ailee is my queen


let’s not ever forget these 3 wonderfully talented and beautiful girls’ performance on “I Will Show You” that left everybody in the stadium including Ailee shocked


170530 Happy Birthday Ailee! ♥

I’m guilty of not having that much content to gif of her but this live was by far my favorite because I remember hearing she was unwell while singing this but she sung so passionately that it brought tears to my eyes how much heart she puts into her singing no matter the circumstance. [Though, seriously, take care of yourself dear;;;;]

Ailee is by far my favorite solo artist in kpop, and in my opinion, her vocals are the best that can constantly touch my heart with the sheer power and beauty it holds, plus she’s such a precious person. ♥ 

I’ll always love and support you, Lee Yejin! Keep slaying, queen. ♛ 

Random reminder

I love Ailee A.K.A My One And Only Queen

This cutie

Gorgeous woman

The singer which voice gives me goosebumps

A singer that deserves more recognition

I really love her!!! She is amazing, her vocals are spectacular and her personality is super cute!!!

Watch on


this song brings back all my Goblin feels…