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Oh, and star crossed myth! It would be hilarious to see what scorpios reaction is, or zyglavis. I can imagine icthys going to prank whoever was in her dream. - submitted by talk2animals 

It was time to come back to the sexy dream headcanon I thought haha

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Seeing the love of my life happily lying in bed next to me meant a lot more to me than people may think. She just looked so peaceful and beautiful that when I had to get up, I moved as quietly as I could so I didn’t wake her. However, when she started moaning gently, I couldn’t help myself from listening.

Was she having a dirty dream about me? Well, obviously, I was good at bringing her pleasure several times each night. Of course it would resonate in her dreams.

“Hmm, yes…” she sighed, rolling over.

“Enjoying yourself, are we?” I whispered.

“Karno…like that, yes Karno” I froze.

Excuse me? She was dreaming about my vice minister? That vanilla crab? How was she dreaming about him? And why was she not dreaming about me? What the actual Hell? Oh she was going to pay for this. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her deeply, naturally waking her up.

“Leon?” she asked, rubbing her eyes.

“You better say my name and I want you shouting it even louder after saying Karno’s name like that in your dream!”

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Block B phase time :D

Okay, when I first saw their debut via YouTube [because I’m lame like that]… I stared at Zico and PO the entire time. Even when the camera angles weren’t on them.

I stared at Zico for a few reasons like:

-His eyebrows… Was there a reason he had ‘four’ of them?

-I had heard his mixtapes and saw him in a few videos. I liked him a bit so I couldn’t wait.

-He was a complete BAMF on stage to me.

-When he says 'Focus’, I heard 'Fuck Us’. So that made me lost and keep my eyes on him.

Then PO because:

-That kid is tall!

-I heard he’s closest to my age.

-He looked good. :]

-I couldn’t get over how I thought he was one of the oldest.

-And how fucking thick/deep his voice is! :O

MONSTA X REACTION: To their gf not having much of a figure/very small chest, and she's super insecure over it


“But they’re so beautiful!”

“Aish! Hyunwoo, this is something to be said so naturally?!”

“Aigo… It isn’t in that way, I’m just saying… Aish… That I like them…”

“Stop to make me blush! You’re only making the situation worse!”

“I’m sorry…”


“Girl… I really love your breast, they’re the perfect size!” Nonconformist he’d speak a little louder than the necessary, calling the attention of others.

“Shut the fucking up!! Look at what are you saying!”

“Oh my god! Why they’re looking at me?”

“Because you talk like a pervert!”

“Oh damn…”


“Aigo… You shouldn’t care so much about them… They suit you!”

“Should I take it as a compliment?”

“Of course! You’re cute and I love you for it, and they’re cute too so I also lo~”


“Aigo… I was just saying the truth…”


“Wae?! Your chest even small are really wonderfull!”

“Oh my god! What did I just say?”


“I didn’t fall in love with you by your appearance, I love your character, so for me no matter the size of your breasts when it’s your presence that makes me happy”


He would try to say something about it doesn’t matter to him. But in the end he’d end up getting embarrassed by the level of intimacy of the subject.


“You have small chests? Girl… Look at mine! There’s nothing here!”

“Oh really? Why? Ohh I remembered! IT’S BECAUSE YOU ARE A MAN!”

“Aigo… This detail doesn’t interfere with anything! Shownu hyung have a chest!”

“It’s because he work out…”

“Stop find the answers I.M is just saying that it doesn’t matter! I love you the way you are!”

~ADM Misso

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I love ZE:A! They’re one of my top favorite KPOP bands. :D

I wish they performed the whole song. :[ They are so awesome.

Their English sounds pretty good compared to some idols who attempt doing covers.

Kevin was MIA. It’s so different since he didn’t start off, but still amazing to me. ^^

At the end of the song, I squealed really loud because of Dongjun’s cuteness. XD

I could never go to bed angry at any of them. ^^

[Original song by: New Kids On The Block]

GOT7 REACTION: To you being taller than them


“How is it possible?”


