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At the end of every summer the older campers get together to play drunk battle games with foam swords, padded arrows, armour made from cardboard and kitchen pots, and have chariot races with people pulling the chariots instead of Pegasus

A few days ago when I was playing as Mercy I was with the same team for a long while and we were actually doing really well and they all were very sweet and thanking me in between rounds

BUT THEN during maybe the 8th match the enemy started singling me out because hello? Mercy’s a walking target. I mostly stayed within my team’s shielded area, but mid match two Genjis and a McCree came out of NOWHERE and directly went after me. Killing me off no problem.

I didn’t mind cause it was a good strategy if they were aiming to eliminate my team before I could revive them, but what makes it so funny to me was that not a second into my death watch MY TEAMMATES WENT CRAZY.

Our Reinhardt lowered his shield for the first time in like ALL of our matches and slaughtered McCree even as he tried to retreat. And the Genjis couldnt even get their ultimates going for more then a second before D.Va nuked them. Like they werent even a threat or near the payload to move it and yet she happily spent her ultimate on them alone.


It just really made me happy to see my team care for their support so much. We went on for only like 2 more rounds before we were separated but whoever those five were, I love you and hope they are all having a great life.

Shoutout to psn user blair_duthie who flashbanged me while I was wallclimbing so that I fell off the map and died 👌👌 it was literally the funniest thing that’s ever happened to me in this game

*Melissa and Katie colluding on turning their fans into a bundle of emotional mess

Melissa: Hey, Katie. What if we do this scene like this? (explains and demonstates their interaction and the romantic subtext under it

Katie: They’re gonna flip (cocks an eyebrow)

Melissa: I know

Katie: And they’ll love it

*Scene gets aired and we all melt, some having a breakdown. Melissa and Katie doing some victory dance later on

Happy birthday, Neil Armstrong! Though Armstrong died in 2012, his reputation as the first man to walk on the Moon ensures his place in history. Born in 1930 in Wapakoneta, Ohio, Armstrong worked as a naval aviator, engineer, test pilot, and administrator before being transferred to astronaut status in 1962. On July 16, 1969, the Apollo 11 spacecraft launched from Cape Kennedy with Armstrong as commander, accompanied by Command Module Pilot Michael Collins and Lunar Module Pilot Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin. The team aimed to accomplish a goal set by President John F. Kennedy in 1961: to land on the Moon and return to Earth. Indeed, on July 20, 1969, Armstrong took “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” On July 24, the team landed back on Earth—in the Pacific Ocean southwest of Hawaii—victorious.

Check out more about the Moon landing here:


‘Yuzuru HANYU 羽生結弦 2016-17 SP perfect Edit’
Pretty cool edit, imagine 112 points?!!!

Friendly Reminder

Aim does not equal skill

Ppl will shit on you if you play off meta heroes or characters you’re really good with because they don’t require “skill” (E.g. Symmetra, Mercy, Junkrat, Winston, Roadhog, etc.)

If they think aim is all it takes to be good at Overwatch then they belong in low tier competitive. To actually rank up and improve you need to be aware of your positioning of yourself and the enemy not to mention at least basic game sense.

Mercy and Winston require great positioning as they’re very mobile and can hop to and across the map. But one small miscalculation can get you killed

Symmetra and Junkrat requires game sense as they’re not as mobile and typically setting up in one area (e.g. The objective, highground for an ult, etc.)

While people may bitch and whine that your hero sucks because they dont take skill just know they could easily counter you and are blatantly choosing not to and continue to yell at you. Why? Because they’re mad a hero doesn’t require aim while theirs does and considers it to be “easy” or “skill less” whereas your hero typically will have a large number of counters.

As long as you have basic aim, game sense, or even positioning you can improve your gameplay with any hero of your choosing be they “easy” or not. If not, you always have a chance to learn and improve!

Overwatch’s competitive fifth season is incredibly toxic so take a break whenever you need to but don’t stop playing that you love because some dick on the internet said so.

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So, Lance isn't the spare tire nobody needs, he's the spare tire they need because sometimes you need a spare tire? Oooh wow operate in ice, that sure will be useful literally once time. :/ Why you gotta make Lance the shitty Aquaman compared to Pidge being awesome.

I’m not entirely sure how you got that out of what I was saying when that’s the exact opposite of what I was saying.

Literally if you remove Lance from the team they would never have left Earth. The team would never have found Hunk because Hunk wouldn’t have snuck out of the dorm on his own. So you have Pidge, Shiro, and Keith, alone, and, oh, too bad they can’t find Blue’s cavern because Hunk isn’t there to calculate the Fraunhofer line. That assuming they didn’t get caught because Lance wasn’t there to help carry Shiro and Hunk wasn’t there to help with those hairpin turns.

They try to find Blue? Blue won’t respond to any of them because none of them are hers. Galra ship arrives, they don’t have a Lion to fight it, Earth is screwed.

Sendak’s raid on the castle? If Lance hadn’t saved Coran, Coran would be dead, they couldn’t have gotten a crystal from the Balmera, if they fight off Sendak, at best, they’re then sitting ducks stranded on Arus, except they wouldn’t have gotten that far in the first place because you literally can’t Voltron without all five of them because they would never have left Earth without Lance.

Lance literally has the best aim on the team. He’s also, as demonstrated on the Balmera, an effective strategist, especially in reacting to sudden developments or coming up with responses to unconventional situations on the fly.

