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Genre: Fluff, fluffy, it’s too fluff! Oneshot.

Summary: In which staying friends is easy, but to deal with the fear of losing that person to someone else is not.

Word Count: 3782

It is known under the trainees and BTS that you like Jungkook. As in liking him more as a friend. And the best thing is, he does too.

We both know it. Everyone knows it, but yet, we don’t date.

We’re not openly allowed to date. Well inside the company we can, as long as it doesn’t come out on media.

But I’m a rookie and Jungkook is a member of the insanely popular group BTS and we both talked about it and decided to play safe and just stay friends.
This is a way to stay focused on individual activities and prevent any possible scandals.
But this comes with the fact that we both can do whatever we want. Like hanging out with other girls (Jungkook), stirring up jealousy (Jungkook) and tease other girls (Jungkook), because he isn’t mine. And sometimes I am affraid to lose him if his feelings for me has changed. Like what happens if he meets a beautiful and joyful fan at his fanmeeting and starts to fall in love with her?

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First Log (V, You) Scenario

This request is for Cindyyxy .

I hope you like it dear! <3


Annyeonghasseyo! It’s June 17, 2014, V’s log!” 

You sat in a corner, watching your boyfriend of two years, Kim Taehyung, do his log in one the studios at Big Hit. It was late afternoon and Bangtan had just wrapped up their rehearsals for the day. Taehyung had immediately called you in, telling you that you that he was free for the whole night; asking if you wanted to hang out. To your luck, your classes ended a bit early and you were able to oblige to his request; expecting a night of cuddling and watching your favorite movie in your apartment. But the moment you arrived at Big Hit, Taehyung dragged you into one of the studios to do more of his idol work.

Well it wasn’t exactly work since it’s a just a log…but still, it wasn’t exactly the hang out plan you had in mind.

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OH come on. I saw how he stared at you... (Hanbin Scenario)

“Y/N. We need to go, you can’t stay here.” Hanbin looked at you an grabbed your arm. “Y/N…. for gods sake moveeee.” But you didn’t even move a bit. “Hanbini, I want Ice cream, I don’t care if you don’t. As your Best friend i have the right to ask you for Ice cream.” you said while pouting. “But we’ll go back and watch the movie later on right?”  “Pinky promise.” Aegyo was one of the best things you could do, and he hated it, because Hanbin always fell for your Aegyo. “I hate you, Y/N.” He said, before pulling you in. “What do you want? Tell me I’ll get it for you.” WHAAT he doesn’t know? “You don’t know? I’m always asking for the same thing… Wow i feel betrayed.” He snipped at your head, “Aigoo, sit down right there. I’m getting the Ice.” 

Hanbin and you were really close friends, you knew each other for years now, and he was always there for you no matter what. Your friends were jelaous, and so were his, because they never had a friendship like that. Hanbin knew you like no other person did, thanks to your parents of course. His Dad and yours were also friends from school, so you and hanbin met at a very young age. And you guys wouldn’t even be friends, meeting in a normal way, he was so different from you, and vice versa. But then again, it was always funny to be with him, he wasn’t always bubbly, sometimes he was just… just himself. Talking about important things for hours and hours on the phone. And it worked, even if people said that it woulnd’t, the kept saying that a friendship between a boy and a girl wouldn’t work out for too long. 

But.. you had to be honest, you started having feelings for him. It wasn’t something that happened all of a sudden, you slowly fell in love with him, his personality. You never told him though, his style in girls doesn’t fit you, at least you thought so. Hanbin had a lot of girlfriends until now, just recently, he broke up with one of them. She’s not my style he said, he was more of a macho than a real lover. 

“What are you thinking about so deeply, huh?”  “Hmm? Nothing. I was just thinking.” “Awww, is our little fighter in love?” What?? “LITTLE FIGHTER? HOW DARE YOU? THAT NICKNAME IS LIKE 17 YEARS OLD!” “I know stop shouting.” Hanbin tried to hold back his laugh but that didn’t really work, he got so red, he wasn’t able to control himself. “I gave you that nickname because you tried to fight everyone, who was being mean to me.” Oh god… you knew what he was going to say. “Even the tree I accidentaly ran against. YOU SCREAMED AT IT AND STARTED PUNCHING IT.” And that was it, Hanbin lost it completely, he was dead, he sat there clapping like a seal, and even if you tried to look pissed, it didn’t really work, “I know you ass, I broke my arm because I wanted to save you…”  “Y/N IT WAS A FUCKING TREE!” “I DON’T CARE I TRIED TO PROTECT YOU FROM THE DEVIL.”  But before he was able to answer, and old man looked at you and then back at his wife. “Aigoo, these kids, always yelling and being loud.” 

