Industrial Piercing

So lately I’ve been receiving quite a few of questions on my Industrial, and looking through tumblr, a lot of people are pondering about whether to get it or not. I also see rather foolish people deciding to change it a few days after they got it done. daamn not the way forward! Any who… 

- Did it hurt?
  Everyone has a different pain threshold so it will be different for everyone, on a scale of 1-10 .. 10 being the painfullest it was about a 4 to me. The only problem that caused fuss was sleeping on it made it really painful. 

- How long have you had it?
  Well I got my industrial end of October 2010

- Have you changed the bar?
  No, I haven't changed the bar at all since I got it done, I just changed the balls. Reason being is that I got told it took 3 months to a year to heal. Once again everyone is different but I want to be sure of that. I see people who got it done 3 weeks ago changing the bar and there ear is red AF!

- How was the healing process? 
  Well for me, the first 3 months it hurt a little, specially how I kept sleeping on it, also, 3 days after I actually had it pierced I changed the balls, and I strugged with unscrewing one which made it really sore from the pulling and tugging, but after the 3 months it seemed absolutely fine  ( hence people think its ok to change the bar ) as it went on I changed the balls and I started sleeping on it without any pain! 

I would like to add, I took the bar out a week ago and it was a bitch to put back in, probably because it was the first time taking it out… but to be honest to people who recently got it done I’d wait at least 3 to 5 months before changing the bar. It can look dope AF just by changing the accessories!  My friend just came back from Portugal and she brought me a bar so I will be changing it sometime tomorrow or Monday. Keep a eye out for a photo of it! 

“I always say to certain females you chose what you wanted and not what you needed. Now your life has no foundation its broken. You put all your time into this wasteman and he still expired. That is what you hungry girls get for avoiding real men and end up sucking up to some mugs who will take you for a prick." 


Not long got the news that my Granddad died, I want to say I wish he looks down on everyone especially my little sister and make sure she stays guarded by angels. I want to say thank you for all he done for us, I was with my two friends when my mum told me, they were shocked because I wasn't showing no emotion. I aint the type of person to cry anymore, I don't like showing emotion I guess especially in front of my parents. Now I am just worried how my family will cope, because he use to help us out a lot since my dad cared for him, and I remember them saying when he got ill… “ when he does go.. we’re fucked” - Its not nice knowing that your life is just about to get even harder knowing that every time you look in your mums eyes you seen pain. I just want to pray that everything doesn't get as hard as I think it will be and hopefully we will build ourselves back up. I want him to look down on my little sister especially and its hard for me to know she wont have a childhood like her friends will because she wont know her grandparents.. both my dads side has now sadly passed away and my mums side? well they had a big argument with my mum before my sister was even born. My mums dad use to still pop round but after my sister was born he hasn't even bothered to send a card. It hurts me to know she wont know her grandparents. I just want her to have the perfect childhood, one that I didn't necessarily have. Rest In Perfect Peace. <3<3<3