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Maybe when you have time can you do scm guys reaction when they found out mc made a doll version of them to sleep with and when they confront her she got embarrassed and states that she made it so she feel less lonely when the gods are busy or something. I hope this make sense

Yeah this makes sense lovely anon :) hope you don’t mind me doing a gifset for this headcanon :) the Gods have such different reactions I thought it would be fun ;)


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He’d just smirk at the discovery, his ego would soar into the skies, of course it was only natural that you would have a doll of him. When he asked you about it, you got embarrassed, obviously, but he just hugged you.

“I’ll have to make sure you don’t get lonely too often from now on, I’m better than this doll, arent I?”


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What the hell was this? Why was there a doll version of him in your bed? He asked in complete shock, ready to get annoyed, but when he found out you used it when you got lonely, Scorpio just blushed.

“My bad, I’ll make more time for you”


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OMG mini him! It was so cute! Not as cute as you were, but he found it so cute and didn’t even ask for an explanation, he just hugged it tightly to himself.

“I’m so cute tiny! Maybe I should make one of you so we can match!”


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He’d just get embarrassed at the thought of you using a doll version of him to cure your loneliness, Shadow Dui, however, got extremely protective of you.

“Get rid of the doll, I’m here, you don’t need it”


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You were using a fabric thing of him? Oh come on, did you miss him that much when he had work? Pfft, he just teased you senseless. Even if he was a little flattered, he kept it covered.

“Do you carry him to work too?”


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He’d laugh and laugh and laugh. He loved it so much that he would bring it to life with his Godly powers. He finally had a small partner in crime to use. Well, sometimes. His sweeter side came out in full.

“The doll will hug you when you feel true loneliness, almost as if I’m here when I physically can’t”


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He was so flattered. You made this for yourself? He wanted one of you now, then whenever he felt lonely he could hug it.

“Will you make one of you for me? I get lonely too”


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What. The. Hell. Was. This. Thing? You had even got his ponytail perfect. He just stared at the doll on your bed for a good few minutes before hiding it. Clearly he had been ignoring you too much.

“I’m sorry”


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Ha…the doll was cute and soft and cuddly, he didn’t really care, it was an extra thing to cuddle while he slept.

“Make one of you so I can cuddle it too…ZzzZzzZz”

Block B phase time :D

Okay, when I first saw their debut via YouTube [because I’m lame like that]… I stared at Zico and PO the entire time. Even when the camera angles weren’t on them.

I stared at Zico for a few reasons like:

-His eyebrows… Was there a reason he had ‘four’ of them?

-I had heard his mixtapes and saw him in a few videos. I liked him a bit so I couldn’t wait.

-He was a complete BAMF on stage to me.

-When he says 'Focus’, I heard 'Fuck Us’. So that made me lost and keep my eyes on him.

Then PO because:

-That kid is tall!

-I heard he’s closest to my age.

-He looked good. :]

-I couldn’t get over how I thought he was one of the oldest.

-And how fucking thick/deep his voice is! :O


I love ZE:A! They’re one of my top favorite KPOP bands. :D

I wish they performed the whole song. :[ They are so awesome.

Their English sounds pretty good compared to some idols who attempt doing covers.

Kevin was MIA. It’s so different since he didn’t start off, but still amazing to me. ^^

At the end of the song, I squealed really loud because of Dongjun’s cuteness. XD

I could never go to bed angry at any of them. ^^

[Original song by: New Kids On The Block]

KNK REACTION: To you being way smaller than them

Jihun: “jihun… I need some help” You scream him to help you get some dishes that were high for you.

He’d run to help you, but would stop for while to se how cute you are trying to reach the dishes.

“aigo jagi you’re so cute”

Youjin: He’d always like to watch you from afar and thinking how small and cute you are, which makes him wants to take care of you all the time.

Seungjun: I imagine him freaking out with you, he’d want to hug and squeeze you all the time and would give you a ridiculous amount of nicknames related to your height.

