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In the past weeks we’ve been learning different Spanish expressions, now it’s time to continue. This time we have expressions with food.

We all know that Spanish food is tremendously good and they can’t stop continuing talking about it but with different meanings. Check it out!!Do you have similar onces in your native language?

Let’s proceed trying to clarify some tricky Spanish. Here we have a list of words which meaning changes according to the gendre (fem, or masc.)

I hope you won’t get confused next time :)

The prepositions are crucial to perfectly speak a language, so after “A”, it’s time to know all the uses of the preposition “EN”. Did you know all of them?

Sometimes its difficult to give directions or meet a friend when you don’t speak your native language and you don’t know how to say the positions in space of the object. So here you  have the Spanish ones :)

e.g. Quedamos en fruente al Oso de Puerta del Sol.

We have prepared some more expressions for you! This times are with food.

Do you have anything similar in your own language?

I bet you all know already how to say the colors in Spanish, but you might not know all the expressions related to those.

Here you go with some of the most popular!

One of the first thing that you learn when you start studying Spanish is that fenimin worlds end in -A and musculin in -O but this is not always true.

Here some example among many, of worlds endind in  -A but masculine.

What to do? Just memorize these cases and everything would be simplier :)

Spanish might be tricky sometimes, but let’s try to make it simpler! Today we would like you to focus on homophones (words that have the same sound but different spelling). Do you know some more?

We have prepared some new Spanish expressions for you.

Use expressions in the proper occassions makes you seems as a native ;)