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LK, RS, IS meet each other at the lost space, Arme, mocchi and apos were there too (The funny one please)

Arme’s eye twitched in aggravation, hands clutching his javelin hard enough to almost breakit again. He said nothing, leering at Apostasia and yet another version of Elsword… except… not the one Arme liked. He sensed corruption from this boy, a very similar one to one of his versions…

“….Elsword.” Arme found himself scowling at the dual wielder.

“Uh…” Infi looked at Apostasia and Arme awkwardly, comparing the two. “I’m guessing you two know each other…?”

“In a better timeline.” Arme gave a look at him.


“Ohh…!~ Sia, is this your Elsword? Corruption certainly follows a pattern in your timeline, doesn’t it.” Mochi emerged from the time and space cracks. “I’m sorry~ The monsters were harder than we thought…~” He chuckled, pulling out two red-haired boys. “And Arme’s knight in shining armor fell unconscious…” Mochi nudged the one whose eyes were closed and battered with cuts and bruises.

Arme hurriedly reached to the Lord Knight’s side. “Elsword…!”

“Yeah?” The Rune Slayer stared at the man with the neon-blue hair.

“He meant the more serious one.” Mochi corrected.

“You mean the dead one, right?” The Infinity Sword added in. “I dunno about you but he kinda looks dead to me with that stab wound at his chest.”

“I’m up-!” The Lord Knight exclaimed, wheezing for breath as he shot up like a phoru finally being given food after months of starvation. The wounds appearing on his chest quickly healed, armor looking as if they’d just been polished.

“…I stand corrected.”

“Mm… what did I miss…?” The newly revived knight asked, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

“Me.” Rune answered.

“And me.” Infi smiled goofily at the knight.

“And 10 boss fights. I’ve never seen anyone die on the second stage.” Mochi chuckled.

“…Aha.” The knight nervously chuckled, glancing away and frowning. “…Oops.”

“You’ll get better with time, Elsword.” Arme reassured. “This is your first experience with Henir’s challenge, after all.”

“You mean he’ll get better once he upgrades his weapon from a +6 to a +7.” Infi said flatly.

The Lord Knight blushed. “My weapon broke, though…”

“Bahhh, can we stop talking and start moving on?” Rune complained.

“Well, actually, I was hoping we would stop for toda-” Mochi started off, but cut himself off once he saw Apostasia break through the door.

“…Let’s go.” Sia stated tonelessly.

Mochi looked over his comrades. “Do any of you guys have a +10?” No one’s arms raised up. He smiled. A stressful smile. “I see.”

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Elgang reacting to Add being 50x more sassier than usual?

Elsword: Would ignore it. It’s Add, something probably ticked him off

Aisha: She would sass back

Rena: She would try talking to him, seeing what was wrong with him

Raven: Would just raise an eyebrow to it but wouldn’t be bothered much

Eve: Would immediately slap him. Sassy or not, she will not tolerate that kind of behavior towards her

Chung: Would try to see if there was a problem

Elesis: Would try to talk to him to see what was wrong

Ara: Would burst into tears, she didn’t know why Add was being so mean

Lu: She would rage and demand he respect her. How dare he speak to her with that kind of attitude

Ciel: Would try to comfort him with cookies

Ain: Wouldn’t care, Add is ancient. Maybe he is growing old

- four: part one -

“I’ll let you drag me to hell if it means you’ll hold my hand.”

Confused was an understatement. I was completely and utterly baffled as to why he had asked me out on a date then kicked me out of his car and sped off, leaving me standing there like a fucking idiot without even an explanation.

I spent the next few days in a weird muted daze, still not having heard from him at all as I went about my somewhat normal and boring routine of classes and work. I wasn’t sure what to expect at the pub, part of me anxious that he was just going to show up there one night with his mates and act like nothing had happened and the other part worried that he wouldn’t show up at all. But going off the fact that almost an entire week had passed since the incident outside my flat and I still hadn’t even received a text, I was pretty sure he had forgotten all about me.

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Elgang reaction when elsword try to crossdress and end up being pretty (add the master and glave too)

Aisha stares, then smacks him with her staff and runs off.  How can Elbrat be prettier than her? Cue identity crisis.

Rena smiles, compliments him, and asks if he’d like to get some moisturizer with her the next time they end up in a town.  She’s confused at how offended he is by this.  Gender roles don’t really exist for elves, and sometimes she forgets humans have them.

Raven sort of stares.  And asks what the fuck is going on.  And stares some more.  It’s really awkward between him and Elsword for a while.

Eve takes about fifteen pictures before Elsword asks what she’s doing. And, with the most dead face ever, Eve replies, “Blackmail.”

Chung nearly has a heart attack.  Once he’s over himself, he cautiously steps forward and pokes at one of Elsword’s fake boobs.  They end up in an argument over whether or not it’s still perverted to do that if they are, in fact, fake boobs.

Ara runs at Elsword, thinking he’s Elesis for a moment, and treats him to a long rant about her annoying bra without really looking at him. Thankfully, she realizes her mistake and apologizes and slinks off before she gets into her rant about periods.

Elesis cackles, gives Elsword a noogie (messing up his hair in the process) and parades him around in a headlock, declaring that everyone should look at her beautiful little brother.  What are sisters for but embarrassment, after all?

Add couldn’t give less of a shit.  He does take pictures for blackmail, but other than that, what’s the point, really.

Lu cackles and tells Elsword he could be one of her demon concubines.  Elsword isn’t sure if this is a compliment or an insult.  Lu says it’s a compliment, but Ciel is quietly cackling in the corner, so that’s up in the air.

Ciel doesn’t really care what Elsword decides to dress up as- oh no he’s cute. He’s staring at Elsword, trying not to nosebleed, when Lu makes her concubine comment and he cracks up.

Rose almost tries to snipe him.  Oh, it’s just Elbrat?  Oh.  Whatever.  She doesn’t care.

Ain asks confusedly if this is a new human fashion.  He compliments Elsword on his new look and, the next day, shows up also crossdressing.  If Elsword did it, he has to, right?

Solace, the only Master who hasn’t been absorbed into the El, stares and asks how Elsword thinks he’s going to fight in a dress and fake boobs. Maybe he made the wrong decision on who should carry the fate of the world.

Glave pretends to be unimpressed.  He goes to Luto afterwards and dies laughing.

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Arme, Mochi and Apos being forced to sleep in the same bed with their fem crush?

You are pissed. Very pissed.

All around you are the bickering voices of the three Celestials. You want to know why they all decided to sleep with you on one bed, but the answer became clear when you listen closely to their bickering.

“I got here first, you ungrateful whelps!” Arme hisses. 

“You can’t say that~.” Mochi purrs. “I claimed this bed…and her~.”

“…I want her…” came Sia’s quiet voice. “…She doesn’t mind me….She wants to stay with me…”

They continued to bicker on who got here first and who claimed you, but enough is enough. Veins pops across your forehead as you scream…


They all kept their mouths closed and you managed to get a good night’s rest.