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At the end of every summer the older campers get together to play drunk battle games with foam swords, padded arrows, armour made from cardboard and kitchen pots, and have chariot races with people pulling the chariots instead of Pegasus

Shoutout to psn user blair_duthie who flashbanged me while I was wallclimbing so that I fell off the map and died 👌👌 it was literally the funniest thing that’s ever happened to me in this game

*Melissa and Katie colluding on turning their fans into a bundle of emotional mess

Melissa: Hey, Katie. What if we do this scene like this? (explains and demonstates their interaction and the romantic subtext under it

Katie: They’re gonna flip (cocks an eyebrow)

Melissa: I know

Katie: And they’ll love it

*Scene gets aired and we all melt, some having a breakdown. Melissa and Katie doing some victory dance later on


‘Yuzuru HANYU 羽生結弦 2016-17 SP perfect Edit’
Pretty cool edit, imagine 112 points?!!!

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So, Lance isn't the spare tire nobody needs, he's the spare tire they need because sometimes you need a spare tire? Oooh wow operate in ice, that sure will be useful literally once time. :/ Why you gotta make Lance the shitty Aquaman compared to Pidge being awesome.

I’m not entirely sure how you got that out of what I was saying when that’s the exact opposite of what I was saying.

Literally if you remove Lance from the team they would never have left Earth. The team would never have found Hunk because Hunk wouldn’t have snuck out of the dorm on his own. So you have Pidge, Shiro, and Keith, alone, and, oh, too bad they can’t find Blue’s cavern because Hunk isn’t there to calculate the Fraunhofer line. That assuming they didn’t get caught because Lance wasn’t there to help carry Shiro and Hunk wasn’t there to help with those hairpin turns.

They try to find Blue? Blue won’t respond to any of them because none of them are hers. Galra ship arrives, they don’t have a Lion to fight it, Earth is screwed.

Sendak’s raid on the castle? If Lance hadn’t saved Coran, Coran would be dead, they couldn’t have gotten a crystal from the Balmera, if they fight off Sendak, at best, they’re then sitting ducks stranded on Arus, except they wouldn’t have gotten that far in the first place because you literally can’t Voltron without all five of them because they would never have left Earth without Lance.

Lance literally has the best aim on the team. He’s also, as demonstrated on the Balmera, an effective strategist, especially in reacting to sudden developments or coming up with responses to unconventional situations on the fly.

We are talking about the same guy who literally saved an entire civilization from a mind control monster assisted by three guys and a pufferfish while his best friend was trying to kill him right. And how surprisingly little of that involved the fact that water is Blue’s element and has an advantage.

Or the guy who was handcuffed to a tree and away from his helmet and came up with a way to warn the team what had happened in a matter of literal seconds

And who, in the first place, was in a prodigious astronaut school on a team with not one but two bonafide geniuses. Keith seems to have some kind of sense of things yet to come which could mean that his pilot skills are because he’s literally soft precognitive and Lance, who does not have that superpower at all, set himself up opposed to Keith and was able to take Keith’s slot in the fighter class by basically just tenacity and effort. 

Not to mention, the whole thing of “it’s incredibly difficult to take Lance out of his element”, the Lions get noticeably more powerful in the presence of their particular element. Water is nearly fricking omnipresent. What does this tell you about Blue and her power levels. 

But no Lance is totally expendable and completely useless outside of situations completely contrived to water, which I guess is eighty percent of the plot.

“ Whenever I meet a hacker in-game I either coordinate with my team to demolish him or demolish him myself, the latter is a rarity but it feels SO GOOD to defeat a person using bullshit ego boosting programs designed to win with PURE. RAW. SKILL AND PERSISTENCE.”

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so I've been reading your blog whole night and it seems like you're both pro-teambroser and pro-teamtutberidze. how do you combine these 2 teams since the values in each team are so different. And I personally feel like team Orser is not really fond of the other team's methods and stuff. Really interested in your opinion 👀

I’m “team let’s try to put out our idea, have a plan, follow it, be a school”.

I don’t think a pefect team/school exists. I think both Orser and Tutberidze have very strong pros and some cons. I do believe they both made (and will make) their mistakes and I do believe that their methods is not holy bible, so it may work with some, it may not work with someone else.

As I said, I like they both have a plan, a philosophy, a way to handle things that’s not “let’s go with the wind”. I do like what they built, a system where they brought in different people, each giving their own bit.
I do appreciate how they managed to create a high level environment that’s more than one person only.

I’m sure they have different ideas, and that’s good too. I’m not a fan of copy-and-paste, but I’m a fan of people with an idea and the goodwill to try and go through with it. And I’m a fan of people who - even from different starting points - keep showing an overall progress of all their skaters that’s up for everybody to see. Teams that take care of actual skating and do try to polish it, one piece at time, instead of just playing the old power game like many others do.


The time span of 3 minutes, 5 minutes and 10 minutes directly after an incident occurs is the golden time where you can save the victim before they are dead. Not to miss the golden time is the goal of Golden Time Team. We aim to be on the scene within three minutes after the report and arrest the criminal within 10 minutes. Golden Time Team is dispatched earlier than any other team. This is the end of the presentation.