“yah mini-y/n, oppa need your small hands here”

Inseong: this guys would enjoy a lot making fun of your height, Inseong would treat you like a child just to annoy you, but in the end would hug you and say how he can’t live without you.

“aigo jagi, it’s time to baby sleep”

Heejun: He’d protect you all the time thinking that by being smaller than him would be more fragile and when he is in a good mood (almost always) would make some jokes and be a real dorky.

“baby where are you? I can’t see you…”

100% me this reaction, I’m smaller than almost everybody around me and they always do some horrible jokes about my height, ugh.

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SEVENTEEN REACTION: To meeting you and liking you but then find out you don't know who seventeen is (Mingyu, Hoshi, Dino, Seungkwan, Vernon, Joshua)

Joshua: He’d introduce himself to you and after discovering that you don’t know seventeen would explain it calmly, show some songs and would use that as an excuse to see you again.

Hoshi: “omg, do you believe that? she/he doesn’t know seventeen… aigo we really need to talk”

Mingyu: He’d make a personal presentation for you.

Seungkwan: “so you don’t know seventeen? Let’s slip into the diamond life”

Vernon: “oh baby you should know seventeen… and maybe I can help you”

Dino: “hi, nice to meet you, I’m Dino from Seventeen”

“nice to meet you too, but… what is seventeen?”


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Seventeen as Things the Admins Say in Group Chat
  • S.Coups:"Literally y'all my babies"
  • Jeonghan:"I'm so attractive I'm actually kind of jealous of myself"
  • Hoshi:"Yeah I'll upload that later" *doesn't do it*
  • Woozi:"I need a body bag, bleach, mop and torture tools"
  • Vernon:"I regret nothing."
  • Jun:"The fuck is a bubbletea?"
  • The8:"Oh my god, you're so adorable ajdjsjsnejans"
  • Dino:"Aigo."
  • WonWoo:"I know someone..."
  • Mingyu:"I will take away everything you love"
  • DK:"I know, I'm amazing..."
  • Seunggwan:"Let's all pack up and move."
  • Joshua:"🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪"
ASTRO  REACTION: To you dancing to their songs and doing it better than them

Jinjin: “aigo, I think you need to help me with dance jagi”

MJ: “as expected my gf is the best”

He’d be so proud and would tell the members, would even try to record you dancing to always remember it.

Eunwoo: “woaahh y/n, since when you dance so well?”

He would be shocked with you and talk about this for days.

Moon Bin: “you’re almost good baby…”

He wouldn’t let apear in his face that he was impressed with your dance, in fact would find a way to practice with him so you two would spend more time together

Rocky: “let’s dance baby”

He’d enjoy the moment and dance with you and it’d make him really happy since he likes a lot to dance.

Sanha: *claps* “YOU’RE SO GOOOOOD”

He’d be excited with the dance and would ask you to repeat it thousand times

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Star Crossed Myth: The Capricorn God and the Innocent Wishes [Papa Aigo OneShot]

Prompt: The Capricorn God and the Innocent Wishes 

Note: I’ve been dyingggggggggg to get this out and had been holding off for so long but I MANAGED TO FINISH IT THANK GODDD AAAH ;-; actually I have different ideas for a Papa Aigo fic but this is the only one that I didn’t get that stuck for so long so…..anyway! I hope you enjoy!

*puts here a Aigo edits I did because why not*

Proceed after cut!

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Mc wearing sexy lingerie, and taking the initiative to try and seduce Aigo?

Actually I did a similar one before but until Hue only. Thus, I will do the remaining as well. Hope you are okay with it. Link to previous story is as below.

It has been awhile since you last seen the God as they are busy with tasks assign by the king. Finally thing are settle and both of you get to spend time together in your apartment that night.

“I want to take a bath with you together.” Ichthys requested be dragged you into the bathroom.

“You go ahead first and I will join you in a minute.” You teased.

“Promise?” Ichthys asked again and you nodded your head.

After ensuring that he is in the bathroom, you took out you lacy double V teddy lingerie. You put it on and walked into bathroom.

