[Save] them

~ As per every March 23rd, Stanley upholds the anniversary of the small newspaper company, “The Minecraft World”, which he joined several years ago. But now with Cliff’s Edge lost to the Void, he finds a substitute to hold his vigil, and reminisces on a promise… ~

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Fandom: Star Wars

Summary: Han Solo wakes up in medical with his wife beside him.

Or the one in which Ben Solo was born a twin, and Ailana Solo - mercenary extraordinaire - arrives in time to save her father’s life.

The last thing Han hears before oblivion drags him under is, “BB-3, down and under. Before that gullible idiot really dies.”

Ah, he thinks vaguely and actually manages a smile even in the aftermath of his son’s betrayal. Lany came back. It’s so good to hear her voice one last time.

And then he knows no more.

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The burnished copper glow of the Kadaran sunrise peeking through the blinds of their badlands safe-house woke Ryder from her sleep. She slowly became aware of the weight of her limbs and the warmth radiating from the man lying asleep beneath her. For a few moments, she simply stared at him, taking in the way the sunlight glinted off his warm skin and the disorder of his usually tidy black hair, tousled over his forehead in sleep. That smile that so often graced his lips present even then. He looked content. She almost felt bad about disturbing him. But… she was going to anyway…