*SNiffs air.* Is thIS A 4/13 SACSTUCK MEET UP I SMELL?

Well, lookie here. I am proud to say that i will indeed be hosting yet another Sacstuck meet-up!

John, Dave, and Aimless Renegade will be your lovely hosts for the day!

Unfortunately it will not be ON 4/13 but, yknow what?

F*ck it.

This Homestuck meet up will be held on Saturday, April 16 from 12AM-5PM.

Location is still up to choosing. As far as we agreed the location will be at Hagan community park( 2197 Chase Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670((Perhaps in the pavilion))).

That or another choice would be at The Cordova High Schools amphitheater?

Not quite sure about that one, i mean, my school already hates me, yo. 

You can also PM me on location ideas and such!  If all else fails Hagan Park will be the location. I will have the official post with rules and everything soon!

For those of you going to sacanime, please check my other post about a Homestuck Dream Bubble party panel, i am still in need of panelists.