23 Chaos Current Self-Initiation

The practice of “Thee Sigil ov Three Liquids” is the best initiation known:

The sigil ov three liquids is a monthly performance, not any particular sigil design. It is performed on the 23rd of each month at the 23rd hour, 11pm. The sigil itself is designed like others, in whatever form and reflecting whatever desires. It should likely in someway involve connection to the current or community in thought or design. The number “23″ and the psychick cross are both excellent touch-points to connect a sigil to the current.

Once the sigil is designed it is blessed with the three liquids. These are sexual fluid, blood, and spit. The entire working may be worked as a sex magick working, solo or with partner. Mix freely all feelings that arise with focus upon the sigil you have designed. Bless thee sigil by anointing it with each fluid. In TOPY tradition, the sexual fluid is called ov. It can be cum or vaginal fluid. Using ov is important in its role in desire, vulnerability, and the breaking of taboos. For blood you can use a sterile needle or lancet. The sort for testing blood sugar are excellent as are sterile one-use piercing needles or needles for syringes. For safety don’t reuse a needle or lancet. These are simple enough to obtain and are inexpensive, there is no excuse for needle re-use. Another simple approach is to bite the inside of your cheek, which is a little painful, but simple to draw blood and heals quickly.

Once your sigil is blessed, document it, photograph it. In the days of TOPY the sigils were sent in to local stations, but this is a different time. We can instantly document and post our sigils. Tumblr is an excellent forum for this work. Just post and tag “sigil ov three liquids”. The energy is here. Let’s focus it through this working. Let’s build a new community, a new tribe.

Final thought: This a chaos magick tradition. It is an open, non-dogmatic, living tradition. Adapt it in any way that feels right. Fill in the blanks based on your own instinct and Will.

"Be Careful, Some One Might Mistake You For A Thelemite."

     Chaotes have been both saluted and berated for their operating system of paradigm shifting. For some people who aren’t too experienced in Chaos Magick, whether or not they intend to practice it, this means one is trading short term goals for an authentic search for knowledge. As I’ve expressed before (here, here, and here), this isn’t always the case.
     With it’s close relationship with Discordianism, Chaos Magick tends to be a place where people scoff at those who take their paths too seriously. This, perhaps, isn’t to be mistaken for bullying so much as a characteristic of skepticism. It’s also a characteristic of those who want to knock down those who would take a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude. This was one of the main points, I believe, of creating a whole new system which left more room for improvisation of the practitioner.
     But where does this leave an individual who is interested in growing from a genuine, albeit temporary, devotion to one paradigm?

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got 23 Seconds??

Thee 23 SECONDS OV TIME PROJECT is an ongoing project of the Autonomous Individuals Network. We are NOW ACCEPTING audio submissions for VOLUME 11

no rules regarding style/genre/sound.. ..anything goes.
only rule is that your submissions be 23 Seconds long.. no shorter.. no longer..

full guidelines at:


The Autonomous Individuals Network has just released the sixth volume of it’s 23 Seconds Ov Time compilations series. Volume 6, entitled THEE PLACE WHERE U R, compiles 46 field recording submissions from projects in 12 different countries, including Instagon, Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Chad E Williams, and my own new project The Secret Church of John. THEE PLACE WHERE U R is available online.

Temple 0

You are always in Temple 0 (zero), you just forget sometimes. You enter the temple by remembering that you are already there. The structure of temple 0 is a double truncated pyramid. You are upon its square floor, four regular smooth black trapezoid walls lean inward above you. Through the open square above is an infinity of space and stars.

Below you is an identical temple reflected in polished black stone floor. You can move through this mirror. On one side is the shared temple space where you may interact with others. On the other is your personal temple space where none may enter.

The floor of the temple is polished black stone except for an inlay of gold, about a quarter of an inch wide and positioned directly below the opening above.

In the center of the temple is a stone altar with a form like two stacked cubes and about waist high. This altar responds to your thoughts, providing an interface to the temple. Upon its surface, if you trace a sigil, or place a number, or tap a rhythm, the temple will respond and transform itself in an echo of your input upon the altar.

If you visualize a simple power icon and touch it, the temple will respond by lighting up from black to white on all surfaces. Other input will cause the temple to transform into other forms, it can become a temple of fire, water, air, or earth. It can act as a stage and summon objects and beings into itself. Whatever input you put it into the center, it will respond.

To familiarize yourself with the temple. Begin by meditating upon its form and structure. Trace with your mind the edges of the walls, the square upon the floor, the altar/console in the center. When the altar is clearly present, experiment with giving it simple commands and thoughts. Document how it responds.

