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Shoutout to psn user blair_duthie who flashbanged me while I was wallclimbing so that I fell off the map and died 👌👌 it was literally the funniest thing that’s ever happened to me in this game

A few days ago when I was playing as Mercy I was with the same team for a long while and we were actually doing really well and they all were very sweet and thanking me in between rounds

BUT THEN during maybe the 8th match the enemy started singling me out because hello? Mercy’s a walking target. I mostly stayed within my team’s shielded area, but mid match two Genjis and a McCree came out of NOWHERE and directly went after me. Killing me off no problem.

I didn’t mind cause it was a good strategy if they were aiming to eliminate my team before I could revive them, but what makes it so funny to me was that not a second into my death watch MY TEAMMATES WENT CRAZY.

Our Reinhardt lowered his shield for the first time in like ALL of our matches and slaughtered McCree even as he tried to retreat. And the Genjis couldnt even get their ultimates going for more then a second before D.Va nuked them. Like they werent even a threat or near the payload to move it and yet she happily spent her ultimate on them alone.


It just really made me happy to see my team care for their support so much. We went on for only like 2 more rounds before we were separated but whoever those five were, I love you and hope they are all having a great life.

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Wampus Beasts are large panther/cat-like creatures with glowing eyes. They are sighted in Pleasants County, West Virginia. As there are no official well known sightings, there are a lot in Pleasants County. One of the people from the AIMS team on the Mountain Monsters show saw it when he was 9 years old. His parents told him to get something from the farm late at night. He went out and saw a Black Panther like creature with glowing eyes that gave him an eerie feeling.

The creature gave a weird high-pitch hissing like sound, which frightened him back inside his house. Many years later, on his same farm, he had the same kind of encounter with the beast, exactly like the encounter he had as a 9 year old. Another encounter around the same area happened when a lady was driving a school bus late at night and a creature that was black and large leaped out of the woods in front of the bus.

The Wampus Beast is also known as the Wampus Cat.

Folklore says that it was a witch late at night that turned herself into a unusual cat-like creature.

It is rumored to stay in sewers in the day and have a repulsive stench.

Another rumor of it is that it kidnapped children.


Hi guys! I may need your help today. This semester, I’m taking an obligatory entrepreneurship course, and our main task is to come up with some business idea and work with it during the semester. We don’t really make anything, it’s just a way to study stages of project development (I guess).

Long story short, this week we have to collect some feedback from our “potential customers” though interviews and surveys. The animation above shortly describes my team’s theoretical project, a holiday organisation system.

If you live in Europe and sometimes travel to other countries in EU or nearby, please spare a bit of your time to watch the video and then fill this survey! 

It does ask for some personal information, but no names are involved and this data will not be used anywhere outside of our university course, since the project is purely theoretical. We need as many replies as possible until Sunday afternoon. 

Thank you in advance!



I hopped onto the Splatoon bandwagon really late compared to everyone else, but I doodled an inkling character ^_T the game makes me really happy because it’s so much fun 

characterwise he’s the meticulously strategic type, other inklings (even octolings) find him weird and hard to trust due to his unusual (realistic??) ink color (also the octoling-leaning fashion/colors even though he’s a squid). BUT YOU WON’T REGRET HAVING HIM ON YOUR TEAM. His aim is precise and he likes to troll opponents into thinking there’s holes in the ground.

Sweet Sass - Sam Wilson x Reader

Originally posted by sorrelrum

Words: 868
Pairing: Sam Wilson x Reader
Featuring: Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner
Warnings: passing out
Requested by anon
Hi, I was wondering if you could do a Sam Wilson imagine? I can never find any imagines on him. I don’t have a prompt but could you make it cute/fluffy? Thank you <3<3
Authors Note: The summary is basically that you are an avenger with the powers of super aiming skills and seeing people’s memories when touched in a specific spot. I GOTTA GO TO BED SO THIS IS ALL IVE GOT FOR TODAY

Masterlist. Request List.

You were supposed to be the best aim on the team- maybe even better Clint. But for some reason, today you were out of it. You were off more than ever, and you missed most targets. You were giving yourself a hard time, and wanted just to sit in a closet and cry.

You couldn’t concentrate. You were beyond distracted with your mind being clogged with all of Steve’s memories and past- and how you had to tell him what happened to you. Even if it did happen three days ago, it was something that wouldn’t leave your mind.

You continued to practice. You had to get those thoughts to leave your head so you could work on training and hopefully get back out on the field. Steve made you stay back from the recent missions since the last time you talked to Steve; you passed out.

You aimed for the targets again, missing half of them. “Dammit!” You groaned, and sat on the floor, “How much worse can I get? I’m supposed to never miss!” You grumbled to yourself.

“Start giving yourself a little more credit,” You heard Sam walk into the training room. “You’re trying,” You turned around and saw a smirking Sam Wilson walking to where you were sat on the floor.

“What do you want, Sam?” You asked as you turned your head to look back at the targets you missed in shame.

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Fanmeeting in Kobe Day 2 (23.04.16)


Imagine having a snowball fight with Woozi and Seventeen.

