1st time Kuon left/ignored Nanao-san.

This happened

The 2nd time Kuon left Nanao-san

Then this happened

3rd time Kuon left Nanao-san

This happened

The 4th time (hopefully the last) Kuon ignored Nanao-san

This happened

Kuon, do us all a favor and do not leave Nanao-san at all cost!

I hope I can still keep my sanity until the next issue comes out on July 25(?).


September Scanlations (Mujihi na Anata and Mujihi na Karada)

Parallels Scanlations (Mujihi na Otoko)

“I love how Sakuraga makes the couples know each other. Like Towa a delinquent and Mikado who is the student council president are dating ,and Yuki who is VP and Shinonome who is friends with Towa are dating. Nanao who is Mikado’s older brother and Kuon who is Towa’s older brother are in LOVE. And our new couple Kousaka who has feelings for Shinonome and Akagi who has feeling for Towa.”

This was too funny not to translate! Although this didn’t really happen in the manga, I can see this being a conversation Nanao and Kuon would have.(¬‿¬)

Nanao: What is the thing that is long and narrow and hangs around the mid section of a man?
Kuon: Necktie
Nanao: In the lower body, the thing that becomes soft and becomes hard? Kuon: The knee
Nanao: Then, how about the word that starts with “chi”, middle syllable is “n” and ends with “ko”?
*author’s note: it spells out chinko, which means penis in Japanese >/////< Kuon: “Chirimenjako” (Dried baby sardines)
Nanao: …..