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Looking for blogs to follow! :D

So, lately I’ve been seeing a lot of the same posts over and over again and I would like to follow some new fun blogs! Like or reblog this post if you post:

Jacksepticeye (youtuber)

Markiplier (youtuber)

Pewdiepie (youtuber)

Cutiepiemarzia (youtuber)

SOMA (game)

Devil may cry (game)

Tomb Raider (game)

MUSE (band)

Sam Smith (solo artist)

Yuya Matshushita (Japanese solo artist)

G.E.M / Gloria Tang (Chinese solo artist)

BoA (Kpop solo artist)

Hyuna Kim (Kpop solo artist)

Jessi / Jessica H.O (Kpop solo artist)

Ailee (Kpop solo artist)

GOT7 (Kpop band)

EXO (Kpop band)

BTS (Kpop band)

SNSD / Girls generation OT9 (Kpop band)

SISTAR (Kpop band)

B.A.P (Kpop band)

CNBlue (Kpop band)

FT Island (Kpop band)

VIXX (Kpop band)

HISTORY (Kpop band)

MBLAQ (Kpop band)

SEVENTEEN (Hansol / Vernon) (Kpop band)

Sunggyu (Infinite) (Kpop band)

The Ark (Kpop band)

Henry Lau (Super Junior M) (Chinese band)

Zhoumi (Super Junior M) (Chinese band)