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View of actress Diana Sands and dancer Alvin Ailey in the play, “Tiger, tiger burning bright.” Typed on back: “Diana Sands in ‘Tiger, tiger burning bright’ (with Alvin Ailey).”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library

These 5 black dancers paved the way for Misty Copeland 

Misty Copeland made history on Tuesday when she was promoted to principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater. Her ascension is the result of her own hard work, and decades of struggles faced by America’s black ballerinas. From Janet Collins to Alvin Ailey, black dancers have elevated the form for decades while dealing with discrimination and injustice.

LEVITATE | 🌻 | Song: Untitled 07 by Kendrick Lamar

Dancer/Choreographer: Jessica Pinkett

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Class of 2016 | ❤️🌻 | Next stop AILEY II

Jessica Pinkett | 23 | Towson University Alum

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auronburr  asked:

I can't stop thinking about this. Aaron who is a professional ballet dancer and Alex who's a hip hop dancer. I don't know where this is going but this is something I need in my life

Anything including dance is my FAVE I have so many ideas about this omfg (you’ve probably made a huge mistake lmaoooo)

Especially if it includes one of them teaching the other!!! The whole ‘my style of dance is waaaaaay harder than yours’ thing, and trying to prove it to each other is hilarious because Aaron gets to watch Alex struggle to keep his toes pointed and his pirouettes are probably TERRIBLE and Aaron gets a good laugh out of that and Alexander is pretty damn embarrassed so he’s like ‘oh yeah? Let’s see you try to do hip hop!’ And this is kinda difficult because part of me wants Burr to be amazing at both just so he can be smug and Alexander could be jealous, but also v impressed!!!! But the other part wants him to be just as terrible as Alexander is at ballet and Alexander gets to laugh at Burr trying to through in technique with hip hop and they both pretty much get a good laugh out of each other being terrible at something, but they also have a newfound respect for each other’s style of dance!!!!

Ooo, or maybe a high school au? Performing arts high school of course and imagine little freshman Burr and Hammy being super nervous about trying out for the school’s dance team! Oh man, what if they’re both on the hip hop team but Burr is always put in the back or he never gets the solos and his amazing choreo is never used, no matter how many times he volunteers or how much time he spends working on it and he just feels unappreciated there. So when he hears about an opening on the ballet team from Jefferson, he decides to join them instead. And Alexander feels betrayed!!!! (Basically 'Battle of the Bands’ fic, but dance instead of band ((((: )

But you did say professional, and because I can never never ever let this go ever…


And he grew up doing ballet. Studied Horton and Fosse for years. Dreamed of being apart this company for most of his life. So once he is, it’s like a dream come true!!! And he loves every second of it!!!

Of course he hears about Alexander Hamilton. Some dude who teaches classes a few times out of the week, and is gaining popularity pretty damn quick. Aaron can’t scroll through any of his social media accounts without seeing some of his choreo. Sometimes it’s him dancing, sometimes it’s a couple students from a class he taught recently. Either way, Burr finds himself up at all hours of the night watching every video this 'Alexander’ posts on his youtube channel, unable to look away. Stalking his twitter to find out when he’s teaching another class (Burr tries desperately to take a class, but it’s always sold out within the hour, so he pretty much gives up on that). He may or may not be obsessed with him, but that’s no ones business but his own.

And then he finds out that his fellow company member, Angelica, knows him. Says he used to date her sister. And it takes all of Aaron’s willpower not to beg her to set up a meeting. To ask her all kinds of questions.

Angelica happens to be taking one of his classes this upcoming Friday and asks if Aaron would like to join.

Oh man, and if Alexander already knows him? Aaron walks into the class and stays near the back (despite Angelica’s odd looks), trying desperately to spot Hamilton so he can stay on the opposite side of the room at all times in order to minimize the risk of embarrassing himself in front of the man. But of course Alex finds him first and he doesn’t know until he hears 'Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr?’

Turns out, Alexander is a huge fan of him too! Has gone to a few shows (to support Angelica), and was completely taken by Aaron’s performance. Which leads to Aaron admitting to being a fan of his too and Aaron isn’t sure, but he thinks their flirting??? And they might have spent the entire hour talking if Angelica hadn’t interrupted and told Alexander to get started.

YO what if they’re married and they start they’re own dance company together!!!!!

What if Aaron has Theo and she’s finally old enough to start dancing and she loves ballet but she’s like 'dad! I want to do hip hop too!’ And Burr can’t deny her anything of course so he sets out to find the best hip hop teacher in new york and he isn’t having much luck, but Angelica tells him about some Hamilton guy who apparently teaches adults as well as children and of course, if Angelica is referring him, he has to be good, right?

Turns out he’s amazing! And Theo loves him! And the class! And Aaron certainly doesn’t mind picking her up and dropping her off, especially if that means he gets to talk to her hot dance instructor.


JUST!!!! GIVE ME!!!!!! ALL THE DANCER AUS!!!!!!!!!!