Dersite Idioms

(For anyone wondering what I’ve been doing this afternoon)

Iskyeda. Arubluisi skayort idyatrubui so’ksaryalova

Correct. a war otter.because-of with gold skin

Right. And the war started for the golden skinned otter.

Means ‘you’re kidding’ or ‘I can tell you’re lying.’

Buustetbu deiva’i yiketdos dream.doer little me.accusative

“Don’t sing Little Dreamers to me!”

Means ‘stop being so cute’ or ‘you won’t get what you want by crying.’ References a nursery rhyme.

Biyekustet Skaiaglai Skaia.within

“You filthy Skaia bather!”

Means ‘you’re a goody two shoes’ or ‘you’re being obnoxious.’ Skaia is the homeworld of the carapaces. Offensive to Prospitians.

Braustetbu la’itui time.the-dishonorable

“You can’t overthink the time shit”

Means ‘don’t run around in circles’ or ‘your solution is worse than the problem.’

Klobustet dek’isek’iera dek’isek’i.become

“You’re playing dek’isek’i”

Means ‘ruining everything’ or ‘this will bite you in the ass someday.’ Dek’isek’i is a colloquial name for Dek'ibott Sek'igore, Envoy of the god Sepurk’litu and bringer of disasters.

Ik’spetlilako’rei polabyados

Regard.I-presently.with-fondness crustacean.object

“While I fondly regard crustaceans”

Means ‘pretend that nothing is wrong’ or ‘change the subject.’ A joke based the Holy Text for the ultimate god of the Dersite pantheon.