He really doesn’t care.



“Aigo~ Nothing of high heels!”



“You exceeded my beautiful legs “


“You have the height of a baby, oppa”

“YAH! I am the tallest of the group!”

“But you’re shorter than me…”

~ADM Misso

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Scm gods reaction to girls flirting with mc and how mc obvious to them flirting? Sorry if it doesn't make sense

I’m guessing you mean oblivious to them flirting? Or do you mean the MC knows they’re flirting? I’m gonna go with oblivious :) sorry if I’m wrong, gif headcanon

The guys reacting to MC having a girl flirt with her and she’s completely oblivious to it.


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Hiiii! Can u do the remaining SCM reaction where MC dress up as a maid after losing a bet for karno, ziggy and aigo? Thanks! I really love your blog...

I will used back the same prologue. Link to previous gods is found below.

You walk in to the mansion and see all the gods looking bore. It is an unusual sight that you have never seen before. Ichthys suggest that everyone make a guess as in who will be walking in next from the door. However, no one seems to be interested.

Your God suddenly whisper to you, saying that he is really bore. He wanted some entertainment and suggests that both you and he make a bet on such guess. If you win, he will be your butler the whole day and vice versa if you lose. You imagine him being your butler, and you agree to it. You bet that Vega will walk in first while he bet on Vega and Altair. Of course you lost the bet. He happily brings you back to his room and makes you wear a sexy maid outfit. It was so low cut that basically can see you nipples if you bend forward. The dress is also so short that your panties are clearly showed to him. You are reluctant to put it on but he keeps remind you that you lost the bet.

Given no choice, you put it on. He keeps asking you to massage his shoulder by standing in front of him. He will then slip his hands to touch your butt and peep into your chest. Later Vega walks in with some drink and you walk over to take it from her. You found out from her that both she and Altair would came over at that time as it is after a meeting in heaven. It is then you realized that your God has plays cheat on you for the bet. Just then, he calls for you to give him a massage again and you decide to get revenge on him.

You walked over to Karno who is sitting on the bed. You sit opposite him and spread out his legs. Using your feet, you rub his crotch gently with them causing him to blush badly.

“How do you like this special massage?” You teased, lifting your legs up slightly as you moved.

“This is amazing.” Karno exclaimed in excitement, while his eyes fix on your expose panties. You can feel member getting erect and his breathing get ragged as you continue your movement. The clock soon strikes midnight and you removed your legs.

“Service is over.” You teased and getting ready to move away. However, he grabs you from behind and pulls you down on the bed.

“Since the service is over, you don’t need the clothes on. Let me help strip the maid costume off you.” Karno smirked and start stripping you off slowly, caressing your sensitive part as he goes. He ends up returning his revenge on you until you are begging more from him.

You stripped off your panties in front of him and walked toward him, while Zyglavis is blushing nonstop.

“Why did you remove your panties?” Zyglavis blushed.

“To give you a special massage.” You teased and unzip his trousers, pulling out his member.

You totally caught him by surprise and he can’t even stop you in time. You straddling his laps and keep rubbing his member with your clitoris, making him moaning your name. You can see him struggling to control himself.

“How do you like the special massage? I will give you special privilege. I will work overtime for your special massage.” You teased after hearing the clock strikes midnight.

“Mnmm… I had enough…aghh..of the massage.” Zyglavis gasped, arching his head backward.

“Are you sure? You don’t look like having enough. You look like you wanted more.” You teased, and start licking his earlobe while continue rubbing his member below. You totally had him under your control.

You stand in front of Aigo where he is sitting and pulled his face over to your breasts. Then you massage his head with your fingers, rubbing his face to your breasts all time.

“So how do you like my special massage?” You whispered.

“So soft.” Aigonorus whispered softly, wrapping his hands around your back to pull you closer and keep rubbing his face against your soft breasts, each time getting more aggressive and passionate. Just then the clock strikes midnight.

