ain't no way i'm tagging everyone

“Bamon shippers who hate Bonkai are hypocrites, Damon’s hurt Bonnie too!”

Oh yeah?

Say what you will about Damon, but he’s never shot Bonnie with a crossbow and watched as she bled out. He never chased her through a hospital like he was in a goddamn horror movie where she was the victim and he was the monster. He never suggestively grabbed her in a car and breathed down her neck like he was going to rape her. He never drained her of her magic, the most intimate and precious thing to a witch. He never stuffed her in a trunk and drove her around like she was a piece of cargo, like she wasn’t a human being. He never pretended to make a truce with her to gain her trust and then brutally stab her with a sadistic smile on his face. He never left her to rot in a prison world all alone. He never drove her to suicide. He never caused her to suffer from PTSD. He never blackmailed her friend into forcing her to see him even though he knew she didn’t want to see him ever again. He never kidnapped her and used her blood to let out a bunch of murderous witchpires, either. And he’s never believed that because he tried to save her once and somewhat regrets everything he’s done to Bonnie because of his brother’s empathy (which he only has because he MURDERED him) gives him the right to deserve her forgiveness.

Bonkai stans can ignore their ship’s toxicity and point out Damon’s wrongdoings to Bonnie all they want, but everyone else knows the truth. Damon has hurt Bonnie in the past, yes. But he has never damaged and traumatized Bonnie the way Kai has.