concept: you wake up next to your bias, your head comfortably snugged in the crook of their neck and your arm over their chest, pulling them closer. They end up turning to your side, their leg in between and under yours, the arm that was once across their chest now rest to their lower back, your lips a few centimeters apart, and they’re so close that you can even count the small freckles/beauty marks on their face.

Then your bias wrecker/s kicks the door down and pulls you out of bed (rudely waking up your bias) and pulls you into their arms screaming how you should have slept in their bed for the night, then maybe they could have had that moment too

but the eric nam ailee joshua thing is literally the purest thing ??? like eric and ailee are close

eric is cool w/ seventeen (remember his collab with hansol)

and ailee is pretty much seventeen’s mom (the whole thing abt them training together, her being in seventeen project mentioning how she was close with wooz n shit, her doing q&a with them)

plus they’re all just the nicest ppl- eric is known for being super respectful to women and the lgbtq community and ailee is a literal angel and josh is svt’s gentleman, and the three of them are also known for being just super bright and lovely and funny and it’s just so precious???

i just- i will never,,, n e v e r get over this

“ Trước khi buông tay anh ra, em cũng không biết rằng

  Thế giới của em lại cô độc đến như vậy

  Hoa kia bừng nở, rồi lại úa tàn.

  Thời gian bên anh, sẽ chẳng bao giờ quay lại nữa. ”

  - I will go to you like the first snow- Ailee