10 songs + 10 mutuals

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instructions: put ur music on shuffle and list the 1st 10 songs, then tag 10 mutuals

  1. 휘파람 (acoustic version) - Blackpink
  2. Sinosijak - IKON
  3. 你,好不好? - Eric Chou
  4. 너 내게로 와라 - HOMME
  5. Where You Are - Kurt Schneider
  6. 一路逆風 - G.E.M
  7. 한숨 - Lee Hi
  8. Stigma - BTS
  9. 하늘바라기 (Piano version) - Jeong Eun Ji
  10. 아름다운 이별 - Ailee’s Cover @ 유희열 Sketchbook

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BTS at KCON NY: Tales from the Mezzanine

- Ailee trolled Rapmon hard multiple times, including forcing him to do aegyo and chanting for him to dance at the end. ‘Twas hilarious – and he got a bit bashful.
- Rapmon, the gentleman, held Ailee’s hand to guide her offstage.
- The crowd went HARD for Jin. He got the loudest applause. Every. Single. Time. Even when it was just their portraits. He seemed surprised at the warm reception, which made it even better.
- They did Cypher pt. 3: KILLER because they love me and want me to be happy.
- Dabbing is their new religion. Suga, Jin, and Jungkook did it together, and then Jungkook did his hyperactive dab all the way across the stage.
- The choreography was insane and on point. Jungkook and Suga stood out as really commanding attention.
- V smacked Suga on the ass during his verse in Cypher.
- A golden Suga moment: before he introduced himself, he slowly turned his head to the side, pulled out his in-ear, and then cupped his hand around it. Poetry.
- Um… Jungkook has been working out. A lot. That is all.
- Eric Nam hugged most of the members of BTS and was especially charming.
- V laid down in the confetti at the end and then attempted to initiate a dance off. He also passed out bottles of water to the maknae line when they reentered the stage.
- Jin (with Suga assisting) had to return to stage to shepherd Jungkook and V offstage. And Jungkook kept fighting it and dabbing over his shoulder.

There is probably more – but it was fucking aces.


Ailee bullying Rap Mon into aegyo 😂😂😂😂🙏🙌💁🏻 #brutal #slailee #ailee #rapmonster #rapmon #bts #방탄소년단 #방탄 #김남준 #namjoon #이예진 #에일리 #애교 (at KCON 2016)

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