Voice 보이스 (OCN)
Kim Hongsun

Wampus Beasts are large panther/cat-like creatures with glowing eyes. They are sighted in Pleasants County, West Virginia. As there are no official well known sightings, there are a lot in Pleasants County. One of the people from the AIMS team on the Mountain Monsters show saw it when he was 9 years old. His parents told him to get something from the farm late at night. He went out and saw a Black Panther like creature with glowing eyes that gave him an eerie feeling.

The creature gave a weird high-pitch hissing like sound, which frightened him back inside his house. Many years later, on his same farm, he had the same kind of encounter with the beast, exactly like the encounter he had as a 9 year old. Another encounter around the same area happened when a lady was driving a school bus late at night and a creature that was black and large leaped out of the woods in front of the bus.

The Wampus Beast is also known as the Wampus Cat.

Folklore says that it was a witch late at night that turned herself into a unusual cat-like creature.

It is rumored to stay in sewers in the day and have a repulsive stench.

Another rumor of it is that it kidnapped children.

Age Gap

I’m so sorry if this is terrible! I’ve been really stressed lately with my assignments and exams, I hope you are all doing well and I apologise for taking so long!! Anyway I hope this isn’t terrible or crap and I hope you enjoy it :)

 I was fifteen years old and working part time when I met Jerome. He was undoubtably attractive and had this aura about him that prevented me from turning away. I tried to made small talk with the young man as I made his coffee. To my surprise he made small talk back and ended up distracting me a little during my shift.
I giggled like a naive high school girl whilst falling in love with his unique smile and charm. I wrote my number on his cup before he left hoping that he was single. When he was almost out the door I saw him notice my number on his cup, he let out a small laugh before sending me a killer smile that was followed by a wink. After that we just hung out more and more in secret.
I never knew why it was in secret. After a few days of flirting he asked me to be his and I, of course, said yes, but I obviously didn’t read all the terms and conditions

 And that’s how I ended up in the predicament I was in now. With 7 SWAT team officers aiming their firearms at Jerome and myself, I unknowingly tightened my hold on his arm. For 2 weeks I had been reported missing and kidnaped, Jerome had taken me away from the mainstream of daily life and I lived for it. The rush of adrenaline I got just from being out with him was insane.
His killer smile turned more psychotic and deranged after each job such as this one.
Shouted one of the GCPD SWAT members as they all took a step forward. Jerome laugh maniacally before deciding to speak. “I think you’ll find that she is my girlfriend and that she safer with me then anywhere else!” in the blink of an eye, Jerome turned serious and handed me the bag of stolen money from the bank.
“I am the Leader of the Maniax and I have freed this poor beautiful soul from becoming a cog. Two more years in the prison you call school would of fully transformed her into a cog in the Giant absurd machine”
I let out a laugh as he shot the officer closest to me.
“Ah ah ah, no touching what’s mine” I knew they wouldn’t shoot us, the ‘explosives’ that hung on our bodies like Christmas ornaments was enough to scare the GCPD into calling in the extra help known as the Bomb Squad and SWAT team.
My thoughts were interrupted as Jerome’s warm soft lips pressed against my own. A little squeak of shock from me caused him to smile and break the kiss. “I may be three years older than her, but that’s three years of life experience that will help benefit us in the future” and with a startling loud bang, a hole in the wall was cut and Jerome grabbed my hand as we began making our grand escape.
“Don’t worry sweet cheeks, nothing bad will ever happen to you, I won’t allow this world to poison you”
The SWAT team began to chase us down the street before I saw Jerome pick off one of the explosives and throw it.
I screamed in fright whilst Jerome began to do his eerie but attractive laugh. “YOU SAID THEY WERE FAKE!!” I scarcely yelled at Jerome as we ducked into the ally way we used to hide the get away bus. With a reassuring squeeze of my hand he turned into the Sugar Lips I fell in love with.
Yours ARE fake, I’d never put you in that kind of danger. You are my world, I’d never let anything happen to you unless it was for a reason” He removed our vests and brought me into a tight embrace. “I love that I’m older then you. It means I can protect you better” Jerome said as the bus joined in the long stream of gotham 9AM traffic.

12x22 "Red Light"

Can I just say how beautiful and adorable that little reunion was between Derek and Penelope? Their friendship and love for each other is just flawless. And when Derek gave her “the talk” about how she should be a little nicer to Luke and she went all “it’s complicated”. He laughed as if he knew or could sense something about the way Penelope was acting towards Luke. And I don’t know how Penelope would find it’s complicated to be nicer to Luke unless she knows she feels something toward him. Maybe her way of acting aloof with him is to block the growing feelings.

The reunion between Diana and Spencer couldn’t have been more beautiful and tear-worthy than how it was shown. I cried so hard when they hugged and how she said “don’t leave me; ever again” LIKE GOSH, my aching heart. What I love about their relationship is through every single trouble, they’re still there for each other. Diana depends onto Reid a lot and the same goes with Reid. So, watching them being reunited like that, my heart is cured from all the pain I felt when he was in prison.

