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Little Lamb #1-3

Just a series of short stories featuring my toon OC, Whizbang the Dragon, in the Lampblack City AU.

He came into the world fighting. He would come to hate a grinning demon and await his fate as a sacrifice in Bendy’s name. But fate intervenes, and this little toon is given a second chance in life. But a certain little demon is in the middle of it.

Whizbang the Dragon © mine
Bendy and the Ink Machine © theMeatly, MikeMood
Lampblack City AU - @lampblackcity, @hazardgirl-art-blog, @majorpepperidge

Little Lamb

#1 Ritual

He was brought into the world in shadow. A character left behind by an ailing designer of a crumbling studio. As soon as he was dropped into a pool of ink, thoughts began to form as well as his mind - piece by piece.  

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