“Ichthys!” You called out to him and he just stripped off his last piece of clothing. Ichthys eyes pop out and his mouth hang open when he saw you step in. Since it is lacy, your nipples are almost visible clear to him. You can see his member erect with every minutes passed.

“Will you like to remove it from me?” You whispered and run your fingers across his naked body toward his member.

“Sure.” Ichthys smirked. He kissed his way down as he pulled it down off you. He leaned down and lifted up one of your legs over his shoulder. He starts kissing your clitoris and slips his tongue inside you. You hold on to his shoulders and gasped at the sensation. He did not stop sucking and licking you until you reached your orgasm.

“We are not getting into the bath.” Ichthys smirked and dragged you over to the shower area. He turned on the shower head above and lifted both your legs, wrapping around his waist. He kissed you passionately and penetrated deep inside you. That evening, you had the longest bath with Ichthys.

“Close your eyes. I had a surprise for you.” You whispered sweetly to Karno.

“What is it about?” Karno asked curiously.

“Just close your eyes and don’t open it until I told you so.” You smiled.

Once ensuring that he closed his eyes, you put on your floral lace bra and short. You lie on the bed and posed a seductive pose for him.

“You can open your eyes now.” You called out to him.

Karno face blushed at the sight in front of him. He walked over to you and traced his fingers over the contours of your body before stripping off your bra. He groped both your breasts in his hands and kissed it gently, moving his tongue down to your stomach.

“You know there will be no sleep tonight.” Karno smirked and holds the straps of your panties, slowly pulling it down. He runs his fingers from your calves to your inner thighs, spreading your folds with his fingers. He then buried his face in between your legs, licking and sucking you hard. You felt your legs muscle tighten, as he licks and sucks you aggressively than earlier. You arched your back up in pleasure and soon reached your climax.

You are catching up your breath when Karno stripped himself naked in front of you. You saw his erect member slowly moving toward you and he penetrated deep inside you. You gladly accept him and enjoyed the moment until next morning.

You told Zyglavis to wait for you in the bedroom while you went to the bathroom to put on your satin kimono. You did not put on and bra and panties, while the kimono is so short that it is almost showing off your butt.

“Zyglavis, how do I look?” You called out to him, as you walked toward him. You then loosen up the front showing your breasts to him. Zyglavis blushed until his ears turned red and not even sure how to react.

“Don’t you find it too revealing?” Zyglavis blushed but can’t help staring down at your breasts when your snuggled closed to him.

“You do like it, right? Let me take the lead tonight.” You whispered seductively into his ears.

You then slowly unbutton his shirt buttons one by one and you can hear his heart beating fast. You removed his shirt and moved to unzip his trousers, pulling it down together with his boxer. You pushed him down onto the bed, removed your satin kimono and throw it over his face, purposely block his vision. By the time he removed it, he saw you pushing your body downward, taking his member inside you. You started moving your hips up and down in fast pace, allowing his tip hitting deep inside your pussy.

“Ahh…ahh..” Zyglavis gasped and throw his head back in pleasure. He soon ejaculated inside you and his semen flow down and spread all over his crotch area.

Zyglavis suddenly sat up and wrapped his hands around you. With his member still inside you, he turned you over and he is right on top of you now.

“Now let me do the job.” Zyglavis smirked and started rocking his hips hard against you and continue until morning.

Aigo is lying cosily on your bed waiting for you to finish your shower. You put on sexy low cut babydoll lingerie with G-string panties and walked into your bedroom. Seeing him sleeping so soundly on your bed, you run your hand around his crotch. Aigo opened his eyes and immediately fall on your breasts when you lean down toward him. His eyes turn to lust and moved his hands up from your thighs to your butt.

“Do you like my surprise?” You asked and rubbed your breasts against his face.

“Yes, but I like to hug you naked in my arms. I just had to remove it from you.” Aigo teased, holding the straps of your panties and slowly pulling it down.

