ain't that a lot of love


My parents taught me never to judge others based on whom they love, what color their skin is, or their religion. Why make life miserable for someone when you could be using your energy for good? 

For anyone who’s afraid they’re moving apart this year:

“2016 was a really crazy year for me and Phil, and we want 2017 to be more chill, a lot more YouTube-focused…then we’re gonna, just do some life things.” - Dan

“That is definitely gonna go on our wall for years to come.” - Phil

“Like what would happen if we did go further apart?” - Phil
 “I think the universe would rip in half, let’s not try that, Phil.” - Dan

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Did you say something a while back about being friends with the author of Flowey Is Not a Good Life Coach? If so, you're so lucky to know such a great writer! Flowey Is Not a Good Life Coach happens to be the best fanfiction I've read :0 If you didn't say anything like that, lol whoops, my bad...

I’m not sure if i can say that - they answered few of my questions and are always super nice to me, and BOY i think I’m the biggest fan of their work! But I don’t know if we can be called “friends”.

It’s okay lil buddy ^^

Hey all!! Sorry for the disappearance. I do plan to be back (soon!!!) because I miss my Sunflower and I miss all of you. I did get the chameleon and I ended up naming her Mystique and she’s quite the little trouble maker.


She loves everybody, can’t you tell by the signs? She loves everybody ..she gets off all the time. It’s a < D A R K > philosophy and it haunts her constantly…she’s a false alarm to me, she’s a false alarm !!

Does there exist other flirty infps? Because I love to flirt

Like, a lot.

I love witty banter and eyebrow wagging
I love faux-romantic interest conversations where we flirt to the sun goes down just to see who has the better one-liners
I love a sparring of the minds and quick-witted comebacks and puns
Oh my God PUNS

Maybe it wouldn’t seems like flirting to other people but guys this is how I flirt
And hell yeah I will make it hyper-sexual if I’m comfortable with you and know you won’t take it seriously

One of the greatest things about my best friend (an ESTJ) is that she will follow me down the dark route of innuendos until someone overhearing will either choke on their drink or ask us if we’re lesbians.

So, fellow infps, are we alike?

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Okay so... You're a Klaroline shipper, right? Why is your ship's fandom so aggressive? I mean, a lot of Klaroliners take it way too seriously and end up sending hate to people who have other ships (obviously, not all Klaroliners are messed up).

*Sigh* I don’t mean to be rude to you in any way but there is literally nothing that annoys me more than receiving those kinds of questions. Why? Because I love, love, love a drama-free tumblr experience. I stay out of everything that might imply ship wars. And I just generally honestly and sincerely think that if shippers are each other’s throat it’s all sides fault. I’m usually sitting here thinking ya’ll are wrong and need to grow up. Ya’ll take this way too seriously. Ya’ll send too much hate and are too aggressive. 

(And by ya’ll, I mean there are aggravaters on all sides)

The check mix-up might have had more to do with the names. Samar, Aram. A lot of the same letters there. If someone’s glancing, I can see it.

I hope she didn’t notice before she opened it. I hope she doesn’t randomly go around opening other people’s mail. lol

But I had to laugh at the “getting shot at” line.

And Aram. That did warm up my cockles. Like a kid splitting their sandwich on the playground. 

“I’d do anything for you.” How about manning up and asking her out? 

You Ain’t.

Two years ago, you’d have had a difficult time offending me.

I read every YouTube comment, I went through all the Facebook messages. I openly talked and tweeted and saw the things that people didn’t want to say about me publicly, but said in a public place where I could find it.
Even at my worst, I was proud of how little it affected me.

I’ll wear a more flattering dress next time.

I know that societal attractiveness is a lot of smoke and mirrors and photoshop. But I wasn’t set out to be attractive. I mean, I’d get gussied up to show a public face (and oftentimes I still do) but that was, to me, like putting the coffee in a fancy cup.
Look at the first Summoner Showcase videos, starting from Episode 19. See that chick? Tee shirt and a little eyeliner. Yeah. That’s me, alright.
I learned to do makeup from YouTube tutorials and trial-and-error. (There were MANY errors on the Showcase by the way, it was always an adventure in Getting Fancy Lookin’.)

