The Final Outcome for my Animation Project! 

A little something I made today. 
After cleaning out drawers, I decided I needed a more efficient way of keeping my earrings organised.

I bought a frame from a charity shop, took the inner sections out and used a hot glue gun to fix a rectangle of lacey curtaining to the inside. (I picked out a section with a butterfly and a flower in the design to make it a picture in itself!)

Then added a ribbon to the top and voila! A very cute earring holder in 15 minutes!
If you don’t have a glue gun, that’s okay! Tape, or superglue would work just as well. :)

The frame was £1.25, and the netting was and off cut, so I got 1 and a half metres for £1, so very student purse friendly too! 


Today, after life drawing, I wanted to use Photoshop to make my woodcuts match up together. I can get one print, which I am happy with, but when it comes to making a run of them, too many anomalies are occurring to make them uneven, and I just keep getting more and more frustrated with them. This is the result of two prints from each scanned in and matched up and duplicated on Photoshop to make a wallpaper repeat pattern. 


My Stop Motion animation I made today for the animation project. A bit of messing around really :) 



Gone back to this little style for a project we were set yesterday. The project brief is to fill 3 A1 pages with things related to,

  1. Gardening
  2.  Wine
  3. Offices

I started with gardening last night, but reached an annoying stage so switched between the two. The office one was finished today! This, I am really happy with, as I had a preeeeetty busy day altogether, and was surprised to finish it! 

And so, it begins! To think about what story to narrate, I created this A4 mind map, expressing my ideas, and inspirations connecting to the outer connotations.

After finishing this, and having a discussion with my tutor about narratives and the type of illustration I have the ability to produce, I have decided upon the topic of Jules Vernes’ ‘Voyages Extraordinaries’ as my theme/title.

I am very excited!

After a day long workshop with the amazing, (and incredibly dapper) illustrator Mark Hearld, I made this! As an illustrator who works in collage predominantly, the brief was a collage, to the theme of ‘The City’. I was very very pleased with this, as I have almost never delved into collage before, and I got exactly what I wanted in the end. 
When he said 'The City’, the Regina Spektor song, 'Summer in the City’ popped into my head, and I’d love to perhaps carry on, and illustrate the rest of one of the verses I think… 

Also went to his exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and to his lecture at the Yorkshire Museum on the evening, before my ukulele class, and he is simply top notch. So incredible, and I feel so privileged to have met him.

One of his: 

External image


Some woodcut!

Fortunately, I’m loving this technique, unfortunately enough for me, the sound of cutting wood sends a shiver right down my spine! 

The design is inspired by a William de Morgan tile I saw on our trip to Birmingham Art Gallery, (pictures to follow) and I’m experimenting with colour with water colours and stencil print. 

As you can see, I did my first stencil print back to front!!!!!

What a numpty I am :) 

I cut another woodcut to register, and, inspired by the Delft, and blue and white porcelain at the Gallery, I’ve been printing wallpaper lengths in a light blue, and a petrol blue shade, which I think is very effective. 


My very nice friend Gabbie pointed out the collaged style of my magpie reminded her of Kate Slaters work, and generously loaned me her book to look through. 

I particularly like the button factory page, I feel because my collages have been based on observation, they are a bit more serious looking than the cartoony (loveable) magpie of Slaters creation.