He then lift up your lingerie and removed it over your shoulders. He snapped his fingers to strip himself naked. You pressed your body down to his and he sucked your breasts aggressively, slowly moved himself up and hovered behind you.

Aigo spreads your legs wide slightly and pulled your butt toward him. He then penetrated deep inside you from behind and groped your breasts with both his hands. He continued thrusting in and out of you in fast pace, groping your breasts and pulling your nipples occasionally, making you moaned his name out loud. You soon feel his hot liquid filled your pussy and slowly flowing out to your thighs. You flopped down on your bed while Aigo embraced you and pressed his face in between your breasts.

“That is not going to be the end of it.” Aigo whispered in ragged tone and lifted one of your legs over his hips. He then penetrated inside you against and licking and sucking your breasts nonstop. There is definitely no sleep for both of you that night.

Date Shigezane’s MS, Chapter I : My Savior

Here the first chapter ! I hope you will like it ! :D If you want to be tagged for the next chapters, send me a message ! And if you don’t want to be tagged anymore, just tell me ! :)

Disclaimer : Of course I am not affiliated with Voltage ! XD In no way, my fanfics are related to Voltage Inc., so don’t be mistaken !

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If you are late ! Here the prologue !

After a few weeks I met Shigezane, I am still in my restaurant, working with my brother. Right now, I am serving the customers, there is lots of people since it’s a really hot day. Everything went really well with Shigezane, the three of us had tea and some sweets after I asked his name.

Shigezane was really nice and cheerful, I don’t regret talking to him, he is really lovely. He promised to me he will come to my restaurant when he will come back to his castle. I heard Lord Masamune is cold and really mean but I was surprised to know Shigezane was his cousin, because they are really polar opposite.

I really like his personality, always cheerful and happy. When he is grinning, you can’t not smile. His bright personality always makes me smile and laugh.

At this thought, unconsciously, I stop serving and I freeze in the middle of the room. I start to smile and my cheeks become really warm and red.

“Hey ! _____ ! Are you sick ? If not, give us some sake !” I notice a customer who is yelling at me, rapidly, I concentrate myself to the work. I go to the kitchen to take some sake for this customer.

I look forward to my next meeting with Shigezane.

After a long day of working, I am on my futon. This day of work was really hard and busy. I begin to feel sleepy, I close my eyes and think about that man. Date Shigezane. He is in my mind since I met him.

I smile gently and put myself in my futon. The warm of the blanket feels really good, I begin to fell asleep but suddenly, I hear some yells. I try to ignore them but there is more and more yells coming.

I look outside through my window and I freeze. I see a big smoke coming from the house next to mine. Quickly, I stand up and think about something. I run in Takeru’s room and I try to find some memories about our parents but I begin to smell the smoke and the burn in my house.

It begins to feel hot and I try to do my best to be really quick. My heart is beating really quickly and I do my best to find my parent’s belongings. But when I take my mother’s hairpin and my father’s katana, I turn back and saw the fire is propagating in my house.

When I exit Takeru’s room, the fire is stopping me. I back away a little and clench my teeth together. I don’t know what to do. I am scared. I wish Shigezane was here for saving me but I know he is not here.

I move back to avoid the fire but suddenly, I hear some yell. “_____ ! Where are you ?!” I feel relieved and someone really tall arrives in front of me. I let a relieved sigh escapes my lips and Takeru put on my body a wet and heavy haori.

“Let’s go.” Takeru carries me in his arms and runs towards the exit. I put against my chest my mother’s hairpin and my father’s katana. Fortunately, the corridor of our house is not on fire yet. After we exit the house, Takeru put me down and takes my hand. “Let’s go !”

While running, I look behind me. It’s a mess. Everything is getting burned, the fire is propaging everywhere. Dark and smelly smoke goes towards the sky, the smell is horrible. A lot of house are burning, this view makes my heart hurts.

It was my life. This village was everything for me and now, I lost everything. But Takeru’s hand and warmness reminds me I am not alone. I swallow and I look in front of me while running.

