i LOVE fan artists!

and here are the blogs I follow…

I talk a lot about fanfic (’cause I write it) but I also reblog a lot of fanart (’cause it’s gorgeous). Here are some of the beautiful fan artists I follow. You should check them out and send them a line telling them how awesome they are. That way, I’m not the only one stalking thier inboxes and telling them “OMG i luff you i can’t draw worth crap but if I did I wish I drew like you and you’re awesome and djkalhdlkjhfkjsahdjk.” 

Btw, a lot of these folks have nsfw and/or original side blogs, also well worth checking out. In no particular order:

@cocotingo - some dragon age, a lot of other fandoms and original art. LOVE the bold line style, expression, just everything. does commissions

@agarthanguide - a real mix of styles & subjects, dragon age among them (which was how i found this artist). one of my fave new art blogs for the style and surprise factor.

@greendelle - a given for any dragon age fan - gorgeous work, moody lighting, mostly portraits.

@nipuni - haunting, painted style, many elves, lots of hot solas.

@invisibleinnocence - so much personality to these drawings. frequently hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking. lots of emotion in these pics. much dragon age.

@starsoncheeks - dragon age, other fandoms. tarot cards, portraits, sort of ethereal, classic icon-painting-like style

@zootart - dragon age, painting style, other fandoms, moody portraits.

@prinnydraws - dragon age (lots of da2), illustration-style, lots of personality

@lellypad - not dragon age, but I can’t get enough of this blog. hilarious cartoon adventures of an artist and their internet/arting adventures & adopting of shelter dogs.

@picchar - dragon age mostly, lots of alistair/OC cousland. lovely line style and fanfic-style comics/fanart

@siriusdraws - amazing comic style. dragon age and other fandoms, anime. longer comics.

@lucydoesart - sketchbook of dragon age, fandoms, hilarity.

@lilyrutherfordblog - if you are a cullen/dragon age fan, you probably already follow her. if not, go follow her. bold line art of cullen and assorted DA hotties

@kauriart - art and hot nsfw fanfics. hot elves, curvy girls, ladies of dragon age, and more.

@grimmcake - almost engraving-style art - thick lines, water-color like wash. dragon age, mass effect, other fandoms.

@fawxdraws - dragon age, drawings, other fandoms.

@junie-junette - dragon age, line drawings, pretty!

@paperwick- dragon age, tarot cards, commish.

@regardethe - mix of fandoms, original work, musings on film & illustrations. heavy line style, leans towards modernism.

@therealmcgee - mass effect, dragon age, beautiful photo-shop realism style

@projectnelm - hawke & her crazy adventures in kirkwall, dragon age, hotness, other fandoms.

@thecopperkidd - dragon age, cartoon adventures of a very quirky lavellen, other fandoms, hilarious.

@mizrette - newer discovery - some dragon age, some star trek, also other fandoms

@aimosketchcard - the one and only Aimo. I have been following their art since I first stumbled into the dragon age fandom. Some of the best commish work, sketch cards, comics, and portraits out there. also other fandoms, but the dragon age work is awesome and there is SO much of it!

@mattrhodesart - well, sort of a given: THE BioWare concept artist and all his amazing work. But it is incredible stuff. a Must-Follow for any BW fan.

And I’m probably missing someone! I encourage you to follow these amazing folks, thank them for their beautiful art, and reblog this to get their names out there and add art blogs that you follow!

(I hear artists like to be told that people like their work, soo….)