We’ve been loud right?” Hanbin asked, he looked at the table, full of shame. “Crap.” You sat there for two hours, talking about almost everything, about the past, your childhood. The two of you always did that, even if it was the same topic over and over again. Remembering the things you did, good and bad, just made you happy, and he knew that. “Y/N should we go now? It’s getting late, and the party starts soon too. “Party? What party?” “Y/N you’re an idiot. Bobby invited us? Did you forget?” oh right… “Noo of course not, I was just joking..” you scratched the back of your head. 

With that being said, Hanbin and you left. “I have to go to the dorm, you get home and change, we have no time for the movie anymore. I’ll pick you up later, okay?” Later on you walked home, it was still so hot outside. On your way home you thought about what you should wear. A dress? Skirt? Pants or a short? Yea it was a party, but you didn’t want to over or underdress. At the end you decided to ask Hanbin over message.

“What should I wear today?” “Idk, wear whatever you’re comfortable with.” “I’m comfortable in sweatpants too.” “Wear them then.” “Ya, I need too look good. Help me.” “Y/N you look good in everything.” God this boy, always knew how to make you blush. “I know.” you answered before getting the keys and opening the door. 

Time was running fast, you ate something and hopped right into the shower and got ready then. You tied your hair back, put on your Makeup and then…. stood in front of your wardrobe. “What should I wear?” In the end you decided to wear black jeans, a dark red shirt, and black heels. That should be enough. 

Hanbin was almost there, and you left the house and waited in front of it. “I thought you were comfy in sweatpants?” He said while laughing. Hanbin opened the door for you, and then got in himself. “You look good though..”

No one really talked on the way, but you looked at him quite often, he looked good,..well he always did, but it was different now. “We’re here.” Both of you were greeted by bobby, he left everything and everyone and hugged Hanbin and you. “Long time no see guys. How are you?” “Doing great and you?” “I’m greater than great, now that both of you are here.” Bobby was always so nice to you not letting you feel left out, almost as good as a friend like Hanbin. “Y/N, I need to show Hanbin a couple of things, and he has to meet one of my friends, okay? Just feel like it’s your home and get some drinks already. We’ll be back soon.” “Sure, do what you want.” you said.

The boys left, and since you didn’t feel uncomfortable you grabbed a drink and walked around a bit. Some girls greeted you and asked stuff about your make-up, which was normal for girls, so it didn’t bother you. “Hey.” Hm? “Oh, hello.“I’m B/N. Nice to meet you. I saw you around here, and… yea I wanted to talk to you.” “I’m Y/N, don’t worry, I like meeting new people.” you said, you tried to be as nice as possible. “Soo… are you alone here?” B/N seemed to be nervous, “Well actually, I’m here with my best friend, but he had to do something so I’m kinda alone now.”  “I can be your company if that’s okay for you.”  “Sure why not.” He was a nice person, kinda flirty, but that could be because he was drinking too, but he made you laugh and that was good. You weren’t bored and B/N really seemed to be nice. But even if, you missed Hanbin, he was gone for almost an hour now. “So… do you have a boyfriend?” Oh no… You hoped that he woulnd’t ask a question like that, but too late,e he already did. No you didn’t have a boyfriend, but neither were you looking for one.. “Well…” you started, but someone interrupted you before you could continue. “Yea she has one, I’m here. Let’s go.” Hanbin? “Wha-” and then again you coulnd’t finish your sentence. Hanbin held your hand and left the house with you, you had no time to say goodbye. He just pulled you out. 

“What was that? Hanbin?” You asked him, his actions confused you. “Why did you say that?”  “Y/N I don’t trust him… He was drunk.”  “Hanbinie, he was nice to me, I could’ve dealt with him myself.”  “But I saw how he looked at you..” Hanbins action made you angry, well not really angry, it was cute. But he could’ve done that in a nicer way. “And? I’m a grown women! I can take care of myself.” You turned around, ready to leave. But hanbin wasn’t going to be quite. “Can’t you see?” His voice was louder now, he wasn’t angry, but he wanted you to hear. See what?”  “I love you Y/N.. I always did. I don’t want other man to look at you.” What? “Hanbin-ie…”  “I thought that you woulnd’t love me, I’m not your type I know.. I always tried to forget you, hoped that I would be able to fall in love with someone else, but no. I love you.”  He didn’t wait for an answer and just pulled you into a tight hug, Hanbin rested his head on yours. 

I’m sorry,.. But I couldn’t hold back anymore… I want you to be my little fighter, just mine.”  “Hanbin-ie… I love you too..” 


Requests are still closed but I’m writing the leftover scenarios and reactions. I saved them as drafts, I will upload them one after one as soon as I’m done. Until then I’m gonna post non-requested stuff.

Hope you like it <3

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Can I get a jungkook scenario where you're famous and he's a fan of you ? ~ thank you ! Congrats on 1000 followers !

Here’s a short scenario for you anon :3

Being a rookie your career sky rocketed so fast. Having to be fluent on a few languages, topping the country’s exam and having a few talents here and there— well its no surprise really. You are an all around prodigy, many envies you for all you’ve got however they can’t help but love you because of your charm. 

Here you are making the host of Running Man ‘awe’ of your majestic aura. 

“Waaah. I can’t believe ____ came out today!” Jaesuk said still in shocked. 

“Yah! You’re standing next so close to her! You’re leaving Jungkook” The Commander scolded defending his newly titled twin. “Let him stand next to her!” he added and shove Jungkook next to you. 

Jungkook however was reluctant and covered his beet root face. “I-I cant!” he said giggly 

The members of Running Man hollered with laughter. “Aigoo! I think our Jungkookie have a little crush on ____-sshi!” Haha pointed out making Jungkook to completely cover his face, 

You couldn’t help but giggle, you, yourself hiding your rosy cheeks. 

“Look at his ears Look at his ears!” Gwangsoo exclaimed as Jungkook’s ears were as red as a tomato. 

“Kyaaah stop, stop, stop” Jungkook blurted out once again making the members laugh


After the commotion Jaesuk teasingly let Jungkook stand next to you. 

He looked at the both of you shyly standing next to each other. “So… when are you guys gonna go out?” 

Triggering once again another wave of laughter. “Jungkookie get her number later huh?” Jaesuk whispered loudly, pulling another comical act. 

“Ne” Jungkook said making the others even the production team die of laughter. However that comment made you turn even red-er. 

”____ do you know Jungkook?” Sukjin asked

“Ah yes~ I’m actually a big fan of BTS” you replied and made Jungkook’s eyes bulge.

“Really?!” he exclaimed

You nodded “Ne! I have all of your albums” 

Jungkook couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear. 

“Aigoo this kids! Flirt later we need to move on with the show!” Jaesuk said. 

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imagine key giving extra attention to his two puppies and jonghyun getting a little jealous that key's snuggling them and kissing them on the couch next to him. like jonghyun is trying to watch tv but he can't he can't help but look out of the corner of his eyes, watching and hearing key fawn over the two dogs and he gets a little antsy , just a headcanon or you can use it as a prompt if you want!

“Who’s Daddy’s favorite dogs? You are! Aigoo, yes you are. My kids…”

Jonghyun sets his jaw as he keeps a steady gaze on the television. He’s not mad that Kibum is talking during the movie. Watching anything on tv wouldn’t be complete without Kibum’s endless commentary. That much Jonghyun has become accustomed to. What he’s never quite able to get past is Kibum’s obsession with his two fur balls. Sure, Jonghyun isn’t one to talk because his relationship with Roo verges on unhealthy at times too, but at least he can abstain from fawning over her when Kibum is around. On the other hand, Kibum hasn’t gotten that memo. He’s perfectly content snuggling up his dogs.

Jonghyun wants attention too, damn it.

During the commercials, Jonghyun glances over at his boyfriend again. Garcons has escaped Kibum’s clutches, but poor Comme des is still getting the life squeezed out by Kibum’s brutal hugs. The dog is squirming to get away to freedom, but Kibum is having none of it. Comme des yaps in Kibum’s face but only gets a kiss on the snout from Kibum. Great, now the dog is getting more kisses from Kibum than he is. Jonghyun doesn’t know what he did to get put in the dog house… no pun intended.

“Kibum, let the poor dog go already.”

“No, I’m loving on him.”

“Love on me instead,” Jonghyun fidgets and clicks off the television. “The dogs have been getting more action than me recently.”

“Are you jealous of Comme des and Garcons?” Kibum asks, and Jonghyun can see his bottom lip is wobbling in effort to keep a laugh surpressed. “That’s sort of pathetic, babe.”

“It’s not my fault!”

“Do you want to be one of Daddy’s favorites too?”

Jonghyun grumbles and squishes his palm against Kibum’s cheek when he begins leaning in closer. “Don’t be fucking weird. I just want some kisses too. I need my daily dose of Kibum love. Otherwise I might shrivel up.”

“Oh, we can’t have you shriveling up, can we?” Kibum taps his finger against the bow of Jonghyun’s lips. “Well, I don’t think Comme des and Garcons are going to let me pick them back up now that they’ve gotten away, so I guess that means it’s your turn now. You won’t run away, right?”

