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Scott McCall is no longer a teen wolf he is now an adult. So i present to you, jeff davis’ last fuck you to the teen wolf fandom, Adult Wolf… a teen wolf spin off starring the same exact characters. except now they’re too old to be called teens so we had to upgrade. See you next season fucks.


This is about some Specific Things but honestly? Callout culture is toxic to all involved. Misinformation and rumors spread faster than the truth can hope to catch up to, and people focus on feeling like they’ve defeated someone rather than talking to that person about why their views differ from their own. I won’t lie, I’m an argumentative person, and I know it feels good to feel like you’ve put someone in their place. But just because something feels good doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

Don’t like that ship? That’s fine, you don’t have to look at it. Drawings of eye trauma squick you out? Block that shit! And if someone isn’t tagging something you need tagged, then ask them to or just straight-up block their content.

But people are allowed to make things that you personally do not enjoy. That doesn’t make them bad people. That makes them people with different likes and dislikes.

Regarding #SaveBendy

I’m sure many people know what #SaveBendy is by now. If not, then check this neato link here!

The TL:DR version is, kids are going around snagging art from people’s accounts and then talking shit about it on their Instagram. It’s extremely cringy to see a ton of little kids basically get mad at the fact that someone drew Bendy and Alice in a romantic setting.

It’s also extremely hilarious. But that’s just me.

But it seems these guys are trying to cause more trouble by personally hitting up ask blogs that aren’t “up to their standards”. That being if it’s shipping related, they think a certain Bendy isn’t good enough or is “cringy”. They have even been targeting NSFW ask blogs and harassing them as well.

It’s only been a short while since this has surfaced and I think it’s getting to the point where it’s not something I can exactly try to ignore.

As someone who has dealt with their fair share of people trying to control what I create, I completely understand the stress creators are dealing with right now.

There is a certain way people have been treating NSFW or suggestive stuff in this fandom that is incredibly silly in my opinion.

Now I’ve only had my ask blog for little over two weeks now, so I’m still extremely new to this fandom, but I think we should have a level of respect for one another. No one will change what they make because you yell at them. 

If you don’t like a certain thing, you are entitled to blacklist/block the source.

You are not entitled to send hateful asks/IMs to someone cause you don’t like them.

You don’t like NSFW for BATIM?

Blacklist it! Download Xkit and have the proper tags on a list so Tumblr can hide it for you!

This whole #SaveBendy thing is the dumbest thing in the world. And I’ve been in some shitty fandoms.

If you think #SaveBendy is a valid thing that’s doing the right thing, then listen very closely kid.


Don’t like that I have this opinion? Then please quietly exit stage left and tap that handy dandy “Unfollow” button on the way out.


Fuck #SaveBendy.

Y’all are not here for this, but I’m up early on a Sunday and my coffee’s kicking in and, just - 

the one thing, the one point that just absolutely makes me insane about this entire ongoing storyline with Colin Kaepernick is the fact, the absolute truth, that every complaint about his particular form of protest being ‘disrespectful’ is just totally disingenuous.

If it was kneeling to draw attention to the scourge of childhood cancers, it wouldn’t be this thing.

If it was kneeling to protest lack of support for military vets, it sure wouldn’t be this thing.

And if it was kneeling in protest of our nation’s “loss of its traditional values” or something of that kind, it’d not only be praised, but a black man espousing such a sentiment would be held up by conservative media as the single most brightly-shining beacon of how all good POC ought to be acting, what everybody ought to be fighting and kneeling for.  Colin Kaepernick would be their fucking hero.

Kneeling during the national anthem isn’t the issue and never has been.  Just come out and fuckin’ say that either you don’t believe police brutality or racial injustice exists, or that black people are already getting exactly the treatment you think they deserve.

im gonna say it

  • most zutara shippers don’t sexualize the kidnapping scene
  • most zutara shippers don’t actually call aang abusive
  • most zutara shippers don’t think aang forced katara to love him
  • most zutara shippers don’t headcanon one of Katara’s children as Zuko’s

  • most kataang shippers don’t think zuko was possessive
  • most kataang shippers don’t excuse aang for kissing katara without consent
  • most kataang shippers don’t think katara was just eye candy
  • most kataang shippers don’t think aang and kataras writing was perfect

but there are assholes on BOTH sides and yeah maybe zutarians are more vocal about their feelings but let’s just give them a break, I get why some of them feel like they have to bash kataang. I don’t respect them for that but I get it.

Let’s just coexist y'all lmao


rip in almost every fic i’ve read: cold, rude, incapable of being nice to his teammates, an obstacle that’s overcome in the end, Needs To Be Punched By My Fave™

rip in canon: soft, tired, makes bad choices because he’s grieving and mentally ill, probably cries at every opportunity, only tough in theory, feels immense guilt like literally always, probably crying right now, asks everyone every five minutes if they still want to stand with him,


INSTEAD how about I write an AU where Jamison Fawkes is an adventurous pansexual bloke who wants to explore being a sub and finds rich CEO Satya Vaswani who is a fantastic dominatrix! The both of them explore a good healthy sexual relationship with one another with lots of talking and boundaries and communication so they’re both comfortable and happy.

So….I noticed my anti-Fefe post was getting some new notes, so I assumed she went did some fresh new bullshit or something. And wow…I saw a gifset of that scene and I just…

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Interrupting a couple’s wedding to request a double wedding and then quickly proposing is officially a new low for Fefe. Well done, Guggs; you’ve made it abundantly clear that your lil universe resides in Fefe’s fuckin glasses and how she can get away with these bitch ass moves cuz she’s ‘quirky and cute and awkward’.

Meanwhile W3stallen was lookin like