Suddenly, one of the regular customers exits his house but I don’t know how I recognize him. He is completely in fire, his hair and kimono are in fire. He throws his body on the ground and tries to roll his body against the ground.

I remember I have a wet haori on my body and I drop the hairpin and the katana and I put the wet haoi on the man on fire.

Takeru pushes me gently. “Take our parent’s belongings and avoid the fire.” He began to help the old man and I look at him from a little far away. After a dozen of minutes, the old man is no longer on fire, Takeru helps him to stand up and he looks at me. “_____, let’s go.”

I have to be thankful to Takeru, he is always by my side.

Takeru and me walked for a few hours. We are in a nearby village, when I look behind me, I look the smoke which rises towards the sky. It’s raining and we are searching for an inn. Hopefully, the rain stopped the fire but there is still smoke coming up in the sky.

When it began to rain, I was really happy to know the fire will not propagate anywhere but now, the rain makes me feel really sad and makes me remember Takeru and I don’t have a house anymore. I feel my eyes begin to sting, I sigh but suddenly, Takeru and me hear a horse’s neigh. Takeru turns back and let a cry of surprise. I sigh again and look down. “What is the problem ?…”

Takeru turns my body and I see some horse’s paws. My eyes go wide and I look above me. I am dreaming.

“_____ ! Takeru !” Shigezane is grinning in front of me. He gets off his horse and goes in front of us. He opens his umbrella and put it above me. “I hear from some peoples your village was burned… Are you okay you two ?”

I can’t restrain myself anymore. I press my lips together and I feel my eyes begin to sting again. Tears flow down on my cheeks and unconsciously, I take Shigezane in my arms. I begin to sob and I shiver. “Please… Save us…”

Shigezane is taken by surprise but he hugs me. Takeru looks at Shigezane and smiles gently. He looks down and Shigezane notices his eyes are a little teary.

Shigezane put my body more closer to mine and he caresses my head gently while I cry. He whispers to my ear gently. “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine.”

I close my eyes and feel the warmness of Shigezane’s body. It’s so relaxing.

When I wake up, I look at an unusual ceiling. I get up and sigh. Next to me, there is a hairpin. I smile gently and suddenly, I remember before I slept or fainted that I met Shigezane.

Quickly, I exit my room but I bump into someone. I back away and see a maid. She is about to drop her tray but I help her. “Oh. You are up ! Please, follow me your brother is worried sick about you right now.”

I nod without thinking and I follow the maid. After walking a few minutes, she kneels on the floor and put the tray besides her. I kneel as well behind her and she clears her throat.

“Lord Shigezane.” When I hear his name, my heart misses a beat and I swallow hard. “Can I enter ? _____ is up.”

Suddenly, someone throws the door open and I see Takeru. The maid is surprised and flinches. Takeru looks at me with relief and let a sigh. He smiles and helps me to stand up.

“Come inside.” Takeru takes the tray and smiles at the maid while I go inside the room. “It is fine. You can go.” The maid blushes furiously and goes away in a clumsy way.

Takeru doesn’t pay attention to her and comes inside the room as well. I sit and he puts the tray in front of me. He smiles gently and caresses my head like always. “Are you okay ? I was worried.”

I nod and smile at him. “Yes… Thank you for everything.” Takeru grins and serves me tea, like usual his gestures are really fluid and elegant. I smile unconsciously while he makes tea. After a few seconds, he puts a cup of tea in front of me and an another in front of him.

“Thank you.” Takeru nods while smiling and takes a sip of his tea. I look around in the room and notice Shigezane is not here. I press my lips together and look at the tea.

“Lord Shigezane is in his office room, something happened and he has to take care about some work." I look at Takeru and I pout a little. I want to thank him.

Takeru makes an another cup of tea and puts it on the tray with some sweets. "You can give that to Lord Shigezane.”

I smile to Takeru and quickly, go outside the room with the tray of sweets and tea.

Takeru who is in the room, drinks some tea again and shakes his head while smiling. He glances at the katana next to him and takes it. He looks at it carefully and he feels his eyes are stinging. He gently lays it down on the ground and sighs.

