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(non-American anon with more dumb questions) wow, this suburbia stuff is amazing and horrifying for an urban kid, thx for clearing it up! If you don't mind, could you also talk about digital piracy in the US? Grantaire illegally downloads music; is it because he is a weird kid or did everyone do that then? Is it widespread or dangerous now? WAR is definitely set post-Napster scandal, right? (I learned about that from the Social Network) sorry to bother you xx

hey! oh man no need to apologize! i never mind talking about world ain’t ready; i only worry about annoying those of you who aren’t following me for that 185k les mis high school au fake dating fic i wrote two years ago bc wow this must be a little confusing. 

(”but smile, isn’t les mis about an unsuccessful revolution in 1832 france? aren’t both halves of your otp canonically dead? how could anyone possibly stretch a fake dating au longer than 170k?” respectively: yes, yes, and man in retrospect i can’t explain that one either although that’s where it really helps to write them as teenage boys because they are VERY stupid.)

anyway, as a general rule of thumb i’m more likely to answer w.a.r. questions via my fic blog or if it’s asked off anon so i can direct-reply. but never ever worry about asking me things!

but yeah i think of my american suburban childhood the same way i think of my midwestern accent: so aggressively boring and common as to be effectively featureless. probably healthy to remember from time to time that like, everything is amazing/horrifying to someone.

as for your question, this is probably more of a 2006 thing than a u.s. thing? my recollection is that even after the fall of napster, the rates of illegal music downloads were much higher then than they are now. these days, there are of course a ton of ways to casually listen online to music without paying—pandora, spotify, 8tracks, youtube (which existed but people hadn’t yet uploaded like 95% of all songs onto it)—but back then your options were pretty much to buy it or steal it.

haha this is such a weird “back in my day”, like “you kids today and your law-abiding music consumption”