So what, I’m kinda cute. But I have something that a lot of the internet doesn’t have: I grew up close to LA. I was trained and taught by ex-actors who told us stories that became life lessons that I hope more people understood. That sometimes, your audition was incredible but you don’t get that callback. That you think you bombed it and yet, that phone rings.
Most importantly, that you’re never quite sure what the person with the script wants.

In a way, I started to view my failures beyond my own scope. I did a GREAT job auditioning for that part, but someone else walked in there as the LIVING MANIFESTATION OF THAT CHARACTER and whether they were better than me or not, they got the role. Sometimes, I would be the understudy.
I understudied nearly an entire play in junior year of high school. If Carlos went missing that day, motherfucker I could be Carla. The entertainment world is fickle. You CAN be anything, or you CAN be the best at one thing, and NOTHING guarantees that you will get to be it.

I started to hate the perfection that acting imposed on me. Head shots, fit bodies, commercials. I just didn’t care. I’d already met actors who I loved that never “made it.” I was eighteen years old and already knew I didn’t want to be an actor. I loved it, but when you live in the greater LA area, love means nothing compared to what someone will do for an IMDB credit. I just wasn’t ready to fight for acting roles. I wanted to be a teacher.

I found that rock music, specifically the bands I loved, focused more on ability than looks. I met one of my role models in person and her nose was kind of big and her teeth weren’t perfect and it was the first time I saw something REAL be sexy. Because everyone loved her. And I started to think… wait. I don’t have to be perfect.
I just have to be real.

Soon after I realized I was a skilled writer, and then after I found “community management.” This shouldn’t have been a career that focused on looks but after many years in the industry, and when I got started in online video, it did.

The morning meeting went as thus:
A card was placed on my chalk board that said “Summoner Showcase: THE MOVIE!”
I gritted my teeth.
It made sense. A project I loved wasn’t taking off as an article. I was a decently cute person who had theatre experience. I was marketable. And better yet, I OWNED the project. I really gave a damn about fans, and art, and cool things people made, and the game they made it for. I could vlog.
I also knew that I had to put on a lot of armor, because as soon as this became a video, my appearance would be a prime talking point. I was an internet veteran, I could troll with the best of ‘em. And I knew what was heading my way. So yeah, let’s make a video. It was, legitimately, a brilliant idea (thanks Andrew) and it became the Showcase.

“Why don’t you get someone hotter?”
Riot Games is centered in Los Angeles, CA. If they wanted a hot chick, they could FIND ONE. Maybe that’s not why I’m doing this job?
“You’re fat.”
You don’t know what a woman looks like.
“She’s a bad actor.”
….Okay that actually worked. Because I cared about how I looked, but that always came second to the content. I did not spend two weeks slaving over my outfits. I spent them worrying about the script that I had written, about getting all the vernacular correct, about paying attention to every single sentence I say to ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE instead of insult. To be told I’m not a good actor… should have been flattering. Because I wasn’t acting. I was being myself.
“She’s annoying, too enthusiastic.”
Motherfucker, watch a different show. This is WHO I AM.
They will be wrong, but I don’t have the time to tell them.

Let’s talk.

You are not your dick size.
You are not your bra size.

You are NOT your unibrow
Your neckbeard
Your wardrobe
Your waist measurement
Your hair color.

You are not your weight
Your teeth
Your twitter following
Your gender.

Your kindness.
Your patience.
Your hope.

And it means so much to us all.
Your hard times
Your good times
And mix them up like sherbet
We are not one thing, we are not one color or flavor.
We are everything we’ve experienced.

Go on. Be unattractive.
Challenge what we consider “beauty.”
Most of all, be yourself.
People aren’t lovely unless you love them.
We all wake up with crazy hair, noxious breath, weird sweat.

You know the real way to “make it big”?
Love yourself.
Always be who you are. Or, if you’re an actor, understand what you’re being.
Authenticity echoes in all our hearts.
Be you. Ugly, sad, angry, yearning, hungry, trying.
Try to care for everyone, but most of all, try to love you.