Please share your results.

Working Group

Still working on putting together a Chaos Magick working group here in Chicago… but what about putting together an astral temple?

Who out there would be interested in building a open collaborative astral working space?

I’m thinking we try using tumblr as a vehicle and work up some sigils to mark points of entry and describe the space… draw pictures or render images of the space, and put everything online for people to find their own way in.

Please message me or reblog if you are interested.

I believe in radically open, free, and experimental culture. I believe in cultural cross pollination. I relate to culture like I relate to free/libre software. In the same way I want us to consciously contribute to a shared and un-owned cultural wealth. This is a big part of what chaos magick is for me. It’s creating an open magick system free for all and owned by none.

Occult Neuroscience

Reaction from reading “Behavioural Cut-Ups and Magick” in Thee Psychick Bible part VI…

Please, work an understanding of neuroscience into your magick theories. I love seeing attempts to in factor neuroscience…. BUT…

Your understanding has got to extend beyond cortex and sub-cortical areas. The cortex is not of uniform structure and function, sub-cortical areas are even less uniform. Different areas of cortex handle sensory inputs, language, motor function, action planning, cognitive function, etc. Also lots of integrative areas with multiple inputs. Subcortical areas manage motivating and inhibiting areas of cortex, wake and sleep cycles along with a whole lot more… for example subcortical areas receive direct sensory connections and perform primary processing, even bypassing cortex entirely in some functions (look up olfaction - sense of smell)

A topic such as motivation needs a complex understanding of many areas and how they are connected. Genesis Breyer P-Orridge likely did not have access to modern motivational and language theories that we have today and so his inaccurate descriptions here are forgivable… however anyone writing today has no such excuse. Since I earned my degree in neuroscience a few years back I’ve seen an explosion in the quantity and quality of freely available high-quality information. The wikipedia article are a great starting point.

So, I will call you out on inaccurate characterizations of left/right brain function, sensory systems, cognition, etc etc.

The reason I am such a stickler about these things is because as you get into the functional details you often find concepts such as “motivation” start breaking down in intensely interesting ways such that you end up not just trying to explain motivation but also deconstructing the concept of motivation itself.

Entering Temple 0 from the LBRP

I worked through entering temple 0 through the LBRP tonight. I would definitely recommend this approach to anyone already familiar with the LBRP ritual. There is a bit of complexity in the visualization and the geometrical transformation of the LBRP… I might have to draw up diagrams, but for now I’ll try to describe it in words.

Start with a normal LBRP ritual all the way through calling the angels, but stop before the closing qabalistic cross. At this point you’re facing East and have just said, “About me flames the pentagrams, and in the column shines the six rayed star.” And so you should have a clear image of the pentagrams around you in each quarter and a column of light/energy coming down the center where you stand.

Address each of the angels in turn and thank them for their presence and visualize them departing, leaving only the pentagrams blazing in the quarters.

Now turn a bit counter-clockwise (widdershins) to face Northeast. What you want to do now is trace a thread of energy from the base of this corner of Temple 0 through the bottom left point, Earth point, of the Eastern pentagram, over to the bottom right point, Fire point, of the Northern pentagram, then back out to the Northeast point of temple 0. Now, temple 0 isn’t manifest yet, but that’s the goal. You should have a clear sense of direction and the gap between the pentagrams. To orient to where the corner of temple 0 will be when manifest.

I performed this step by touching my third eye in the center of my forehead, and drawing forth a thread from there. Exhaling sharply I throw my hand forward as if to throw a dart at the corner and sensing the thread extend to the edge of my perception as it goes. Attaching to that corner I then draw a thread back from the corner and loop it through the Earth then Fire points as described above, then again casting the thread out like a dart to the corner with a sharp exhale. I finish this gesture by pulling the thread back to my mouth where I make the sign of silence and also make as to hold a threaded needle in my mouth.

I then turn counter clockwise to the Southeast corner and repeat. Then Southwest, then Northwest. Now I’m holding onto four threads to the four base corners.

Now I turn back to the Notheast and similarly pull a thread from my third eye and now through the Eastern Air point over to the Northern Water point, then back to my mouth to hold it. On this gesture I do not cast to the edge of perception. These points, when joined will form the square of the open roof of the truncated pyramid shape of the temple. I repeat again circling widdershins until all of the four pentagrams are joined on this level as well.

Finally I circle widdershins one last time simply reaching out with a thread to the top, Spirit, point of each pentagram and pulling the thread to a needle in my mouth.

