aimee you are the sweetest person ever


Finding Aimee Vance A Love

I’ve chosen @sugarplumsim ‘s sim Lola Yuen!

All I did to her was give her different brows and some tattoos. I also really love the idea of Lola being a v tall girl and she’s taller than Aimee. Idk I think its super cute.

“Lola is your typical ‘bad bitch’ with a heart of gold. She’s super intimidating but once you get to know her shes the sweetest girl ever. She grew up in a very strict household where her family wouldn’t even let her cut her hair and now that she’s an adult she expresses her self through her clothing.”

I fell in love with Lola and I thought she was perfect for Aimee. I fell in love with all your sims and all the hard work you guys put into your backgrounds. However, everyone who submitted I talked to personally and you all seem like very kind people but If I get hate messages, or sugarplumsims gets any hate, for not choosing a specific sim from any one, not just the submitters, you will be blocked. 

Im so ready to get playing with these girls story, I have a whole little plot that includes all the submissions and Lola. My vance legacy is queued up till the 11th so that is when all your gorgeous sims and Lola will make an appearance. Thank you guys sm! I didn’t even think I was gonna get any submissions.

350 Followers Celebration!!

Well yeah. So this happened a few days ago and I just wanted to thank all of you for not only clicking that small button but also making me smile so often and sending me cute messages and just talking to me in general (hmu if you wanna chat about whatever bc I really love getting to know you guys so much 😊). Y’all have been so amazing and sweet idek what to say I just really love y’all so so much. Thank you for everything💕
(why am I always this soppy in those things? idk… deal with it, ok??😅)

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