BONUS: After an hour of playing, everyone is exhausted but you and Woozi are still throwing snowballs at each other. Seeing this, the other members of Seventeen end up leaving you two to be in your world as they go back indoor to warm up.

Buzzed- (young) James Potter imagine

Request: Could you write an Y/N x James Potter Oneshot? Smth sexy, not really smut, just some sparks flying! Maybe they are partying because of a won Quidditch game and are slightly drunk or something! Thank you in advance!!


It was too late in the night for this. But the drinks would not stop coming. It’s not like you didn’t deserve it; the Gryffindors played a very good game against Ravenclaw earlier in the day and prevailed victorious.

Your thoughts were starting to get staticy. The beat of music and the cheers aimed at the Quidditch team filled your head with such blissful rhythm that you couldn’t help but sway your hips to the tune. The burn of the FireWhiskey in your cup turned into a dull tinge that pleasantly stuck to your mouth and throat. You told yourself to cut down on your consumption to avoid a hangover. So you quit as you achieved a slight-but-effective buzz even with some left over in the cup in your hand.

“Did I play a great game, or did I play a great game?” The cocky voice of James Potter spoke in your ear. You turned your gaze to the Chaser, eyeing him up shamelessly.

“Your skills never falter, Mr. Potter.” You cooed. James smirked and slung an arm over your shoulder. This affection normally wouldn’t be shared in such a public setting, but it didn’t necessarily mean it was never there. You fancied James; whether or not he fancied you as well depended on one’s own opinion.

“Another drink, Y/L/N?” James asked, pouring the remaining liquid in his cup into yours without your answer. So you went with it, only just sipping at it. “I saw you cheering for me today.”

“I always cheer for my team.” You hummed, flipping your hair from your eyes with a shake of your head.

“I’d rather you cheer for only me.” James’ smirk grew, earning from you a playful smile.

“You’ll have to earn it to get that kind of privilege, James…” You winked at him, the words rolling off your tongue with no second thought. James pushed his glasses into place with his thumb, never taking his eyes from yours. Tension only got higher when he licked his lips as he stared down at you.

“Enjoying the party?” He asked. You nodded, laughing a little.

“One of the best yet. And hopefully not the last.”

“Trust me, Y/N, the winning streak will only go on from here.” James proudly stated.

“I sure hope so.” Your voice was drowned out by the music jumping in volume. James grinned, showing his like of the song. You laughed at him.

“I am so in love with your enthusiasm tonight, Y/N.” James complimented, pecking you on the lips as if it were nothing. Your mouth fell open; yet James’ face held no reaction to your kiss. But you would make it. Yes you would.

You let your cup rest on the couch-side table and you grabbed James’ face in your palms and pulled his lips down to meet your own. James’ eyes widened in genuine surprise.


You nipped at his bottom lip, giving it a light pull. “Shhh…” James did in fact ‘shh’ and he lowered his arm from your shoulders and wrapped it instead around your lower back, pulling you flush against him. A sharp exhale escaped your mouth. James grinned brightly against your lips.

“Let’s go somewhere else.” He suggested. You feigned a scoff.

“James Potter, we’ve only just spoken to each other.”

“Shhh…” He joked, wrapping a finger through one of yours and pulling you along next to him until he found a reasonable spot away from the rest of the party. You returned every fiber of James’ excitement at your touch back to him. Your hands were clutching at his hair, the soft strands running across your fingertips. James overpowered your stance, making you bend slightly backwards as James pushed your faces together with more force.

“Why did you never tell me you were so good at snogging?” James broke away to allow himself breath. You shrugged.

“You never asked.”

“If only I’d known before now.” James pouted. You lifted his chin with yours, making him meet your eye.

“Now you do.” You leaned in so your lips brushed against his with feather lightness. “What will you do about it?”

James pondered it, examining your face with his gorgeous eyes. Then he pressed his body against yours once again, taking his glasses off with his free hand. “Haven’t decided yet. But I can start with this.” His lips were on yours again hotly. Your eyes fluttered closed and James let your hands explore the front of his body. You traced his toned body with your fingers, undoing his school uniform’s buttons. James made a sound in his throat that told you he liked what you were doing.

James helped you whisk off your sweater, leaving your own uniform button-down still intact. Your sober mind told you to slow down, but your buzzed mind quickly extinguished the idea. You thought maybe, just maybe, you actually loved James Potter. James’ hands squeezing your hips erased anymore consideration.

“I think you’re really beautiful, Y/N.” James whispered against the skin on your neck, massaging the skin with his tongue. You tossed your head back, rubbing your thumbs over his cheekbones.

“Me too.” You laughed. James’ bare chest vibrated with laughter against your stomach in response to your reply. He worked his way back up to your lips, still running his hands up and down your sides as yours began to rub his back.

“What…would you say…to a date…with me, Y/L/N?” He asked between kisses. You grabbed his shoulders and pushed him away for a moment, grabbing his glasses from the ledge he had placed them on earlier and placing them on his face.

“I would love that, Potter.” You fluttered your eyelashes at him. James smiled at you.

“Perfect. That’s perfect.” Then you were snogging again, touching every place the Chaser would let you.


Thanks so much for this request ;)