unshrink someone who, er, accidentally shrunk themself… would you? I’m asking for a friend.


“Thank you, gentlemen, that is exactly what I needed to know. I came here to help you. A little unwillingly, but I came. My services were scorned, my help refused. Now I shall help myself to immortality.”

Doctor Who: 20th Anniversary Special - The Five Doctors.