aimpoint t 1 micro


Recently I had been seeing rifles done in ERDL style cerakotes. Did some searching and figured out that the work is done by Sur-Tac Gear. Really wanting to send my URX 3.1 out to get it coated by these guys!

Photos: Black Wire Studio

The start of my MK18 Pistol build has began!

DDMK18 10.3 Complete upper came into my shop and i had to get on it.

Parts to come


Eotech 516 or Aimpoint Micro T-1

KAK industries SB-15 specific pistol buffer tube ( in the mail )

SB-15 brace

Superior Defense Pistol lower

Surefire mini Scout.

Maybe a AAC Blackout 

I live in CA so no sbr for me… Hence the “pistol”