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Ciel become a dog. elgang reaction

Elsword: “OH MY EL IT’S FLOOFY AND BLUE CAN I PET IT CAN I PET IT- ow it bit me!  Ciel!”

Aisha: “Ha. You just have no idea how to handle demon dogs.  Watch and - ow, he bit me too!”

Rena: “Good grief, you two… Pet him gently, and only if he wants to be petted.  Hey, Ciel, want biscuits?”

Raven: “Hmm… Mind if I pet you?  Your fur is quite soft.  Any idea what happened to transform you?”

Eve: “Analyzing.  Ciel has changed forms into a canine.  He bites quite often.  He is trying to bite me right now.”

Chung: “Ah, I love dogs!  But Ciel dogs scare me.  Elsword’s hand is still bleeding… I don’t think I’ll try and pet him.”

Ara: “Hey, Eun, since you’re a fox, can you talk to him?  No?  Wait, why are you getting mad?  It was an honest question!”

Elesis: “Oh, I like dogs!  Hey, Ciel, I have dog treats!  Ow, don’t bite me!”

Add: “…tch.  The demon is now a demon dog.  How annoying.  Now he can’t bake me cookies.”

Lu: “Ciel!  You’re so fluffy and huuuge!  I’ll change you back so you can make cookies, but first, lemme ride you around like a pony!”

Rose: “What the hell even- nope, not asking, really don’t want to know.”

Ain: “Finally, someone realized that demons are lower beings…. SOMEONE HELP, HE’S CHASING ME!”

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Can I get a continuation of my ask, where the S/O is replaced by a doppelganger? The elgang has been searching for their S/O after the doppelganger incident. They found them but they find out that the demons has been torturing them ever since theu kidnapped them. How do they deal with this?

Elsword blames himself.  If he just realized his s/o wasn’t his s/o earlier, all this could have been avoided.  He does his best to make sure his s/o recovers.

Aisha murders all the demons, viciously and quickly.  She also heals her s/o’s wounds and promptly collapses from overuse of magic.  She feels guilty, okay?  Really guilty.

Rena puts aside her emotions for the time being, in order to rescue her s/o and nurse them back to health.  The two of them will have a long discussion about what happened once her s/o has regained their strength.

Raven goes berserk.  Elsword actually has to drag his s/o out of the way so Raven doesn’t accidentally kill them in his rampage to wipe out every demon who dared hurt his love.

Eve isn’t sure what to do about her s/o’s injuries - both physical and mental.  She wipes out all the demons and carries her s/o out, bridal style, to be dealt with by someone more skilled than her.

Chung also blames himself.  He should have been able to protect his s/o.  He shouldn’t have been deceived by the doppelganger.  Catch him crying at his s/o’s bedside.

Ara asks Eun to take over so that she can deal with her emotions in relative peace.  Eun is the one who does the legwork of rescuing her s/o, while Ara sits at the back of her mind and shudders.

Elesis first gets her s/o out, then commands her Red Knights to raze the place.  She stands with her s/o and watches as it burns.

Add murders everyone, scoops up his s/o, breaks any chains on them, and stalks out.  Seeing his s/o beaten and tortured like that…. It reminds him of his days as a slave, and he hates that.

Lu is yelling invectives as she charges in to rescue her s/o.  She’s pissed at herself for not recognizing that she was deceived, but even more at the demons who deceived her.

Ciel doesn’t actually have to do much.  He just follows Lu, watches her beat up the demons who disrespected his s/o, and rescues them.

Rose spends a lot more time with her s/o after that.  She wants to make sure demons never get their hands on her s/o again.

Ain is actually scary when he goes to rescue his s/o.  Cold fury burns around him, and the Goddess’ power flows off of him in waves, burning demons into ash and healing his s/o’s mind and body.  He’s not happy with the demons, or with himself for letting this happen.

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The elgang has a crush on the reader, it's been that way for months. Now someone confessed to the reader, right in front of them. How would they react to this?

Elsword: He’s a little dramatic about it. He yells out “No!” and runs over to tell you how you really feel.

Aisha: Push away whoever confessed to you and tell you that she liked you first!

Rena: She would watch, but will be unbelievably bitter about it after. She’s very cold towards whoever confessed to you.

Raven: Walks away from the scene and beats himself up over not confessing first. It’ll take a while for him to get over it.

Eve: She would watch, there is a chance you will say no. Otherwise it doesn’t matter to her, it’s just an emotion.

Chung: He would watch with a heartbroken expression. If you said no, he would confess the next day to avoid it. If you said yes he’d be sad forever, unable to get over it.

Ara: She takes no action even if Eun screams at her to stab whoever is confessing. If it turns out you accepted, Ara starts avoiding you to ease her heart.

Elesis: Like Aisha she tells you that she liked you first, then challenges whoever confessed to you with a fight for your affection.

Add: He’s really cruel to whoever confessed to you, especially if you said yes. He doesn’t take it well at all, he’s almost sick with jealousy and he constantly takes it out on you.

Lu: Attack whoever is confessing right on the spot. She won’t let anyone steal you away that easily.

Ciel: He holds Lu down so she doesn’t attack the person who’s confessing. Unfortunately it frustrates him greatly that he lost his chance, and he’s depressed over it for a while.

Rose: It’s unfortunate, but it happens. She knows she’ll recover from it after some time. If it was her princess though, things would be different….

Ain: He confesses right there with the other person. Unfortunately Ain doesn’t like to share. He makes you choose between them, and the intense stare he is giving you makes you think you might regret picking the other person.