“My service…Ahhh.” You screamed before you can finish your sentence. Aigonorus already lifted you up and carried you over to the bed. He placed you on the bed and get on top of you, stripping you naked in no time.

“Let me see the rest of your soft parts.” Aigo whispered and continues placing kisses on your soft body. Your revenge plan failed and ends up moaning his name with all the kisses and touches he given you.

INFINITE REACTION: To you acting drunk but is actually very tired


“Aigo! You have to go sleep!” He’d say as if he was giving you an earful, but soon he would soften his expressions and help you to go to bed.


So funny the situation, Dongwoo would speak with you like a child and take you by the hand to your bedroom.

“It’s time for the baby to go to sleep!”


Woohyun would take a long time to realize that you weren’t drunk, and until so, he’d try to make you drink coffee and take a cold shower.

“It’s so early for you to drink like that! Did you eat something? And what if you go into a coma? I better give you some food!”


“Aigo! You’re so funny!”


*jugding you hard*

“It’s just 10am and you started your day like that?”

“I’m just tired oppa… I didn’t sleep well.”

“AIGO! So go to sleep again!”


“You’re drunk and continue being cute… This is curious…”

“It’s because I’m just tired, oppa…”

“I’m tired too… Come here and let’s go sleep”


“Give me my goodnight kiss and go to sleep, jagi!”

~ADM Misso

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For Your Sake - Chapter 2

Thank you all for patiently awaiting the second chapter of this series! It’s a lot shorter than the first, but I thought it would be easier to read if I broke it up into smaller segments. Also, I would like to thank everyone that has left me encouraging messages and reblogs. I read all your comments and tags! Even if I don’t respond, thank you!!! It means so very much to me. I hope I’ve tagged everyone that has requested to be tagged:

@idonia-dovahkiin @kitty-kat-ty @masamune88 @akira-miyori @precious-aigo-baby@otomehideout-indecentconfessions@carinecaldre69@edhiltam

I can’t help but feel like this chapter is too short… Sorry to leave you all hanging! Let me know what you think :)

Also - I’ve been listening to “To Build a Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra while I write this. If you want to listen to it while you read, click here. It amplifies the feels T-T

Read Chapter 1 here

Chapter 2:

It was the middle of the night. Suzune quietly stalked down the hallway, the moonlight barely lit the way as she navigated her way through the castle.

Her feet stopped outside a closed door. Hesitant, she began to raise her hand when the door slid open open quietly.

Standing there as if he were expecting her was Saizo. He looked down at her emotionlessly.

“…I need to speak with you,” she whispered.

He stared at her, his body not moving an inch from the door.

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                    “Aigo, não! Eu não quero saber sua opinião, eu tenho a minha própria. Eu simplesmente não faço a mínima ideia do que você está falando.” confessou, fixando seu olhar na pessoa que lhe dirigia a palavra. Como habitualmente fazia, escolheu aleatoriamente uma mecha de seus cabelos e ficou a enrolando no dedo, distraída. Bufou contrariada e revirou os olhos, acrescentando em seguida. “Esse ar de mistério que envolve esse acampamento e a cidade são puro marketing. Não entende? Não existe nada de sobrenatural aqui, é só outro acampamento no fim do mundo. Acreditar em algo diferente disso é ridículo.

Date Shigezane’s Story, Chapter III : Shigezane’s True Nature

Omg. I’m sorry… I’m so late ! XDDD Here the chapter 3 ! I think I’ll write the chapter 4 really soon to compensate for my late ! Sorry T.T (And because the chapter 3 is a little short !)

If you want to be tagged for the next chapters, send me a message ! And if you don’t want to be tagged anymore, just tell me !

Tagging : @thesassyscribbler, @tearscrime, @phoenix-kiyota, @suzunesays, @myelegantnightmare, @little-lady-nikki@precious-aigo-baby, @karinelovex3, @masamune88@susucakes, @noomsu

If you are late ! Here the prologue, the chapter 1 and the chapter 2 !

