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aww unnie…. go to Zico to make you feel better.. -nods-

He’s not here right now :–(

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Sleep sound nice..but Ilike slept until two today.

Speaking of sleep oh my god I’m so proud of myself because I actually woke up before noon today

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Tired and sleep deprived ㅠㅠ

Busy schedules? -pats your back gently- My poor baby! You should rest for a little bit!

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Unnie how are you feeling?

not much better at all i feel like crap actually

yoona-kb replied to your post-stares at you all- hey

Annyeong, yeppo unnie~

Yoona darling! How are you today?

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Yeah, I already ate some food and I’m still bored.

I hate like an hour ago and I’m still hungry ugh I just go to sleep or smth 

yoona-kb replied to your post∏ whoops, my hand slipped, I totally meant *

Oh baby, baby ;)

We'll definitely make yoonfany super real ;—-)

ailee-yrp replied to your postim deactivating bye

Unnie what the hell?!

It was fun while it lasted.

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(/showers her with love and pink things)

-rolls around in them- God bless you