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  • Riverdale Writers: Episode 12 will reveal Jason's Killer.
  • Me: I AM READY
  • Narrator: They were not ready...
"Do you love him?”

Summary: The “Do you love him?” scene, but gayer. Michael’s POV. In which Mr. Heere ain’t no fool, but he is father of the year. 

Word Count: 1,147 

AN: I know 0 things about weed and this is mad tacky so bear w/me, lmao. I don’t really know where I was going with this, I just wanted to add more Drama™. When I started I had a sequel planned, but I’ve since forgotten how that was gonna go…so, if you want a sequel, hmu and give me ideas!

He’d hoped it would feel better, burning this stuff. He’d been just high enough when he stormed inside to grab it that he hadn’t stopped to consider whether it was a good idea. But now, watching the limited edition Magic: the Gathering card shrivel and blacken in the ashcan, it kinda just felt overdramatic.

And maybe he regretted it, just a little.

No, he couldn’t think that. He was angry with Jeremy. Jeremy had been treating him like he was nothing for months now. Squip or no squip, Michael couldn’t allow himself to roll over and forgive that. Jeremy was the one who’d burned everything they had. Michael was just finishing the job.


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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Pairing: Jonathan x Reader (If you squint real hard)

Warnings: Demagorgon, Weapon use, So many interruptions ;-; (and as usual) mediocre writing.

Words: 1,325

A/n: This is just a random reader-insert of what would happen if they were in it too. Like going along with Jonny Boi and Nan Wheels, chasing and being chased by the demagorgon.

Summary: You end up at Jon’s house with Steve at the wrong time and trouble comes-a-knocking’.

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An episode where Pearl meets someone who acts like her could be interesting. Like they use their frail appearance and sad back story to get what they want from people or to stop people from critisizing them. Someone who won’t get over that one crush who moved on.

And at the end Pearl is getting sick of listening to them and either Steven or Amethyst goes ‘But pearl, don’t you do the same thing?’

And Pearl just has a big moment of self realization of what’s she’s done over the years. Her obsession with Rose and behavior against Greg.

It could end with the gems chasing the person away because now everyone’s just annoyed at them, and Pearl just kinda… thinks in the house and doesn’t do anything for a few days/episode because she’s still thinking.

And she starts being more observant when she starts doing her pity stuff and feels angry over Rose, she becomes more hesitant and really starts to think things over.

You know, character stuff that takes a long time to do.

boomer “age of entitlement” types piss me the fuck off because feeling entitled to healthcare and education and a social security safety net is fucking different to feeling entitled to tax breaks. but just watch their reaction every time negative gearing or superannuation tax concessions or dividend imputation credits are debated!!!!

those are apparently fundamental human rights, but being able to eat or get medical treatment or maybe one day buy a house in an australian capital city is just something you should have darn well thought of before you had the nerve to be poor/unemployed/disabled/sick/born after 1983.