We are talking about the same guy who literally saved an entire civilization from a mind control monster assisted by three guys and a pufferfish while his best friend was trying to kill him right. And how surprisingly little of that involved the fact that water is Blue’s element and has an advantage.

Or the guy who was handcuffed to a tree and away from his helmet and came up with a way to warn the team what had happened in a matter of literal seconds

And who, in the first place, was in a prodigious astronaut school on a team with not one but two bonafide geniuses. Keith seems to have some kind of sense of things yet to come which could mean that his pilot skills are because he’s literally soft precognitive and Lance, who does not have that superpower at all, set himself up opposed to Keith and was able to take Keith’s slot in the fighter class by basically just tenacity and effort. 

Not to mention, the whole thing of “it’s incredibly difficult to take Lance out of his element”, the Lions get noticeably more powerful in the presence of their particular element. Water is nearly fricking omnipresent. What does this tell you about Blue and her power levels. 

But no Lance is totally expendable and completely useless outside of situations completely contrived to water, which I guess is eighty percent of the plot.

It’s a Buck Girl Thing (9/?)

I’m so sorry about the long wait! It’s been such a long time you’ll probably need a little catch up…


Summary of the chapter: Y/N and Bucky are still trapped in each other’s bodies. Steve’s on a mission to impress Y/N with his physicality; meanwhile Y/N faces the harsh reality where she’s about to go on a mission but she doesn’t know a thing about sniping. Cue Bucky to the rescue!

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death, sexual content

Word count: 4.1k

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Maybe i’m taking this too seriously, and this is not aimed at Louis, it’s aimed at his team who I am pretty sure are behind these tweets.

There’s serious, scary stuff going on every day that is harming people. And celebrities are routinely stepping up and supporting people / shining a light on issues. To have someone in a position of privilege (on the surface / to the GP) banging on and complaining about /clean versions of songs/the lack of ‘real’ artists etc just seems really shallow and ungrateful to me. And yes, i guess it might be building up to something. 

Again, this is not aimed at Louis, this is aimed at him team. It would be great to see them use his social media for the good of him and others and not use it for /this/ whatever it is. 

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“rise and fucking shine, motherfucker.” for the prompts. trimberly

This was intended to be a short, <1500 words one shot but then it got out of control so i’m splitting it into 2 chapters!

Read it on Ao3

“Rise and shine everyone; rise and shine!”

Zack’s surprisingly chipper voice rings through the crisp morning air and Kimberly wonders why she even agreed to this trip in the first place. A low grumble resembling a feral growl more than anything, emits beside her.

“I’ll rise, but I refuse to shine,” Trini grunts as she turns over and pulls her cushiony sleeping bag tighter over her head. Tufts of disheveled hair poke out from haphazard directions and it’s quite possibly one of the cutest things Kimberly’s seen, but that’s probably the drowsiness talking.

Jason had called for a group camping trip out on the mountain for the weekend, aiming to strengthen their team bond and take a break from their grueling training regimen. It seemed like a fantastic idea at the time, but with the bright sunlight flooding through the thin material of the cheap, flamingo pink tent and her stomach growling louder than a starving tiger, Kimberly’s starting to think that Trini has the right idea.

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Hey, have you ever done how the houses play lazer tag or paintball?? I think that would be intresting.

No, I have not, and yes, it would ;)

• Gets well-acquainted with their gun so they know what they’re doing in the game
• Finds the best hiding places
• Tends to observe the beginning of the game rather than play so they can figure out people’s strategies and weaknesses

• Plays offense
• Jumps right into the game
• When they lose it’s because they were being too loud and gave away their spot
• Really good aim
• Teams up with Hufflepuff usually
• Team player

• Also a team player
• Won’t shoot an enemy in the back
• Doesn’t cheat/always plays fair
• Really good at finding people who are hiding
• Plays for fun, not to win

• They’re ruthless, man
• Will do anything to win
• Gets super into the game
• Sometimes teams up with Ravenclaw, though both houses prefer to go it alone
• Has absolutely zero problems with shooting you when your back is turned
• Really good at jumping out at you and scaring you to death
• “Surprise, bitch.”

Mercy R.I.P

Now I’m not a Mercy main by any means but she’s tied with Zen as my most played hero. But JFC this rework has me fucked up!

Being Mercy was already hard enough since you will be consistently the first one to be headshotted, hunted down and ulted on repeatedly.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, your teammates will 99% of the time immediately leave you to die, only to complain about needing healing a moment later!

So this makes the Mercy main try to get smart, hide faster, grapple from hero to hero like a monkey, as well as running out of cover to revive key figures during certain maps.

But this now 2 seconds of statue likeness just to get one revival off? Suicide.

It’s not like your teammates are gonna die in conceable, easily defendable areas! They’re gonna die on the payload or on the cusp of your defense point where an instant revive of a Reinhardt could swing things. Now I have to stand still and casually survive the Reaper and Mei to revive, or simply being stunned/killed without even getting the revive off? Wtf. Half the time you died even with the instant rez! It was already hard because you still had to stay tethered to make sure your guy didn’t get immediately picked off by the whole enemy team aiming for the big ass glowing light.

It’s such an unnecessary rock, an interruption in the flow you try to keep as a support to make sure the team is still fluid and united.

Even now, with this new patch, people are still saying Mercy is overpowered? Christ Blizzard, just give me the gun so I can put Mercy out of her misery.