Aimiya Fight

└ This graphic was too cute even though I still haven’t watched it yet!!!

Cr: VS Arashi Opening Talk 09.03.2017



Ranking of annoying shippers in Arashidom

👑 1 - Sakumoto shippers
Reason - some stans started a sakuraiba/aiba hate propaganda after they were called out for erasing & replacing Aiba out of Sakuraiba & Junba real two-shots. The level of thirst is high (I don’t blame them tbh but they kept lamenting on it). Easily triggered and delusional. Level of flail is embarrassing.

2 - Sakuraiba
Reason - level of flail is embarrassing & some are vomit-inducing ott. Tends to be emotional. Easily triggered and delusional.

3 - Ohmiya
Reason - used to be number one when they were full of crazy ohno stans. Their cray was legendary. Gotten better because crazy ohno exclusive stans have moved on but the thirst & reach are still there.

Yama (ohnoXsho), suezu (matsumiya), nakimushi (junba), soubutsuen (ninoai), tennen (ohnoxaiba), yamataro/magnet (sakumiya) & juntoshi has cool shippers. Flailed when necessary.