01282016; Sorbeteria

Today, together with my parents and my brother, we visited the newest Ice Cream Parlor in our city, Sorbeteria. Their ice cream is appetizing, quite expensive since its from FIC but totally worth it. I tried the Avocado flavor, it was really good! (Since Avocado is also my favorite ice cream flavor lol) We stayed there for a while and chilled. My mom just treated me cause I did a good job (!?) cleaning the house. Yay :)) 

If ever you’re in town, visit Sorbeteria at the Twin Terraces, beside Hotel Don Felipe in Ormoc City. :)


Woke up to my bed shaking, I was pissed because I thought my sister was shaking my bed to wake me up. But then I realized it was an earthquake, so I immediately went out of the house. It was strong and it went on for like almost a minute. After it was over, I had to wait for the electricity to return and immediately went online. I learned that the epicenter was near Bohol and I saw photos of churches, buildings, houses, roads, and schools in Bohol and Cebu damaged. I was really sad when I saw the photos of the churches in Bohol that we visited a year ago, devastated by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake. It even took some lives. I hope the aftershocks won’t do more damage. Luckily, today was a holiday or more people would’ve gotten hurt. Stay safe everyone! God bless!

Photography tip: The horizon must be straight.

A lot of photographers use that rule. When the horizon in your shot isn’t straight, you can crop it in Adobe Photoshop or use the Ruler Tool. I don’t know if the Ruler Tool is available in the other versions of Adobe Photoshop but it is available in CS5. :)

The ruler tool can be found below the crop tool. Click that.

Then click to one side of the horizon and to the other. Like the one below.

Then you’re done. :>



OMG. I cannot believe that I’m graduating. Goodbye Senior Year. Goodbye High School and I will be away from home. Away from my parents. Away from my hometown and off to face the newest chapter of my life, COLLEGE.

So last night, my parents and I had the talk. What talk? The talk about the course I would take up. Ever since Junior year, my parents keep on asking me what course do I want to take up in college and every time they ask me that, the only thing that I could reply to them is “I don’t know”. Even until now. lol. Anyways, they made me research and think what would I want to take up. These are photos were print screened last night while I was “researching”. Architecture is one of my choices and I’m planning to add Advertising Arts to the list. I seriously have no plans on taking up any Medical Courses or Education. I’m not against it, I just don’t like it. xD

I hope I will be enlightened na. Please. ENLIGHTEN ME. :)

Cross Processing + Bokeh Effect Tutorial

I depend on plug-ins for the cross processing part. But in this tutorial I’ll just teach you how to do it with just Photoshop (no plug-ins). ;)


1. Open your image.


2. I added a Curves adjustment layer and adjusted the curves in the individual color channels.

PS. You can have your own adjustments ;)


3. Open your stock image.


4. Drag your stock image to the first image opened.


5. Change stock image opacity then you’re done. :)


You can stop at Step #5. But if you wish to proceed. Then go. :)

6. Add mask to the stock image layer.


7. Use the brush tool to remove the unnecessary shapes. XD

My face has no hearts naa. lmfao.

Finished product: