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S4E9 Translation of Eiichi’s report

“Family: Mother - deceased. Father - unknown whether dead or alive.

He was raised by his aunt (his mother’s elder sister), but she died of illness. He was then put into an orphanage.

He was enrolled at the orphanage until he graduated (middle) school, then he entered Saotome Academy…”

1) It is written in black and white that Otoya’s father is unknown, so SHINING IS LIKELY STILL HIS DAD IN THE ANIME

2) The lady shown in the flashback is his aunt who fostered him, which is why they look so similar. She is not his mother, Aijima Kotomi, who ‘died’ in a plane crash when he was a baby. Therefore his mother’s story/ relationship to Cecil is also probably the same as in the games.

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We are STRISH!

I thoroughly enjoyed the Maji Love Legend Star, and I’m so grateful for STARISH. I didn’t want to make anyone pop out especially, hence the long post. =v=/ But I thought these were the perfect scenes to stitch some screenshots again. My favourite hugs are Masato’s, Ren’s and Tokiya’s.


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