Today, after life drawing, I wanted to use Photoshop to make my woodcuts match up together. I can get one print, which I am happy with, but when it comes to making a run of them, too many anomalies are occurring to make them uneven, and I just keep getting more and more frustrated with them. This is the result of two prints from each scanned in and matched up and duplicated on Photoshop to make a wallpaper repeat pattern. 


The Final Outcome for my Animation Project! 

And so, it begins! To think about what story to narrate, I created this A4 mind map, expressing my ideas, and inspirations connecting to the outer connotations.

After finishing this, and having a discussion with my tutor about narratives and the type of illustration I have the ability to produce, I have decided upon the topic of Jules Vernes’ ‘Voyages Extraordinaries’ as my theme/title.

I am very excited!