Word of the Day: Inglenook

inglenook \ING-guhl-nook\, noun:

a corner or nook near a fireplace.

I seized his sleeve and drew him off a little into an inglenook where we could be less readily observed.
– Sara Poole, The Borgia Betrayal, 2011

From the pile of wood, stacked at one side of the inglenook, he drew out a pair of bellows and began to blow new life into the ashes.
– Marcia Willett, A Week in Winter, 2002

His kingdom is/ His inglenook-/ All this is his/ Who hath a book.
– Wilbur D. Nesbit, A Book of Poems, 1906

Inglenook is of obscure origin, though etymologists associate ingle with the Gaelic aingel meaning “fire.” It entered English in the 1770s.