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After reading your what does the batfam smell like I was wondering if you could do what perfume/soap the guys get for their s/o?

bruce weirdly likes those perfumes where they’re like. aimed towards capturing a scenery. ocean mist doesn’t smell anything like an ocean but he likes it 

dick buys those Really Fancy perfumes - lots of floral scents but nothing overstated

jason has a knack for buying the cheapest perfume with the best scent. they’re usually really plain scents but they’re quality n last a long time bc they came from like. walgreens 

tim is just as bad as dick when it comes to pricey perfumes but i hc that he has some allergy problems so he doesn’t. really smell em before he buys em. he asks around (n sometimes brings dick to be His Nose when he goes shopping for smelly stuff)

damian doesn’t have a preference for any scent and he’ll pretty much buy whatever his s/o is used to wearing

duke is just as bad as tim bc while his allergies aren’t so bad he just. can’t decide what’s a Good Perfume. he weighs the factors. quality v quantity. natural scents v synthetic. looks away and grabs whatever his hand hits so he can’t change his mind about it