aileen queen

The Signs as Irish Names for Girls (Requested)

Aries: Maebh// The ancient warrior Queen of Connacht 

Taurus: Bláthín/Bláthnaid// Little flower 

Gemini: Cara// Friend

Cancer: Aoife// Beautiful

Leo: Aileen// Noble

Virgo: Neassa// Ancient Queen who tricked her second husband into giving the kingdom to her son (who was married to Maebh before she left him lol ^^^)

Libra: Brigid// Virtue

Scorpio: Roisín// Little rose

Sagittarius: Fianna// The name of Fionn Mac Cool’s band of warriors (Women had equal rights in this time and fought alongside the men) 

Capricorn: Dearbhile// Daughter of Fal (Fal was an ancient name for Ireland)

Aquarius: Saoirse// Freedom

Pisces: Aisling// Dream