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hi everyone! a while ago i worked on a 5-page comic with my partner, thedivinestarling for the RAW fanthology, and they’re finally here! organized by Aimee Fleck & Tea Fougner of Bad Influence Press, this book astonishes me. i am so proud to be a part of this amazing project with so many other talented artists, it’s really a work of art. each one comes with this BEAUTIFUL bookplate and two gold seals (“it’s not subtext, they’re in love” heheh). plus it’s my first printed comic so i’m pretty jazzed about it!!

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I’m upset with people voting 3rd party to protect their moral purity but counting on the rest of us to stop Trump.

Aimee Fleck

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Hi, all! We have been taking advantage of the calm before the storm of books that will be soon upon us! Aimee did the customs paperwork today, and, if all goes as promised, the books will be in our hands in the last week of April, which means we are on schedule to be shipping them out to you in May!

With so many of you contributing (thank you!), we decided that rather than being crushed under the weight of all of your beautiful books, we would rent a storage unit — lovingly regularly referred to as Book Jail — to house them while we fulfill your orders.  

Here’s a picture of what will be RAW HQ’s home away from home in early May:

We hope they allow visitors!

It looks pretty empty right now, but believe us, it’s gonna fill up a LOT!!!  

In the meantime, Book Jail is being used to house all of the backer rewards that have been trickling in from our various vendors — check out the photos below to see all the great stuff in store for you!

Here are the posters, featuring Loshka’s amazing Meat Loaf-inspired art, for everyone who backed a tier that includes a poster:

It’s more than we deserve.

And, for those of you who backed the tiers with stickers:

It’s hard to resist the temptation to stick them on everything.

And then, for EVERYONE who ordered a physical copy of RAW, here are your amazing letterpress bookplates:

It’s hard to resist the temptation to stick them on everything.

 And your gold foil seals, with a helpful guide to recommended use:

Now the world will know!

Remember, those last two — the seals and the bookplates — are only possible because of the incredible outpouring of support all of you brought to RAW! So, be sure thank your fellow backers for making YOUR copy of RAW even better!

As a LAST REMINDER, if you have not yet filled out your survey, or need to change any of the information you put on your survey (if you’ve moved, or changed email addresses, for example), you have until APRIL 1 to get us that information! That’s about three weeks away, sodon’t proscrastinate!

If you’ve given us an incorrect address, or have changed your address, it’s absolutely essential that you correct the info on your survey: we don’t want to send your book to the wrong person! If you haven’t given us any info, you won’t forfeit your book, but we will not be able to send it out on time with the other orders. Do your best to get us the information on time, and as always, let us know if you need help or have any questions!  

To the rest of you, we hope you’re making space on your shelves for the coolest book you will own.  

Aimee Fleck & Tea Fougner
Bad Influence Press


hello people! this is a preview of a piece I’ll have at a summer-themed group show! If you’re in and around Brooklyn, come out to the opening at the Gowanus Print Lab on Wednseday, July 29th: 7pm-10pm featuring work from these lovely and talented people:

Aatmaja Pandya |  Aimee Fleck | Angelica Alzona | Ben Passmore | Betty Liang | Christina Dacanay | Greg Kletsel | Iasmin Omar Ata | Janet Sung | Jenny Zych | K.L. Ricks | Kat Fajardo | Katbus | Kelsey Wroten | Mark Ledgerwood | Mimi Chrzanowski | Nick Iluzada | Pablo Castro | Rosemary Valero-O'Connell | Sachio Cook | Sam D'Orazio | Santi C. | Shannon May | Vinnie Neuberg | Xanthe Bouma