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Not A Damsel

From this chapter of Vapors, by @electraposts. How I envisioned one of the many great, humorous scenes I’ve read in this fic.

“Do I look like a damsel in distress? I don’t fucking think so. I’m an independent lady. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I missed my check up and I’m going to go take a nap.”


❃ Naruhina ❃ Koi No Shita No Wa ~ Aiko ♫ 

  • Song: Koi No Shita No Wa
  • By: Aiko
  • Ost: The Movie Koe No Katachi

Uzumaki Aiko

I’ve been reading Vapors by @electraposts recently, and decided Aiko needed to be drawn multiple times as she grows up and changes. Here she is as a genin at age 10 with her orange Minato haircut and garish yellow attire as I envisioned her. I gave her the whisker marks since I can’t imagine Naruto without them, and she is his twin after all. 

More Aiko to come.

Vapors is Over (and I never got this scene into it)

Serves me right for writing things four months before my plot was even settled. This scene is now never going to happen, for so many reasons. It was written before Aiko’s characterization was even solid, actually, and the tone is pretty light.

Still, I think it’s pretty cute.

Dialogue spoof- Aiko and Naruto, Tenten, Ino

She ducked her head, face still burning with the implications of what those men had said about a girl she thought she knew relatively well. Was any of it true? “Did your sister really sleep with her sensei?” Tenten’s brown eyes were wide open, disbelieving but still curious. A moment later, she blushed. “I- I’m so sorry, that was incredibly rude of me! I didn’t mean-”

“S’alright,” Naruto laughed. “No way, of course not. That’d be really disgusting.” He made a comically exaggerated ‘yucky’ face and scratched at his head, looking like an entirely different person than the furious man who’d just scared the shit out of those gossipers at camp. “I mean, gross. The thought makes me want to gag.”

The other girl present gave a skeptical look that her fellow blonde didn’t see. Tenten just shrugged at Ino, not getting his vehemence either. “I was pretty sure it wasn’t true,” Ino added, flipping her hair. “Not that I’d judge her. It’s more that I would know about something juicy like that.”

“Ugh, nasty!”

There was a sigh. “Naruto, Naruto.” A set of pale arms wrapped around his neck and a very familiar face nestled a pointy chin into the crook of his neck. The blonde yelped and jumped.

“D-damnit Aiko! Don’t creep up on me like that!”

The girl ignored the scolding, heavy-lidded eyes focusing directly on Tenten’s stunned face. “Naruto,” she drawled, “If I didn’t know you were sleeping with Ino I would have to insist on checking out your romantic partners. You obviously have no taste in men. I’ll have you know that Kakashi-sensei is in fact, the perfect man.”

Her brother shuddered with distaste, both at the words and the low, sexy drawl she was using. “Then why haven’t you slept with him?” he challenged, trying to sound indifferent and not entirely managing it.

His sister pouted prettily and slid off his shoulders, slinking around to his side and linking their arms. “Unfortunately, part of being the perfect man is not being attracted to your former students, even when they grow stellar breasts.” She arched her back for emphasis. Naruto quickly averted his gaze and slapped his right hand over his eyes for good measure. Tenten swallowed a giggle, a smile pulling at her lips. Ino merely gave an evaluative once-over, fingers twitching slightly.

Sensing amusement from her audience, Aiko gave a theatrical sigh. “It’s sad, but he’s married to the job. I’d hate to break up a relationship like that, even if he is everything a girl could ever dream of.”

Tenten took a quick moment to pull up a mental image of the man in question. “Oh, yes,” she agreed fervently.

“I don’t even need to see his face,” Ino said dreamily. “I can watch him walk away all day.” She gave a deep, satisfied sigh, blue eyes glazing over.

Mischievously, Aiko added, “I think you discount the front. He’s gorgeous from that angle too.”

Her face flushed, and Tenten gave a quick glance around for witnesses. Aside from a thoroughly traumatized looking Naruto who had undoubtedly heard worse, the clearing appeared to be empty. “I have a thing for really ripped arms,” she admitted in a near-whisper, humiliated by what she was saying but unable to stop the spontaneous confession. She was in good company after all. “I swear to kami, those are made of marble and the hopes and dreams of a thousand angels.”

Naruto tugged his arm from his sister and plugged his hands over his ears, forced his eyes shut and began to walk away quickly. “Lalalala can’t hear you!” Tenten blushed and followed her temporary teammate, sparing a quick wave to the redhead. Ino laughed, giving Aiko a one-armed hug.

“See you later, slut. I’d better get back to the border post.” She made a face. “I swear those idiots can’t go ten feet into Iwa without getting a boo-boo.”

Aiko merely smiled in return as the last girl left, carefully not looking up the tree to her right and shun-shining away.

A low chuckle floated across the air.

Gemna frowned behind his ANBU mask, disgusted. “Shut your smug mouth, Hatake.”

“Didn’t say anything,” Dog said lightly.

The last masked figure gave a sigh and a slightly-too-earnest “I think she has a point, senpai.”

Gemna rolled his eyes. “Is everyone here but me in love with your stupid ass,” he asked, utterly repulsed by the unfairness of the world.

“It’s just you and Naruto,” ANBU Kitty Cat added cheerfully.

“Why don’t pretty eighteen year olds ever gossip about how cute and gentlemanly I am?” ANBU Tiger outright whined, shoulders slumping.

There was an awkward silence. “I hate to break it to you, but…” Dog dodged the trio of kunai that thudded into the tree where his fluffy hair had been only a moment before. “For me? Thank you, but I’m afraid I just don’t think of you that way. We’ll have to stay friends.”

His subordinate outright growled. Somewhat appropriately, ANBU Kitty Cat jumped at the sound. Then the three were gone, back on their patrol route. At least until something else mildly interesting caught their attention.


well this isn’t the best, but it’s the best i could do in about an hour otl. you think i would’ve done one of these sooner, but here we are. i feel like ive been sentimental enough recently with seventeen’s anniversary, but now more sentimentalness for me because ive been on this website for 2 YEARS now. (technically over 2 years if you count the blogs i never used & deleted, but whatever) its late here so i’m going to try and keep this short, so here we go:

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