anyone know/or yourself want to do some modeling?

seeking FEMALE (sorry guys lol) model for euro cars (caucasian, blonde/brunette preferred sorry lol). looking for a CLASSY photoshoot, no implied nudity or anything, classy pair of heels and a nice dress is all i would want. 

also seeking any interested female that would like to model, really lol :) so yes, for the above euro shoot i really am kind of being racist here but any other time I am always open to shoot anyone else :D 

location must be in Southern California, Pasadena and/or Riverside region as I go between those often. Let me know. 


models were my friends @aimeeteng (the 370z is hers) and @kinkybutt

also most of you know, but I am also a female so dont worry, im no creeper, I have a boyfriend, wont be fapping to your pictures or be asking you to be naked for me LOL. send me an ask please if you are interested~