Wanna know what's irritating? People with spouses in the military going to stores at the mall wanting military discount & they don't carry them, so they bitch about how they aren't "grateful for those serving".


These two women came in to my store today ranting about a military discount. I told them that we don’t do them simply because we’re still a new store and they just started bitching about how we aren’t “grateful” for their soldiers who fight for our country.

I’ve been a military brat my whole LIFE (going on 20 this year) and I don’t even do that to stores that don’t do military discounts. My dad has been in and out of Iraq since this war started and is finally retiring next year (makes 21 years),  and I don’t go ranting to civilians about how “ungrateful” they are about not serving or not giving “discounts”. Irritates the FUCK out of me. & they were wives of a military men, so they aren't necessarily “serving our country”..