11022012; Denouement

Since I’ll be going back to Cebu on Sunday, my sister and I had a fun shoot. This shoot was quite unplanned. Haha. Good thing my dad lent his camera to me. :)

Lol, that’s me in the reflection. Ugly shorts. hahaha!

It was hot the whole day but I am grateful for the blue skies!

Accessories found in the photos are for sale. Just check my sister’s online shop, Jewellaire.

Hey guys! Just an update because I haven’t posted much lately. lol

Ever since I arrived here, I’ve been busy helping out my sister with her new business. She bakes cupcakes, cookies, cakes, crinkles and etc! And thank God, business is booming! :) I’ve been help her with the baking and preparations, I take photos of the products and I am also the official dishwasher. Hahaha :)) Every time I go home, I’m always exhausted and I end up sleeping early than I usually do (which is good). I’ll be busy for the next two weeks since I’ll join seminars this week, will shoot and make a website next week. Yay for being productive! lol And I also joined Scott Kelby’s 6th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk yesterday. It was really hot yesterday but I had fun. I’ll be posting more photos soon! :)