The Embrace of Belore

“You have no idea what I am capable of….”

The very words seemed to thud and resonate against the thick obsidian like walls of the cave Ailos found himself in. The scarred landscape of the Broken Shore had given rise to so many places like this. Pockets of air trapped under the bubbling waves of Fel energy that washed out to the water.

He couldn’t see anything anymore, either the cave had collapsed or the demons he faced had really done such a number on him. All he could actually feel was the sword in his hand, its ornate handle natural in his palm. A searing pain in his left forearm, the air washing over what was likely a deep wound, and yet he still felt the weight of his shield upon it.

A sickening melody played at the stones around him, a crushing weight moving and shifting beneath a large hoof. A deep and guttural, yet regal sounding voice echoed from behind him. The hairs of his neck standing on edge, all Ailos’ primal instincts urging him to run, as well as fight all at once. “Your compatriots were weak.” The beast’s tone was prideful, yet turned to praise. “You seem a worthy challenge, Paladin.”

He was losing his head, not being able to see and only feeling the changes in the air. Listening to the sounds around him. He turned and swung the sword behind him in a spin, tripping on volcanic rock and falling onto his chest. The sword clattered away, landing on his shield arm instinctively. Which, due to the apparent wound, caused the Elf to scream in agony, hardly able to draw breath from the shock.

The voice returned, but this time it felt like a burden on his mind, like a drake was pushing his head down with his foot alone. “The Light, will not save you this time.” It whispered so loudly. The screeching of bats washed over him, causing him to roll backwards a few feet, coughing up bodily fluids.

He lay there on his back a moment, going through the motion of closing his eyes. He desperately tried reaching out to the Light through his mind. He tried so desperately to feel it. But it was not there. Even in this horrid time where he could not feel its warm embrace, he still clinged to the hope of it. He had no blade in his hand, his left arm basically rendered useless at this point. As the pain began to settle in, he felt just how bad the extent of the wound was. It was likely that the metal had collapsed in on the wound from whatever had breached his shield.

He rose to his feet slowly, that voice returning though this time it could not bear down on his mind alone. “You still yet fight, little Elf? You would still fight me, Child of Blood.”

A smirk pulled at Ailos’ lips, he moved his right hand down to his side, taking a deep breath. His own voice echoing back to the demon, though it seemed otherworldly. He began to feel a tremendous heat, one that washed through the cavern like a sea of fire. “Yes, Salzoch, I still rise to face you. As many have over the millennia, but this will be your last.”

The demon roared through the cave with his deafening laughter. “The boy paladin thinks he can fight me bare handed and banish me nonetheless!? Comical.”

“Belore medo datad riral.” The words came smooth, that same otherworldly presence echoing in his voice. That fire like feeling filling the cavern came to a head and only became more intense. In a sudden flash and blaze, the cave was alight with crimson flames streaking through the air. The Nathrezim, as it would be revealed, was finally shown in his recoil to cover his eyes. Small burn marks already forming on his skin. Corpses of Silver Hand Knights and Squires littered the ground and soon came to the Paladin’s feet.

Ailos was the very source of this light, this heat, blazing like the sun. His green eyes became overtaken with a bright red glow that pierced through the remaining shadows. His hand gripped a sword of pure flame that licked the air in its primal nature, waiting to burn the Nathrezim from this world. “Eldoar ishs falbein a othienel esheel lo”

Ailos burst forward, his left arm cradled to his chest, right arm out to the side with his conjured blade of fire in his hand. The Nathrezim prepared and launched bolts of Fel, waves of bats that carried its plague. The bolts Ailos either sidestepped or made his shoulderpads take the hit. The bats were slashed through in one quick move. He ducked down, bringing his blade closer to his chest and preparing to strike as he neared, the Nathrezim began to panic.

“Phoisham” He said flatly, the voice echoing in the room, the man maneuvering passed the demon’s guard and plunging the blade of pure flame through its chest.

He yelled, lines of red cracking and bubbling at the surface of its skin and looking like they were about to burst. The flames pulsed into its body, the sword shrinking and shrinking as they poured inwards. The demon’s screams came to a head and in a sudden burst of heat, he detonated outwards and fell into a pile of ash. The bits of armor it wore melted away, flames spewed outwards and filled the air before dissipating once more.

Natural light began to fill the small cavern once again, Ailos remained poised in his attacking position, his chest heaving while he caught his breath and tried ignoring the overwhelming amount of pain all over his body. His left arm dropped, then his right, then his entire body fell to the floor. Panting, trying to catch his breath, it felt like he would die from suffocation it was so intense.