When I exit the room, I meet a maid and ask her where is Shigezane’s office room. She explains me how to go to his room and I follow her instructions.

When I am in front of Shigezane’s room. I sigh and I feel my heart is beating really fast. I kneel on the door and clear my throat. “Lord Shigezane. This is _____. I am here to give you some tea and sweets.”

Suddenly, I hear a cry of surprise and immediately, the door is opened. I blush furiously and look above me. Shigezane grins at me and takes the tray. “Please ! Enter !”

I bow lightly and enter the room with clumsy steps. I kneel in front of his table and look down. I peek at him and he is already sipping some tea. I smile unconsciously and he looks at me.

“Are you okay ? You fainted and now, you are already up !” I blush at this thought, I feel so embarrassed I fainted in front of him. “I am fine don’t worry !” I smile and I see him taking a bite of a daifuku. He freezes and begins to chew slowly. He looks down and I tilt my head.

“Something is wrong, Lord Shigezane ?” He looks at me, taken by surprise and he grins like always. “I am fine ! The daifuku is really delicious !”

I smile but suddenly, I remember I hugged Shigezane before and I feel my cheeks are becoming really warm. I become flustered and I look down.

Shigezane tilts his head and I hear him coming besides me. “_____ ?”

When I hear my name, I look at him and his face is really close to mine. He puts a hand on my forehead and he frowns slightly.

“Did you catch a cold ?” I back away a little and Shigezane removes his hand from my forehead. I still feel his warmness on my forehead and I shake my head. “No ! I am just hot !”

Shigezane chuckles lightly, he reaches for his cup of tea and drinks. “Do you love me that much ?” He begins to laugh and takes a bite of zunda mochi.

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Aigonorus have a fight w/ MC and end with a fluff plz. Thank u :)

You are at home making marshmallows for Aigo. Today you are making more different favours and shapes, hoping Aigo would forgive you. This was all because of Ichthys fault to begin with.

One week ago, Ichthys suggested that you turned into Vega and find out what Aigo think about you. Being keen to find out, you agreed to Ichthys proposal. However, Aigo found out later that the Vega in front of him was actually you; his face turned red and scolded both of you. That was the last you spoken to him.

“I hope Aigo would like it and forgive me.” You take a deep breath and get ready to leave for the mansion.

The moment you reached the mansion, you go straight to his room. You found him sleeping on the bed as usual. He seems to sense that you are here and opened his eyes wide when you stepped in but soon turned his back from you. You are upset that he is still mad at you and take a deep breath, determining to apologize to him today.

“Aigo, I make a lot of marshmallows for you. Would you like some?” You called out to him while putting it on the table. However, there is no reaction from him.

“That is a pity if you don’t want. I make a lot of different favour and shape for you. I even have double heart shape and stars shape marshmallows. I guess that I just had to give it to the others.” You called out again, refusing to give up.

“Wait, I did not say that I don’t want.” Aigo immediately get out of bed when he heard that you are giving away his marshmallows.

“So want to have some now?” You smiled sweetly at him.

Aigo stares at the lovely marshmallows and pop some into his mouth. He smiles and continues eating the rest. He basically finished it before long.

“Make more for me next time.” Aigo blushed.

“Sure, and does that mean you are no longer angry with me?” You asked shyly.

“Er…I am actually not mad at you. I just got so embarrassed that you heard what I like about you, no knowing that Vega was actually you. I am just so embarrassed to look into your eyes since then.” Aigo blushed.

You are so happy and jump on to him, wrapping your hands around his back. “I am so worried that you are mad at me.” You said to him and buried your face against his chest.

“I will never be mad at you.” Aigo smiled and embraced you back. “Since now that you are here, let me enjoyed your warmth. I miss it so much.” He continued and kissed your forehead.

“I want to feel you too.” You replied sweetly to him, gladly accepted his kiss on your lips.

Both of you continued hugging and kissing each other, as if to catch up the lost time for the past one week.