ain't it fun


Ain’t Fun Anymore

We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth vs. Ain’t It Fun by Paramore.

Franklin Trip!!! (mostly just “Ain’t It Fun” pictures TBH…)

I had to recreate it, but we make do with what we’ve got (Fastest Time for 1 Person to Pretend to Smash an iPhone with a Ukulele?)

Pretty little yellow butterflies that were hanging out directly under the bridge. Serendipitous AF. 

Nothing like a last minute trip to Hobby Lobby to get you psyched for picture taking!

And honestly, can you really not get this shot?

And finally, a bridge that pretty much made me get over my fear of heights on the way to Nashville. 

Overall, it was an amazing trip! I had so much fun doing random hiking and exploring, and downtown Franklin at night was awesome (even though I pretty much forgot to take pictures of that part). And the end product for the “Ain’t It Fun” pictures was well worth the $2 for picture printing at Walmart the night before :)

Also, please don’t judge that they aren’t lined up perfectly. I am but a human, and I was standing in a creek to get several of these.