└ When cinnamon rolls members demonstrate how to start well and keep things interesting.

Cr: VS Arashi 20.07.2017


└ WWG 2017 to celebrate 二宮先生’s 17th 34th birthday!


Thanks to this documentary I love Arashi even more ♥ (and I thought it is not possible to love these dorks even more xD ) I thought “ah they are just ordinary but talented people… they just worked really really hard to get where they are right now.” It showed Arashi’s friendship, talent, human side, determination, love and funny side. If these guys wont be at the OG ceremony then I dont know who deserve it more than them! ♥♥♥ 

I am sooo damn proud to be arashian and I love you guys so much ♥ :3 ♥ 


└ Scruffy Arashi chasing away my blues alright~

Cr: Documentary Film ~ Are You Happy ~


Aimiya Fight


Happy kaomoji & pairings!   (.゚ー゚) x (´・∀・`) x (`・З・´) x (‘◇‘) x ノノ`∀´ル 

~ Satoshi x Kazu x Jun           (´・∀・`) x  (.゚ー゚) x  ノノ`∀´ル 

~ Kazu x Masaki x Jun            (.゚ー゚) (‘◇‘) x  ノノ`∀´ル

~ Kazu x Sho x Masaki            (.゚ー゚) x (`・З・´) x  (‘◇‘) 

~ Sho x Satoshi x Masaki      (`・З・´)  x (´・∀・`) x (‘◇‘)

~ Sho x Jun x Satoshi             (`・З・´) x  ノノ`∀´ル x (´・∀・`)

Cr: Documentary Film ~ Are You Happy ~

└ This graphic was too cute even though I still haven’t watched it yet!!!

Cr: VS Arashi Opening Talk 09.03.2017