Jily just being cute together… I imagine this is their first Saturday together on Head boy/girl duty and James has tried to dress really smartly and carry loads of books to impress her. Lily’s trying to flirt with James for the first time and he totally can’t tell because he’s so nervous. I love them. Ain’t no big thang.

Wayback Wednesday

Usher, Aaliyah, Brandy & Monica Debut 

Did you know this quartet of these then-teen idols released their respective debut albums before the age of 16? Aaliyah was the first out with her daring Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number, arriving May 1994. Usher issued his self-titled album in August the same year and Brandy followed suit a month later in September. Lastly, Miss Thang arrived on the scene in July 1995. Does anyone find that you don’t see young talent breaking out in R&B like they did these days? Even if they do, they seem to lack the beyond their years maturity these four had. Anyway, what was your favorite debut album by these R&B icons? 

excuse me while I throw up a rainbow at how Rick fucking Grimes reacted when he caught the dude trying to beat Daryl up and put his best #ain'tnobodyfuckingwithmyman face on