mindful-owls  asked:

Wander and Sylvia's friendship, for the aesthetic meme :3c

Aaaaaaa, thank you Chrissie, this is a lot

Hands clasped tightly. The soft opalescence of the skin of a bubble, of mother-of-pearl, of distant moonlight. Comfortable vastness, a warm chasm. Being alone, being a small speck, but not being lonely. The sudden rush of a good deed, the feeling of floating, floating, floating without pain to bring you down. Fur. Lanternlight at dawn. Trust.


aila actually has one of my favorite dragon designs i did lol

shes a night type dragon that lives on a diet consisiting of fish only, the markings on her wings are bioillumisent and at night she flies over lakes, right above the surface of the water and the light attracts the fish.

also very slim and streamlined with a hard skull in winter she can dive headfirst into frozen lakes to crack the ice to get food. 

softgrungehardgrungeidk  asked:

kaladin & shallan's relationship for the aesthetics please :)

Oh Boy alright let’s do this

Hidden pain brought to light, sudden sunlight through an ancient rockfall. Mold, creeping, insidious. The dust of ages brushed off, the clash of wit and sword and spirit. Opposites, the lies and truth of the world, the day and the night and the winds of a highstorm. Forced companionship and future reconciliation.

valkyriesneverdie  asked:



Solidity. The warm glow of pure trust, tangible in its endurance. A pebble, bouncing down the sides of a mountain. Sunwarmed rock, lizards, mosses, daisies. Crowding around a radiator on a snowy night. The sudden, eerie calm of the eye of the storm. Hope, and polished granite.