@noomsu asked :  Also, can I slap the woman ? (Here for you !)

Who is that woman ?! Why is she so flirty with Shigezane ?! I go towards them with confident steps and stop in front of the girl.

Shigezane looks at me with wide eyes but I don’t even care about looking at him. I look straight at the woman who looks at me up and down like if she is judging me.

“Why are you looking at me like that ?” I frown and the woman snorts as she looks somewhere else.

“Here, a gift for you.”

I slap her really hard and she falls on the ground like a weak woman. I cross my arms as a smirk appears on my face.

Done !

… (Back to the true story…)

I shape my hands into fists as I look at Shigezane and the woman who is hugging his arm. I don’t know what to do, a feeling of disappointment invades my body.

Unconsciously, my feet moves back as I look down. I begin to walk away but with curiosity I glance behind me to look one last time at Shigezane.

He catches a glance of me and I quickly go to my room while walking fast. When I reach my room, I sat on the floor and I sigh.

After a dozen of minutes, I’m still inside my room, I do nothing except thinking about this beautiful woman who was with Shigezane. I can’t concentrate on anything. In front of my table, I look at the sun which is shining on the blank paper and I glance at the window. A perfect weather for a perfect day, but when I noticed the beautiful sky, my heart feels heavy.

Suddenly, I hear a knock on the door. Still looking at the sunlight on the blank paper, I yell in answer. “Who is it ?!”

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Aigo I'm a Capricorn as well! But I don't like to sleep a all the time! In fact I can't sleep, can you help me with that? ??

“How troublesome. A Capricorn who can’t sleep…”

“I’m not sure how much I can help you. But maybe if you came and slept with me it might help you sleep easier? I can use my powers to give you wonderful dreams that you won’t want to wake up from.“

Welcome One and All!!

Hello Everyone!

I am the new recruit Admin Eve! I have been awarded the amazing task of handling some new and old faces. So without further adieu…

Please give a warm welcome to everyone’s favorite prankster Ikky!!

As well as our charmingly sweet Dui!

And our newbie, Aigonorus!

Boys say hello to everyone… shit!! Guys help me wake Aigo!

“I’m good, I’d rather not thanks!”

Ugh Ikky come on! This is my first time meeting everyone, how about helping me make a good first impression?

“Sure Eve, I’ll help!”

Aww your the best Dui! See this is why I like Dui more then you Ikky!!

“Aww you know I’m secretly your favorite no matter how cute shy Dui is!”

Hush up before I turn you into sushi!

“Ichthys don’t get me angry!”

“Yeah, you wouldn’t like us when we are angry!”

Oh this is getting out of hand!

“Geez, you guys are loud.”

Crap! When did you get up? You know what it doesn’t matter, just say hello to everyone!

“Come on guys! Can’t you take a joke!”

Ikky, not now!

“Shall I get rid of him?”

What, NO! Geez, you know what… I can’t with you three! So yeah, there you have it folks. We hope to hear from everyone very soon! And if your interested in becoming a handler for your own God you can APPLY NOW!

anonymous asked:

Can I talk to Dui and Aigo? I've got horrible anxiety and today I got my schedule for school and I usually make a chart of who I have in my classes and I've got mad anxiety because I'm scared that there's gonna be a lot of preps/popular kids in my class, especially my gym class. I did this thing back in 6th grade which probably everyone knows about and it's super horrible. I just need a way to help ease my anxiety TwT

The doors open in the otomedetectives office, Dui and Aigonorus enters the office with the letter they’ve received from you. “Hello anon, we’ve read your letter and read that you needed our help to ease your anxiety. We are at your service” Dui said. “Just relax, take your mind off of school for a moment, and take some deeps breaths. You’ll be okay” Dui then rubs your shoulder. Then he noticed That Aigo is asleep. He shakes him gently so he can wake up. “*groans* What? “ “Aigo, that’s rude, this young lady is in need for both of our help, and your sleeping while I’m the only one doing the work” Irritated Aigonorus walked up to anon from behind and hugged her gently “If you like you can cuddle with me if it would make you feel better” “Or we can look at the stars all together” Dui interrupted. “Meh, Cuddling would be much quicker” “Aigo, we have to do this together, like do something we can all do” “I’m too tired for all of that” “Aigo!” “Ugh! Alright… Look, Anon, don’t sweat it too much, okay? Just think about something positive to distract yourself from that, for now. Or you can sleep, like I’m gonna do right now, goodnight” He then drifts to sleep. Dui then shakes his head and sighs. “Listening to classical music or watching cute puppies and kittens might help with your anxiety. You can also drink some tea or meditate as well.” Dui then hugs you “Just don’t think about the anxiety, okay? Keep yourself distracted from it” Dui then shakes Aigo to wake up “What now?” “We still need to finish helping this patient, Aigo” Irritated Aigo snaps his fingers and a calm wind blows on you with stars to ease you “I hope that helps you, anon.” Then Aigo drifts to sleep. “That Aigo…. Well, I hope our advice helps you, Anon. We wish for all of our clients to be well and safe, and that includes you” he smiles. “Well, Aiog and I should take our leave now, until next time, anon, farewell” Dui then drags sleeping Aigo out of the office and they both head to the heavens

P.S. Anon, I’m so sorry this took so long, I was with family so I took hiatus. Gomenasai *bows* - Admin Neko Goddess ❤️


Setelah kemarin seharian aku ngampus sendirian, browsing jurnal serta membaca dengan cepat jurnal jurnal tersebut maka hari ini memaduki fase bengong di kost an.

iya, masih banyak tugas yang harus dikerjakan, masih punya banyak tugas baca. Intinya ku sedang malas mengurusi tetek bengek dunia akademik. *astaga, ingat UKT mu nak, UKT !!!!!!!*

Lalu apa yang aku lakukan sedari pagi,

Dengarin album baru tulus. Duh lagu lagu nya mengaduk perasaan. Sesaat pengen nangis netes netes kemudian sesaat merasa bahagia. Keren.

trus dengan backsound lagu tulus, mulai balas wa dari nopike. chating seputar cinta masa sd nya yang lagi lagi muncul ngasih harapan. Demi apa coba dibilangi “i will keep an eye for you”

yah semoga mereka bahagia dan dewasa. Jangan ada baper baper an trus hilang menjauh. 

Baik aku dan nopike sama sama sedang disibukkan dengan undangan pernikahan via medsos. Bulan ini si a yang mau nikah, trus bulan depan si b yang mau nikah. Aigo, tahun ini benar benar musim nikah 😂😰

yah namanya juga sudah ketemu jodoh, apalagi yang ditunggu. Umur sudah mendukung, pekerjaan sudah oke, mental juga sudah siap, maka  wajar dong kalau mereka berpesta, pesta nikah.

Tapi, semua nya punya waktu nya masing masing. Sekarang adalah waktu nya aku pusing dengan segala macam tugas dan intrik dunia kuliah. Si nopike juga sedang sibuk mengejar karier nya. Kita sama sama sibuk dengan diri sendiri, keluarga, teman, dan juga sibuk belajar untuk lebih bijak lagi. Hahahha selama ini kami terlalu banyak mengusung perasaan melankolis. 

fase bengong sendirian di kost tampak nya cukup bisa membuat ku berpikir bijak menatap masa depan. Hahahhaha,

nopike, selamat berbunga bunga ya. jangan terlalu pede loh ntar malah susah untuk menerima dengan ikhlas. Tapi jangan terlalu polos kayak aku juga, hahaha

eh tapi lebih baik polos polos aja deh, jadi ketika dia udah milih menyerah dengan kegiatan pedekate nya, masih tetap bisa melanjutkan hidup dengan baik dan gak baper.

ya lagian, pedekate tapi gak pernah ngomong mau nya apa, pedekate tapi berharap kodenya dimengerti dan bisa diterima dengan baik tanpa ada kalimat penjelasan. lah kan gak semua ngerti ya kan. Kalau anaknya kelewat polos nganggap kita sahabatan gimana?!


