Black women

First everybody complained about us “not having hair”
Then when we “got hair” y'all complained about us wearing weave
Now that black women are going natural and using neat products to maintain their natural hair, y'all complain that you’re “sick of all these Shea Butter bitches” and this “sudden, obviously fake black pride”
So after much thought and deep contemplation my only conclusion is
FUCK ALL you bigoted ankh niggas who think “the black wombman” should be chaste while you got 7 kids with six different mothers, FUCK ALL you barbershop “I only date white/light skin girls” ass niggas with your weak ass fades, FUCK ALL you white fuckboys who chase after girls with fake lips breasts and asses but call black women “hoes” for having that shit naturally, FUCK ALL you asian/hispanic fuckboys who want to sleep with black/dark girls but would never even think about bringing one home to your family because we’re not “good enough” for you, FUCK ALL you fake AllLivesMatter feminists who stan for Taylor Swift and her basic lanky ass or yell “Vote Hillary” but went mum’s the word as a 14-year old black child was dragged across the pavement by her HAIR since it’s “not really hers anyway so it probably doesn’t even hurt that bad”, just 100% royally and sincerely FUCK ALL YALL because you never once gave a damn about black women but at the same time wanna police our hair and bodies and self-conduct when you yourselves ain’t shit never was shit and never will be shit


I’m still new to this whole youTube thing although I’ve actively participated in watching videos for years. In 2016, I hope to share more of my personality and not so kosher views on real life.

We all deal with ain’t shit people… this is my way of handling them. ;-)

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as a zutara fan, i gotta admit it i get annoyed with those people that make the “aang so ugly, katara don’t want that” posts.

like even if katara would have cared about the way he looked, he turned out like this

like hot damn look at that smile he grew up fine so argument is invalid.