Jonghyun lets out a stuttering breath when Kibum kisses him. “Oh, no. You don’t have to worry about me going anyway.”

“Good,” Kibum grins and drags his lips to Jonghyun’s ear. “Don’t tell the kids, but you’re actually my favorite.”

140713 daejeon fansign

fan: will vixx be doing a follow up song? (btw there won’t be one ;~;)
ravi: lingerie..? (he thought the fan said undergarment/underwear/etc. “follow up song” and “lingerie/undergarment” sound similar (“hoo-sok-ggok” and “sok-oht”) which ravi misheard)

ken: he’s a pervert~
n: wonsikkie is a pervert!
both: he’s the one who said it~

n: tsk tsk
ravi: ah… it’s not like that…
ken: /banters ravi/

n: aigoo, this kid~
ravi: really guys…. ;;;;;
n: /continues to point at ravi/
ravi: /feels victimized/
hyuk: LOL

Report from 'BBY' Staff. (Episode 2)

Source: DC
Translation note: To be a noona staff member in his movies… ;__; I want to hear Jongsuk sing ‘Growl’, lol.

I have come again. This is my proof shot.

At that time, this song 'Growl’ was very popular and Jongsuk kept singing it. I don’t really listen to songs myself, so Jongsuk’s version was the only one I knew…
Then one day, I went to listen to the original and burst out laughing,
like, 'so THIS is the song you have been singing?’
… Jongsuk’s version of 'Growl’ is super cute.

He plays 'Pokopang’ (T/N: the Kakaotalk game he is representing) very determinedly. He would be playing it every time has is resting in a corner; he never forgets to brag to us when he gets a high-score~

Last time, I talked about the scene that made all the staff members succumb to his charm, right? Let me tell you some more. You’ll have to bring a towel to mop up your drool for that scene, kekeke.
After filming ended on that day, the director called Jongsuk out to take a photo with him, because he was just so charismatic!

All the sunbaes acting in the film are in the 'aigoo our pretty little kid’ mode towards Jongsuk, kekekekeke

After filming ends, it is a tradition to ask all the actors sign the script – as a token of remembrance. Jongsuk seems to have signed the most copies of scripts? This should be obvious even without me saying…
Also, he signs each and every script with lots of detail, such passion!
All the staff members were very touched. Keke.

(T/N: This refers to how Jongsuk likes to write long and heartfelt messages under his signatures.)

On Park Bo-young’s last shooting day, we all gathered to take photos with each other. Jongsuk also took photos with every person with a smile~
I also took one, are you guys jealous?

He’s very afraid of the cold, please don’t get any colder!

I secretly used one of the hot packs that fans sent to him…
Sorry, fans, I wanted to live!

When the film had just started filming, 'No Breathing’ was also filming simultaneously… that kid was shockingly thin.
“When will you eat properly?” I asked that kid.
He smiled and said, “I’ll eat after 'No Breathing’ is done.” (T/N: QAQ)

It was so hard to control the security on set, because of Jongsuk, we almost thought we’d all be doomed.
Everyone… I know your heart, please don’t take pictures of the set.
If any information leaks out, it’s all over.

I complained to Jongsuk, “Because of you,  it became so hard to control the fan’s order on set!”
And he just chuckled lightly with a cool attitude.
What the hell! You’re blatantly seducing me, this kid!!

This kid is so tall, so I had to stand on my toes to fix his makeup; then he would be like, “Noona a-ing~~” and poke my abdomen…
Stop doing that, kid!

His eyelashes are unbelievably long, is this kid a giraffe?!

After I help him put on his costume, Jongsuk says that it’s hot and secretly unbutton the top few buttons on his shirt.
I then have to run up to him and fasten the buttons again.
He would smile cheekily and say, “How did you find out?”
This kid is really a charmer, absolutely!

When he is tired, he likes eating chocolate.

All of the staff members know I am a fan of Jo Jongsuk.
After Jongsuk found out, he said, “I filmed The Face Reader with Jongsuk-hyung  ^__^”
… what’s with this obvious bragging?!

When people praise him, he would get super embarrassed, even his awkward little grin in unique.

The staff members who received the fans’ support told me to express their thanks to you, we were all very touched – which is why I have come to tell you these things.

That’s all for now~

160224 Dara’s Instagram (daraxxi)

아이쿠!!! 내새끼들~~~ 😆 위너 씨디 받았쪄요~ 😍 아이 이뻐라~ 잘들을게!!! 👍👍👍
Aigoo!!! My kids~~~ 😆  Received WINNER’s CD well~ 😍 The kids are pretty~ I’ll listen to it well!!!  👍👍👍

Translated by @WeLoveDara