Turning back East, I now take the twelve needles from my mouth and pull the threads taught. With all my force of Will I send the needles straight up the column to source. Then reaching up to that point I pull down the energy, pulling down the threads, saying “ATEH”. As I make this motion the pentegram points begin to distort and move. The threads pull together the neighboring base Earth and Fire points.and Air and Water points while also pulling these away towards the edge of perception, forming the walls of Temple 0. I then pull these threads and this energy down to the ground and say “MALKUTH”, anchoring the needles into the earth, into the console of Temple 0. This motion also grounds the energy of the column, transferring it back into the console. I stand again and finish the Qabalastic Cross as the top points of the pentagram, now drawn up to join above me in Kether, fold back to reveal the opening into the space of infinite possibility.

I then sat in meditation, and raised the console from the floor. I placed a couple simple thoughts upon the console as practice. Then closed the temple by putting the thought of returning to write this onto the console.

AIN 23 Ritual Tonight

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Though Ain am still not officially joined to thee station, Ain will be performing and documenting a sigil ov 3 liquids tonight, thee 23rd at 23:00.

Let’s get everyone to do this who is interested in building and sustaining a free, inspiring, and chaotic network of chaotes. You do not need to be an experienced practitioner. You not need to do thee sigil ov three liquids. Modify or substitute thee ritual as you will. Do something, anything that feels right. Just do it and document to #ain23.

Love is the law, love under Will.

Framework 3

This is the basis of chaos magick as I work it.

We start with the question: Why is the world the way it is? Why is there anything? This question can only be answered in one way that isn’t circular or at least endlessly recursive. If we say there is a creator or any sort of creative force, then we must explain where that came from as well. The only suitable answer is that the world is the way it is for no reason. Reality arose from nothing spontaneously because the nature of non-being. Non-being is undefined: nothing is infinite potential.

That’s step one. Eris, Apep/Aphosis/Isfet, and other dieties of chaos can be guides to help explain. Nuit, goddess of the night sky,  can also be a useful guide in understand this state of infinite undefined potential.

Once something springs into being it limits what can follow. Creation from nothing can only fill voids of being, resolve undefined states. That which comes into being shapes future creation which branches off in fractal form expanding and defining the rest of reality around it. That which gets a chance to exist declares itself as the one reality.

This is step two. Ma'at is a useful guide in understanding how reality patterns itself out into the void. She can bring understanding of all possible worlds. Hadit can be useful in bringing understanding of the actuality of existence that asserts itself.

That which asserts itself from non-being can never be fully explained and it cannot fully capture the nature of being. Reality remains perpetually incomplete. This sets into motion time. The constant shifting from one actuality to the next as new gaps in reality form and are filled in. This process, this movement through time, is Will and the intent by which it moves is Love.

This is step three. It can be understood through Horus and Babalon. Through activity and passion.

Reality is nothing but chaos

Ain independently conceived of chaos magick long before Ain discovered it already had a name and a history. This is how Ain conceived of it…

For me, it started while pondering fractals. Prior to this I had conceived of a world of complicated design and unified purpose. Ain saw how a fractal can unfold from such simplicity driven by nothing but its own simple nature to build its own universes of infinite and infinitely deep complexity.

It was then that iAin began to imagine that my own experience was not the experience of a masterful mechanical design but rather the unfolding of a fractal design. That the world was nothing but an illusion cast by the consistency of the unfolding and repetition of the seed patterns.

There was no world but me. And then some time later ain discovered my own incompleteness. There is no world and no me. There is just a veneer of raw experience that has closed around itself like a bubble. Nothing on the inside expanding into nothing beyond. All of this occurring for no reason but for following its own pattern.

Do what thou wilt becomes the whole of the law.

But it learns to manipulate itself. Because nothing is true and so everything is permitted. Yet it is always it always nothing but itself and nothing besides the nothing into which it must expand. And it continues forward driven by its nature as if longing for some new form. In love with the nothing beyond. And so love is its law. Love under will.

Ain have switched to using “Ain” as a substitute for the personal pronoun “I” in contexts to do with magick.

Axiom23 suggests using “we” to assert that there is no need for a unified one-ness of being. “We” recognizes the multiple and potentially incongruent aspects of personality. Ain intend much the same but will put the emphasis on the spaces rather than the characters.

This also is because ov:

  • Identification as voidkin/nullkin. My innermost self is primal non-being. Ain means nothing/negation.
  • To underline my association with the 23 current and intent towards the ain23, autonomous individuals network.
  • A deliberate language-fuck  to disrupt habitual patterns ov self-identification and associated thought.

This is nothing to do with any other pronoun usage. Ain continue to not care what third person pronouns others use for me. Ain will also continue to use “me”, “my”, and “myself” for readability.