BUT onto what’s more important: I CANNOT BELIEVE THE FINALE ENDED LIKE THAT. Like why? I had a feeling that it would be as the time was ticking away and were were left with only 7 mins left for the show. Here’s a few theories or little details that I caught on, making me suspicious here and there as soon as Derek arrived.

Scratch hacked through Penelope’s phone, sending a message about Reid. He’s good, he’s savvy with the tech. Okay, we got that. That immediately sent the whole team racing towards wherever he could be. HERE IS WHERE MY THEORY RUNS: what if that message was trap like Emily said? They had just assumed it was a trap FOR Derek or FOR them to run into if they follow the instructions. But what if Scratch knew that Derek would come to the team with the message, bc he knows his baby girl VERY WELL. After showing the message, Scratch possibly knew that the team would head HIS WAY and that’s HOW he set up those damn traps on the road. And that’s how the finale ended, with both SUV getting hit but Emily’s car seems to have gotten the worst part of the incident. THAT’S what the WRITERS want us to rant or worry about until September on whether the team are okay. BUT WHAT if the real situation here is Penelope? Did ANYONE else not find the MAN that Emily spoke for a few seconds w/ before she saw Derek, SUSPICIOUS? THE WAY HE LOOKED BACK LIKE THAT, as if he was waiting for the arrival of Derek to inform about the message. And not to mention at how the writers been inputting how Garcia is slowly reaching her breaking point. What if that crash was a distraction? A trap? What if Penelope is Scratch’s true target? I mean, Derek had said that he changed his flight and will be staying for another day so he could see Reid. Obviously that would mean that he would be around the area WHEN the team got hit by the truck. What if Shemar is coming for another special episode, the premiere of Season 13? I mean, the goodbye between Derek and Penelope was all lovely but before the scene was gone, the last shot indicated toward an empty hallway. Clearly, no one isn’t around (besides the 1000 agents) GARCIA at the moment. And sadly, the scene did go on for FAR TOO LONG to just be considered as a simple goodbye.

I may be going out on a limb here, just rambling like crazy (bc it’s a huge possibility) BUT TO ME AT THE MOMENT, it’s what truly makes sense. If the team got hit like this, it was a trap made by scratch obviously - we all know that. Here’s the thing: Scratch has been mentioned to be incredibly smart and careful with every single thing he does. Why just a simple car crash or simple barbwires on the road? That’s definitely NOT his style of torturing the team. We’ve all seen what he is capable of. Why would he go through all that trouble to just aim to make the team get hit like this?

There has to be another alternate motive behind this. Or maybe this is just a part of me where I have always been like since the end of season 3. At how I’ve BEEN WAITING FOR A PERSONAL ARC story for Penelope. She is the sole member (besides the new ones) to not have a really good lengthy arc. Other than this craziness of mine (I apologize), I did like the finale. The reunion between Spencer and Diana, Derek and the team - it was all truly beautiful. BUT SERIOUSLY WRITERS?! THE CRASH?! YOU’VE DONE THIS PLENTY OF TIMES AS CLIFFHANGERS!!!

It’s really weird seeing Cole Sprouse all over my dash, cos in my first “big” job I was tasked with some creative development on a film for the Sprouse twins. They were only kids and the aim was to team the twins with a toy brand from a huge toy company that shall not be named. Basically teaming one product with another. These cute blonde boys were always referred to as a brand, never as actual living children. And it made me a bit sick.

I handed the script back to my boss and said, “It’s a toy commercial. I’d feel a bit sick giving creative notes”. And I handed in my notice 2 weeks later 😀

When I saw years later that they’d gone off to college and got normal jobs I felt such a weird sense of pride in them and relief, even though I’d never even met them. I felt personally invested in them since, completely unknown to them, they’d inspired a big, scary move for me. And as far as I know, the film was never made ☺

A few days ago when I was playing as Mercy I was with the same team for a long while and we were actually doing really well and they all were very sweet and thanking me in between rounds

BUT THEN during maybe the 8th match the enemy started singling me out because hello? Mercy’s a walking target. I mostly stayed within my team’s shielded area, but mid match two Genjis and a McCree came out of NOWHERE and directly went after me. Killing me off no problem.

I didn’t mind cause it was a good strategy if they were aiming to eliminate my team before I could revive them, but what makes it so funny to me was that not a second into my death watch MY TEAMMATES WENT CRAZY.

Our Reinhardt lowered his shield for the first time in like ALL of our matches and slaughtered McCree even as he tried to retreat. And the Genjis couldnt even get their ultimates going for more then a second before D.Va nuked them. Like they werent even a threat or near the payload to move it and yet she happily spent her ultimate on them alone.


It just really made me happy to see my team care for their support so much. We went on for only like 2 more rounds before we were separated but whoever those five were, I love you and hope they are all having a great life.