He heard the calls of voices from just outside the cave. Someone had come looking for them, they must have just broken through. They were safe. The knights- his knights were safe. With that final thought, everything went black.


Imagine: Steve Rogers finally tells Tony about his feelings toward him

“…so, yea, Steve. I’m fucking serious” Tony was leaning his forearm against a large window, in his office, at one of the highest floors of S.H.I.E.L.D. base.

Steve was still walking around the room, looking for any clues or ideas to end a conflict between him and Mr Stark. Again, they were arguing about Sokovia Protocol.
“You know my statement in the case” Steve finally shrugged, taking a seat on a leather couch and crossing his legs nicely. “I won’t change my mind. You know that Avengers are yet devided by this” his voice sounded more firmly than he was planning to.

Tony growled, turning around to face Steve.
“Liar!” he snorted. “We’re not divided by THIS. We’re divided only by YOUR sick visions, Rogers” Tony briefly ran his fingers through his black hair. “If you wouldn’t start to give them arguments to not do it, all of them would sign it a long time ago!”
Steve only rolled his eyes, looking at the ceiling.
“Shame on you, Stark. Your fucking decision about even give it a chance! It changed everything. If you wouldn’t promise government that you’ll take a look at that, everything will be as it was” Steve slowly was getting frustrated. He was still trying to explain his point of view, but Tony seemed to screw it all.

Stark sighed, clinching hands in fists as he turned with his back to Steve once again that day.
“You think you’re a Mr know-it-all, don’t you, Steve?” the simple question hung between two men like a sharp knife.
Rogers stayed silent, however deep inside in his soul he was fighting with himself. He just wanted to get up, walk to Tony and just punch him straight in the face.

It was impossible to him to do it. Because he felt something to that guy. He didn’t want to admit it even in front of himself, but it was a true.
He fell for Tony long time ago. When there was good. Notwithstanding, he never found a courage to tell his friend about that feeling…

Suddenly something, a little cheeky voice, which was coming from back of Steve’s head, said: “Do it now or you’ll lose him, you fucking coward!”

Steve cleared his throat and still trying to stay calm, he got up and walked to Tony. He placed his large palm at Stark’s shoulder before he spoke.
“Okay. You won. Maybe it’s exactly like you said it. But, please..” Steve’s voice got weaker immediately when Tony turned his face to him. Only one look into those beautiful hazel eyes of Tony made Captain vulnerable.

The awkward silence prevailing between them has been interrupted by Stark’s strong voice.
“Finally, Steve. What happend, that you finally understood it?”

But Steve wasn’t definelty listening to Tony’s words.
He found a courage to take Tony’s face in his palms, to pull black-haired man closer and finally to kiss his friend.

Steve felt that Stark was more than surprised by that action, Tony’s muscles stiffened in a second.
But he didn’t push Steve away. No. He did it not.

After a few seconds Stark broke the kiss to look deeply into Rogers’ blue eyes.
“Fuck, Steve… what the fuck..”
Captain let out a quiet whimper.
“I had to. I just.. I can’t explain that. It just happend. I think I fell for you. Months ago. Just… I just couldn’t tell you earlier.”

Steve was the most scared of a rejection. But at the moment blonde man was happy that finally he managed to tell Tony the truth about hia feelings.

Stark cleared his throat and with pale face took a little step back.
“Steve.. for fuck’s sake.. what I’m supposed to do now.. what are you expecting from me? It’s… I need time to think of it..”
Captain’s eyes sparkled with kind of a hope.
“Just promise me… that even if… if you won’t feel the same.. that we’ll stay friends. I just can’t think of a day when you’ll go away..” Steve’s voice shivered a bit as he was speaking.
Tony rubbed his chin, nodding slowly.
“Okay. That I can guarantee you for sure.”

Steve smiled gently, then he quickly left Stark’s office, leaving Tony with an vortex of a thoughts.

Author: Ailo

Gif: X

I would just like to say that Google translate is less than useless when it comes to Hebrew.

Like literally, some Hebrew just came across my dash and I decided to translate it, and this is what I got:

“Mh Habdh Hzat to you ? To you - and La him . And cooked to Shotzia At Atzmo Mn Hcll Cfr Bakr . And Af thou Hkhh At Snio and Amr him : Babor this one Ash Jay me Btzati Mmtzrim . Me - and La him . Ailo upon a time Sm , not upon a time Ngal “

So thanks, Google Translate. I appreciate you.