jungkook’s thank you message in young forever album

my loved family:

although I don’t contact you often, I’m always thinking of you and you give me strength. Thank you!

I’m always thankful to BANG PD. Let’s hope before we have the entire building to ourselves (t/n: BIGHIT building does not entirely belong to them I think?), we’ll continue to run together. I love you!

Just like how Bangtan has reached here today, we’ll continue to grow more and more. I will work harder too.

Without ARMYs, we are nothing. Thank you for always giving us strength and confidence. I will make you proud. Thank you!

note: in between he thanked like 50+ noonas/hyungs staffs (individually!!!!!) and here are some selective few cuz it’s reallyyyyyyy long:

Sungdeuk teacher, congratulations on your marriage!! It’d be good if you could live happily. It has been tough on you and really thank you!

Yeonhee noona: the noona who’s working hard for the trainees now! But don’t you think you’re being too nice?? ㅋㅋ

Hyesu noona: the noona who has a small build but still carries the big equipments around. Next time don’t reject me when I offer help ㅋ thank you for working with us!

Eunjung noona: i don’t see you often and you’re really so quiet! Thank you for working hard for us. that time it was me who drank the milk in the fridge and only after that did I realised it’s your milk sorry!… ㅎ

Seonghyun hyung: aiiiiie hyung nim! Thank you for always giving us cool outfits. It’d be good if we continue working together!