Follow Forever is updated!! All these blogs make my dash wonderful and I wouldn’t unfollow them. Basically people from my Tumblr family and others that I reblog from a lot and see often on my dash. Oh and my Tumblr Crushes too HEHE. These are quality people and you should follow them too! I love these blogs and they all deserve some kawaii sparkles ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* \(◕ω◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

If you’re not on here, it’s either I just recently followed you so not much has happened yet OR I just plainly forgot and gomen ;u; Or you know..I just don’t follow you lolol. Okay I tried my best so here you go ~ ! 

Sorry if I have any spelling mistakes with your URLs ( つ Д `)

P.S: Angelina, I’ll follow you on my personal 5ever okok bby <3

14charisma|akarikkyun|Atsush-I |Ai-saka |Anime-koibito |Amarantee |Another-guilty | Asunaa |Airitakumi |Aiisaka |Aliceunknown | Animeyuki Baiko|Chicken-Desu | Chitomi |Dokidoki-2|Dark-sempai|Daandere|Epicmaneuver|Foreveranimes |Hanae-Ichihara |Hiiyorin |Hime-lulu |Hitsuyo |Hiyori-doki-panda |Hyous |Iriisu |Isiidro |Ilovemyplace |Juubeys |Kot0mi |Kesuki |Kisuke-san | K-urage | Lalaramen |Loliwave ||Livingwithanimes |Moebeme |Mekkyon |minene-chan-diary |Pandanyu |Pinkucchi |Pinkupetals | Samlovespocky |Sukuraze |S0rata |Switch-Girl |Shirakin |Tokumichi |Tssubaki |Tsui-Tsui |Totor0o |Usagi-Chocolatechips |Yorokobi-Kanashimi |Yuunocchi |

So i made a Follow forever 2012 ~ i wanted to thank you guys for following me and making 2012 my best year  (○´∀`○) ❤