Tapi yasudahlah, dia mah aneh, sampai sekarang masih tetap dalam fase mogok bicara. Chat gak dibalas, padahal ya kan aku tulus loh ngucapin selamat, selamat atas pasangan baru nya, selamat mempersipakan pernikahan untuk tahun depan.

kan kesal ya kan, sahabat yang dulu bertahun tahun dekat, trus sekarang menjauh kayak kutub utara dan kutub selatan. tapi gak apa apa, ntar kalau misal nih aku bisa, aku bakalan datang deh ke acara nikahan mu 😁

yah kalau aja kamu gak konyol main pergi gitu aja, mungkin sekarang kita udah diskusi bareng tentang rencana nikah mu. Kalau aja kamu mau balas chat ucapan selamat ku, aku mau bilang kalau kamu beruntung bisa dapatin dia. She looks so amazing and you both look so adorable. 

Apapun kita di masa lalu dan sekarang, aku dengan tulus mendoakan kalian :)

Semoga bahagia dan menjadi pasangan yang penuh sukacita. 

Aku ?. seperti kamu pernah bilang kalau kamu sangat penasaran dengan seseorang yang akhirnya bisa aku terima menjadi teman yang istimewa, maka jika ntar aku sudah berhasil mendapatkannya, aku akan mengenal kan nya pada mu. Itu kan janji ku dulu :)

Kamu aja yang lupa, punya pacar dan bersip nikah tapi lupa menceritakannya sama ku. Tampaknya dunia kerja membuat mu lupa banyak hal :p

oh well, rencanaya hanya mau cerita tentang si nopike, tapi ternyata….

Oke bhayyyyyy

anonymous asked:

I have a pickle.... I am a Capricorn and I want to stay true to Aigoonorus. But I have falling for Zyglavis and I know if the King ever get a route I will be doomed. Please help I know the gods are very jealous gods and don't want to share. :,(

“Of course I am the best choice! However, if you choose to love one of the others more than me….I guess I can allow it….as long as the god of your choosing still completes his work and complete it in a timely manner.”

*walks into the room* “Oh, you’re finally understanding just how great I am! Come spend some more time with me and I will help you to understand just why you should choose me over the King or Aigo. No offense my king, but I will be taking entertaining this dear anon.”

As always please forgive my poor character interpretation. I am doing my best to portray admins Ellis characters as she does, but I fear I do a poor job! Forgive me my weakness and please continue to enjoy our blog and send the gods asks- Dimplez


Chart Updated!

What’s new: We have a New Recruit. Give a warm welcome to Admin Anna who will be covering as The Enchanted in the Moonlight, Astoria Fates Kiss, and Gangster in love Boys/Girls

Others: The Ask with Dui/Aigo requested will be completed either tonight or tomorrow. The one for Hue is most likely going to be delayed because Admin Neko Goddess might be going on a road trip tomorrow or the next day. We apologize in advance for the slowness in answering asks. Also, asks with an unspecified character request will be answered by a guy/gal at random, so if you want a curtain guy, be specific please, otherwise a guy/gal will be selected at random. Admin Lili is back, so the Metro PD Boys is now able to take your asks. Admin Cid is currently going to school but she will still take asks for the Our two Bedroom Story and My Last First Kiss Boys. The asks for the Kissed By the Baddest Bidder and Era of Samurai: Code of Love boys will probably be delayed due to Admin Livvy packing and moving. Admin Nora so far is still accepting asks.

We are still accepting new recruits, so if you want to be a part of otomedetectives, don’t hesitate to shoot us an message or ask, if you look at the second pic, it tells you who’s taken and who are not.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more updates on otomedetectives!