ain't she adorable

this is my collage of things i love!!

i kind of did it in terms of celebs, movies, and pop culture type stuff i love, because of course i love other things equally or even more like my friends and my dog and my family (etc etc)

anyway, here they are! (in no particular order):

1. studio ghibli/hayao miyazaki films
2. ncis
3. bttf
4. dodie clark (and her music)
5. audrey hepburn
6. mjf
7. carrie fisher
8. emma watson
9. gryffindor/hp books (house pride woo hoo)

some honorable mentions/things i couldn’t fit:
1. pj ligouri
2. conan gray
3. nintendo, ps4, video games in general
4. cat stevens
5. marvel movies
6. 80s movies
7. music in general

knowing me, there are probably gonna be things i forgot, so i’ll just make an edit and add them

thanks so much for tagging me/asking me to do this @alt1985!! it was really fun ✨